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Chapter 14

Elliot crept up to Olivia's front door. He felt guilty beyond words. He'd never meant to upset her, that was the last thing he wanted to do but seeing her get shot had scared the life out of him. In fact he was still shaking, the picture not budging from his mind.

With a shaky hand he reached up and knocked on the door and was startled to find it slightly ajar. He slowly pushed it wide open, with one hand resting on his gun. "Liv," he called as he stepped in. His fear went when he spotted her sat on the couch.

He closed the door and she turned to face him. She didn't argue or protest she just turned away but not before he had seen her tear stained face, red puffy eyes and the fresh tears that were ready to fall.

Slowly he walked over to her. Silently he sat down next to her. She stayed quiet and he did too. He turned his head to face her and saw that the fresh tears were now rolling down her face. Without a word he reached out and took hold of her hand which rested on her leg. He gave it a gentle but supportive squeeze.

She appreciated it but it brought on a new wave of emotions, a new release of tears. He let go of her hand and placed his arm around her shoulder, he pulled her into him and she allowed him to do so. She turned her face, laying it on the shoulder he offered for her to cry on. He then reached up with the other hand and stroked her hair soothingly and allowed her to cry it all out.

An hour later and they were still sat on the couch. Olivia still wrapped in Elliot's protective arms. Her tears had now stopped. She wasn't sure what had made her start crying in the first place. She was usually so good at keeping her emotions bottled up. She had to admit however that she did feel better for having released them.

"I'm sorry, for how I was today. I put you in danger." Olivia said, breaking the silence.

Elliot shook his head slightly. He had his chin resting on top of her head as she leant against him. "No. I'm sorry. I should never have laid into you like that. We both know I'm the worst for not thinking before running into dangerous situations." Elliot confessed.

He shifted, moving so he could sit up, Olivia realised and moved too. They both sat slightly sideways, so they were face to face.

"Liv, when you went missing from that crime scene, I was sure I would find you. Then I got the email. I thought you were dead. I can't explain what that did to me." he paused, trying to find the words. "You're my partner, for better for worse." he'd said the words before but they were the truth. "You're also more than that. You're my best friend. When I saw you get shot I felt like I'd been hit too."

Olivia smiled at him before touching his face, resting her hand on his cheek and moving her head so that her forehead rested on his. He held her face in his hands and closed his eyes tight. Silently vowing to never let anything happen to her. "I love you Liv."

She opened her eyes and looked at him for a moment. He opened his and met her gaze. "I love you too El." she replied.

The End

Sorry it's short but I decided to leave this one there so that EO shippers and non EO shippers are all happy. The 'I love you' can mean what you want. They can be the I love you's between friends or the I love you's between two people who want to be together. Let me know which one you would prefer.

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