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A few days after the wedding, everyone headed back home to Connecticut. Mylie knew she had to tell her mom that she and Randy were married and she didn't want a big wedding. She also wondered what her mom was going to say when Mae said the same the thing.

"Let's just get this over with." Mae said as she and Mylie arrived at the house. Randy and John decided to let the girls handle this.

"Yeah, let's do this." Mylie said as they walked in.

"Girls, how was your vacation?" Emmaline asked her youngest daughters.

"Great. We had a great time." Mae replied as they made their way into the living room.

"Good. Tell me all about it." She said sitting down.

"Randy and I got married in Las Vegas." Mylie said suddenly. She didn't want to prolong it.

"What?" Caledon said coming into the room.

"Randy and I got married in Las Vegas. I didn't want a big wedding and I didn't want to not be married to him." Mylie said.

"Mylie, how could do that to your mother?" Caledon replied. "She wanted to plan your wedding."

"Cal, its fine. Mylie, I am happy you had the wedding you want." Emmaline said. "Can I throw you a reception?"

"Yes. I would like that." Mylie said to her.

"Mom, John and I got married also." Mae said quickly.

"Excuse me. After all the hard work, Mae." Emmaline said. "We have planned everything."

"Mom, I was hoping we could use the reception to celebrate me and Mylie. The ceremony was taking place at the hotel where the reception was anyway." Mae replied to her.

"That is true. Okay, a double reception." Emmaline said. "Now, I have to call and get things together." She said walking out of the room into her office.

"Girls, I can't believe you would do that to your mother." Cal said looking at his daughters.

"Mom is okay with this, why can't you be?" Mylie said to him.

"Don't raise your voice to me, Mylie Amanda Rimbauer." Cal said to her. "Your mother wanted weddings for you two and you have cheated her out of that."

"Cal, they have not. I want my daughters to be happy." Emmaline said walking in. "I am happy that each one had the wedding she wanted."

"Thanks mom." Mae said getting up.

"We have to go." Mylie said getting up also. She was happy that her mom understood.

"Girls, I am happy you got what you wanted." Emmaline said hugging him. "I will let you know about the reception."

"Okay." Mae said as they left. She was happy that their mother was okay with everything. She just wished their dad could be that happy.

They arrived at Mylie's house to find the guys playing a video game.

"I am kicking your butt as Kane." John said to Randy.

"I can't get the Undertaker to do what I want." Randy replied as they continued to play.

"Doesn't matter I am still kicking your butt." John replied.

"Guys, we're home." Mylie said to them.

"Great. How was it?" John asked not looking from the screen.

"Fine. Our mom was okay with it, she wants to have a big reception for all of us." Mae said seeing that they weren't paying attention.

"That's great." Randy replied.

"Our dad was upset. He stole our car and slapped us both." Mylie said trying to get their reaction.

"That's great." John said. "Wait, your dad did what?"

"He hit you. We will kill him." Randy said as both stop playing to look at Mae and Mylie.

"I am kidding. I was trying to get your attention." Mylie said.

"God, Mylie, don't scare me like that." Randy replied. "I would have killed your dad."

"I would have stopped you." She said with a laugh. "Now, how about you stop playing the game and spend some time with us?"

"Okay." He said turning it off.

"We are going to go." Mae said to them. "Mylie, call me later."

"Okay." Mylie said as Mae and John left.

"So, what do you want to do?" Randy asked her.

"I want to play the game and be you." She said grabbing the controller. "Okay, I am Randy Orton. Who are you going to play?"

"I guess I will be Batista." He said getting the other controller. "Prepare for the Batista bomb, sweetie."

"Oh, that is nothing compared to the RKO, baby." She said to him as the game started.

They just spend the some time playing the game. It was nice to just spend the time together. Mylie was happy that they had just gotten married in Las Vegas. It made things so much easier. Randy was happy to because it saved him from having to be in the same room as her dad. He knew he would never like her dad but he loved her and that was enough. He couldn't wait to see where life would take them now. Who knew when Vince made him have therapy, it would lead to this and her? It was the best thing in world.

"I beat you baby." She said getting up and doing the happy dance.

"Yeah, I will get you next time." He said pulling her down next to him and kissing her. "I love you, Mylie."

"I love you too. Now, prepare to beat yet again, baby." She said grabbing the controller.

"Yeah, I don't think so." He said with a laugh to her.

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