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Summary: During what seems like a normal day events take a shocking twist at a crime scene and the team is left searching for one of their own in a hunt that only looks destined to end miserably.

AN: This is probably going to be a pretty Elliot centred story.

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Chapter 1

It had started out like any other 'normal' day at the SVU. Elliot had been sat at his desk when Olivia arrived with their usual coffee's. They had finished up some loose ends of paper work and then Cragen had come to them with as case or an update on a case. This is what happened everyday, no one questioned it they just got on with it. It was a routine that they were all well and truly habituated to. However, none of them knew just how different the day was to become or just how much routine was about to be thrown through the window.

- - - - - -

The location that Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson had been sent to was a witnesses house. Though other officers had tried to talk to the witness none had actually been in touch with them but neighbours had seen said witness so they knew she was ok although getting hold of her to question her was damn near impossible. Yet Elliot and Olivia stayed hopeful as they pulled up outside the house…

If house was the right word to use actually…The front yard was more like an over grown field. Children's toys were hidden among the grass. The white picket fence was broken and completely demolished in some places. The windows on the front of the house were nearly all smashed and they both guessed were probably in the same state as the windows on the back and side of the house. Tatty curtains hid away whatever or whoever was inside of the house. In all it looked like a dumping ground, not a house.

As Elliot and Olivia battled their way to the front door, both tried to understand how anyone could let what would probably be a nice home, in a pretty nice area, end up so battered and abused.

"Would you let Eli play out in this sort of garden?" Olivia asked Elliot. "The back yard looks just as bad." she stated as she looked over the chain fence that separated the front yard from the back.

Elliot stayed standing on the porch where he continued knocking on the door. "Special victims, open up." he called through hole in the glass. Someone had clearly had a game of dodge ball with the house, except instead of a soft gym ball it was probably played with small stones and unfortunately the house was set to lose as, lets face it, a house couldn't really play dodge ball or stones even if it wanted to.

"I'm gonna take a look around the back, see if there are any signs of life there." Olivia told her partner.

Elliot nodded. "Okay," he said simply and continued studying the house, looking for any signs of life.

With Olivia off round the back he knocked on the front door again. This time however the door suddenly moved and swung very slowly open. Elliot quickly took out his gun. He looked into the house. Inside looked more deserted than outside. "SVU" he called out as he slowly made his way in.

He snuck through the hallway. The stair case were blocked off by boxes and bags and clothing and things that had all been thrown into a pile at the bottom and he wasn't just yet ready to begin trying to climb over the mess. Staying down stairs, he quickly checked one room, then another, then another.

Then, he suddenly had a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach. It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand and a cold shiver was sent down his spine…he was being watched. He spun round as he heard a floorboard creek from somewhere behind him. He saw no one and suddenly didn't feel like he was being watched but he also didn't feel like he was alone.

"Liv?" he called out, not too loudly. "Liv, you there?"

He could see the front door was still open. He started making his way towards it when he heard a smash come from the kitchen behind him, he spun round on his heels and ran through to the kitchen as quick as he could.

He could see the small panes of glass in the door were all broken but one he could tell had just been smashed. There was glass lying on the floor beneath it and it crunched under his shoes as he walked over to look out of the window, looking for what may have smashed it but also his partner as the kitchen over looked the back garden. He was so busy looking that he never even heard the car that sped off down the street, away from the house.

He didn't see Olivia anywhere, but what caught his eye was a piece of torn clothing on the newly smashed glass. What worried him was the blood that was there by it and what else worried him was that the clothing was part of a black jacket, just like the one Olivia had been wearing.

"Liv?" he called out again, another feeling had suddenly hit him and it was making his stomach twist and churn. "Liv?" he called out, louder this time. He quickly made his way to the front door.

Once out of the house he wasted no time in searching round the back for signs of his partner. "Olivia!" he bellowed as he quickly came to realise she was indeed missing. "Liv talk to me."

He quickly took out his cell phone and dialled her number. He quickly began looking around as he heard it ringing. "Liv, Livia…" he called out over and over as he tried to trace where the ringing was coming from. Finally he located it. Her cell lay on the floor by the back door. There were no signs of Olivia by it, just some more blood.

Elliot couldn't help but drop his phone as his hands shot to his mouth before quickly brushing over his face. His eyes were wide in shock and fear. Where was his partner? What the hell had happened to her?


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