Quick Note: Ok, hello yet again. Here is the sequel to Surviving Together as promised. I know it's over a week late, but I've been busy damn it! Ok, so anyway this is the prologue to the second part, so the real plot stuff will be in the next chapter. I really don't need to give a summary, because I think it speaks for itself…

Surviving Together: A New Legacy  

Chapter 1 – Prologue

Who would have thought you could still invade my dreams after ten years? Yes, I understood I had a certain 'emotional' attachment to you, but to plague me this long? Every night I close my eyes and see you. I can still hear your soft breathing when you'd lie next to me. Your deep blue hair tossed in my face, the smell of your intoxicating lavender scent. I want to kill myself for such erotic dreams, to see, feel and smell you with me, and then wake up alone and empty. You did this woman. You broke me, the Saiya-jin Prince, the most powerful being in the universe, broken by some woman.  

Months after you were gone I continued to think about you endlessly. Freeza of course naturally came and accused me of Zarbon's murder, and gave me the beating of a lifetime for it. A day later he found out Zarra was gone as well. He told me I was 'off the hook,' and was so kind as to allow me to use a regen tank to

recover. All this for you. I tend to deny the truth, the truth that you won't leave me, my dreams, my thoughts, my sex life. You could even corrupt that. Ten years since I've been with a woman. No woman has excited me like you could in the slightest touch of a finger, or the softest glance of affection. You have truly beaten me woman. You have scared me more permanently and deeply that Freeza ever could. You have become a part of me I can't eliminate; you made me feel.

You, who I have no definite knowledge of, I have no idea where your destination was or what kind of life you were intended. For the longest time I believed you to be anything from dead to mated. That though I found more sickening than any other, the thought that as you were a part of me, I was no longer a part of you. That you had found another, that my gift of freedom to you, was giving you nothing more than freedom from me. It is after this thought the emotions I deny would plague my mind. I remember all the terrible things I did to you. From the insults and screaming to when I…  Everything. I wonder how you could ever feel for me, when I was nothing more than a part of circumstance.

I know now had the situation been different, you would have never come to me willingly, of that I am certain. I used you. I seduced you into bed without even realizing it. I made you feel like you could trust and turn to no other but me; like I was your only choice, your only chance. I backed you into a corner and forced you to feel what I wanted you to. I fooled you into believing we shared something. The only problem is, I fooled myself as well. Because it was after all of these 'feelings' I finally came to accept the truth, I knew what happened to you.

In all of the ten years you have been removed from my life, I only felt you once, the last time I felt anything. Months after you had left, I was in the quiet of my room. Asleep on the bed that we shared, when I felt a throbbing in my chest. It was a pain that became strong enough to bring moans to my throat as my body convulsed in agony. I couldn't understand what it was then, but right before the pain subsided I heard it. You, you called for me, again, and again, and again. It was then I knew; I failed. Agony and need that immense could only be in your death. I knew then things would never be the same for me. Because that was the worst pain I had suffered in my entire life. It was the pain that changed me.

I snapped, the thought of you dead because I couldn't protect you, because I couldn't be strong enough, but mostly because you foolishly grew to care for me. It was at that moment; upon that thought my entire body set fire, I felt a fury and rage like none other engulf me with the need to do nothing but kill those oppressing me. I flew right through the walls of the ship without a thought, right into his throne room. I stood before him. With all of the energy, all of the power I've ever needed; ever strove for at my fingertips. I finally had achieved it, I ascended to my birthright; I knew I was a Super Saiya-jin. I could finally defeat he who kept me in bondage so long, he who made me slaughter without choice, he who took you, the only person I have ever felt for, away from me.

That might have been the most horrifying of all. My goal of avenging my people and taking my rightful place as supreme ruler of the universe suddenly meant nothing to me. It was only you. You were all I could see in my blinding rage.

It was then I finally felt power and success for the first time in my life. Not because I beat that animal, but because I did what you hoped. I stopped him from ever enslaving another eight-year-old boy to train and turn merciless. I stopped him from ever taking a chaste sixteen-year-old child and making her a sex slave. I suddenly had a real goal. A desire that was selfless, it was only then I won. But won what?

Over the years I came to realize it was nothing of meaning. Yes, I had all of Freeza's empire at my fingertips; I had all the power a being could ever hope for. I ruled with terror. No man but the few closest to me were ever privileged enough to even hear my name. People came only know me as King, Emperor, Highness, only titles of respect and admiration a being of my power deserves. I became an instant legend, holding the power and respect of billions. But somehow it wasn't enough, I was alone, and it was your entire fault. You left me with an emptiness I would never fill. You left me with emotions I couldn't handle and therefore hated. You truly broke me woman, and for that I will never be rid of you.


What can I say? I've made it ten years. Ten years without you. You. You being the man who saved me, you being the man I've tried to forget for the past ten years, but you, I could never. What can I say? I fell hard; you sparked feelings in the depths of my soul that I never thought possible. No man has ever done that for me. The most any has been worth was a kiss, and even that didn't have the flame you could ignite in me. No, I was condemned to be with only one man, I had the best first, and nothing else would ever be worthy. You would be the only man I could every love, the only man I could ever spend an eternity with, the only man I could ever give myself to completely. You. You who I have no knowledge of your life or death, suffering or pleasure, thinking of me or forgotten. I'd like to believe that you're still alive. That I still cross your mind once in a while, that you someday you will come and see me again. Someday be with me again, home, with your family.

I must say I never expected to be blessed with a new life, to live on Merigh, and have a home once again. I could never thank Zarra enough for bringing me here. It was like a new beginning for me. The planet resembled that of Earth to an almost identical degree. It had all the beauty of Earth and I've loved every minute living here. The people are wonderful as well. They look almost human except some of their coloring is a bit different. They took Zarra and I in without question. They didn't need to know where we came from or why we needed to hide, but they said they could see the purity in our hearts and that was all they needed to know.

We had new lives and new names. Zarra and I wanted to keep low profiles; even the mere chance of being found by Freeza was reason enough to give up my birth name. I told everyone my name was Bra. I was always partial to the name for some reason; if I ever had a daughter I always thought it would be my first choice. Zarra told everyone she was Arraz. I thought it a little obvious just reversing her name, but she said she liked the sound of it so I never argued with her. Zarra and I became like sisters over the time we spent together. She taught me so many things like how to use pressure points, and I've become quite lethal with a dagger. Of course nothing I could every do to thank her could match how she helped me in the time I needed someone the most. When I found out the truth, the truth that you had given me a gift before I left; one that I would cherish more than life itself for all times.

How could I have known I was caring your children when I left? Suddenly I became a single seventeen-year-old mother of one half Saiya-jin, though very handsome, young man. Zarra feared for me when she found out, she even sat me down at one point and asked me to consider having the pregnancy terminated.

She didn't think I could survive a Saiya-jin pregnancy. I of course refused, I understood her concerns, but how could I kill the child I created with you? How could I kill all I had left of you?

Of course I probably could have killed you for it when it came time for the delivery. I went through twenty-three hours of excruciating labor to delivery our son, Trunks. He was already much stronger than me, and he was going to make damn sure he wasn't coming out until he was good and ready. So much like you already, his way or no way. I will admit though, that was the one and only time I broke, in that last hour when I thought I wasn't going to make it, that my own flesh and blood might beat me, it was then and only then in the entire ten years without you that your name left lips; I called for you. I wanted you by my side. Holding my hand, helping me though this. Of course afterwards I had to laugh, knowing full well even if you were here at the time you wouldn't have been in that room for all the power in the universe.

I'll never forget the first time I held him in my arms. Those big blue eyes, that soft curl of lavender hair, and that fury brown tail. To be honest it brought a tear to my eye when I saw it. It reminded me of you, and only made me miss you more. But never mistake me, I was grateful for that boy. He brought a joy to my life like none other I had ever felt. He was ours, and I'd love him with ever part of me. Of course the tail had to go. It would have caused to many questions that I didn't want to answer. Zarra agreed and used her dagger to give it an even slice. I would have asked the doctor to, but he was still in shock over Trunks actually having a tail. He thought I must have mated with a monkey, little did he know.

Life went on. I made friends, and started a career as a science technician for the planet. It felt amazing to get back to something I loved so much back when I was at home, my birth home. As the years past I managed to work my way up to head scientist after supplying the people with some personal inventions that brought incredible growth and prestige to the planet. As a result of my new position I grew close with the planets King, King Venril. He was a wonderful man, truly noble and caring. He was highly respected across the planet. However much like myself he suffered the fate of life without love, he was mate-less as I was. His wife had died a year before I arrived and left him without an heir. We grew close in our mutual misery. We spent much time together, and he was even kind enough to take it upon himself to train me to utilize my ki. He taught me to fly and use energy beams. I never actually became that impressive, but I had an ulterior motive for learning.

Trunks was only a five years old when his Saiya-jin powers grew to be to much for me to ignore. I had brought him with me to my science lab one day so he could watch the testing of a new ray gun the department had been working on. I'll never forget the fear that shot down my spin when I heard the sparks start to fly. We all knew what that sound meant, we all knew it was coming, there was only seconds before the entire machine would ignite in an explosion that would have consumed the entire room and killed everyone in it, but it never did. Trunks stopped it. I watched in utter disbelief as our five-year-old son had more energy engulf his body than I could have dreamed of in my entire life. He shot into the air and with a blinding ki blast sent the entire device up in smoke before if could hurt a single person. I'll never forget the look on his face as I flew up to catch him in my arms, as he was about to pass out from exhaustion. He smiled at me like I'd never seen before, it was like he had found his calling or quenched some suppressed urge inside of him. It was then I knew I had no choice.

He had to be trained. The boy was half Saiya-jin and to ignore his power would be detrimental. I taught him as King Venril had taught me for the last three years of my life. Trunks naturally surpassed me at every turned, but I didn't mind. In fact it actually helped me grow stronger. It was almost like we were training each other. Trunks instincts were impressive to say the least; he gradually formed his own technique over the years. I merely started him off with controlling his ki, and flying as I did. He went well beyond me. I always felt a little saddened that there was no one on the planet close to his strength to make him a worthy opponent. But I came up with a solution for that. I thought it would challenge him greatly if I could create a machine that made the gravity of the planet stronger than it was. It took me six months, but I managed to create a small machine outside of the house that preformed this task. I gave it to Trunks for his seventh birthday. By now it's almost impossible to tear him away from it, though I'd never regret giving him the chance to harness his power.

However I do have one regret that I begrudgingly admit to have in raising our son. It is in the memory of you, or lack there of more appropriately. I never could make it through speaking of you without breaking down. But how could I? How could I explain to our son that you and I were slaves and united on the will to survive the horrors that which had been dealt to us? How could I ever explain what you did for me? In shame I admit, I've told him near to nothing of you, he has not clue as to his heritage, or an understanding as to why he's so ridiculously stronger than I am. But what truth could I tell him? I know nothing of your life since I left. Well, nothing other than the fact that in all likely hood you have already left me.

I'll never forget the day I heard the news. I was nursing Trunks when Zarra came home. She had heard through planetary intelligence that Freeza's empire had collapsed. That he had been killed and his territory had fallen under new leadership. In ten years all I have come to know of this man is that he has numerous titles, King, Emperor, Leader, Highness, and a slew of other ego driven holier-than-thou names. He keeps a profile that is no more detailed than a silhouette. He works directly with only a handful of people, and has all of his dirty work done through outside sources. But in truth no one knows exactly where he came from or who he is because after he killed Freeza he killed everyone who ever worked for him, anyone who could have possibly known him. That's how I know you are dead, the ultimate purge. Every one of Freeza's men shared his fate. Everyone.

I think somewhere in my heart I had hoped the man who killed Freeza was you. That you ascended like you promised, and took that asshole out without a second thought. But I suppose it was just a dream, you were so young when I left, you had so much potential. It brings a tear to my eye every time I think about how destroyed you were. How broken of a man you were. Your youth was stolen, your people, your pride, your freedom, and then us. Your family that you never knew existed. I always hoped if you could have known you would have accepted us, wanted us. But I suppose it was all just a dream. A dream I'd wait an eternity for to see fulfilled, because the truth is that for the short time that we were together, you have left an imprint on my heart for an eternity.


"Emperor Cooler." The guard bowed as he entered the man's throne room.

"What news do you bring me?" Freeza's vengeful brother turned his head slightly to look over at the fearful soldier.

"Your army is positioned for the attack on Merigh. The soldiers await your orders, Sir." The man explained respectfully.

"And what word of our dear monkey 'King'?" Cooler spoke smoothly, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

The timid guard gulped before he spoke. "His nearest army is stationed on Dianor. It will take them at least five hours to make it to Merigh, and by then our forces should have the planet taken care of."

"Excellent." Cooler smirked. "Then tell the troops to prepare for their attack. I want this mission to go down perfectly." Cooler nodded for the lowly man to leave as his thoughts turned to the battle to come. 'Soon Vegeta, this is the last planet I need before I will be ready for you. Soon you will pay for the death of my brother.'


Author's Note: Ok, I hope you could keep up, I wrote in Bulma and Vegeta's perspectives in sort of a steam of consciousness form, so that you could get a little taste of what's happened in the ten years through each other their viewpoints, and then as a little tease at the end you've gotten a little taste of what's to come. In the next chapter the plot really starts when we learn more of the war brewing between Vegeta and Cooler, and what exactly Merigh (Bulma's new home) has to do with it. Oh, I can't wait! Since I'm sure you are all aching for a real chapter I'll try and get one out much sooner than this one, depending on the reviews of course.