Klonoa: Midnight Sun~


The skies were orange-red as black smoke filled the air; people became curious and searched around for where these black clouds came from until it was coming from a rather large castle. It was the royal family's castle; the black clouds came from the castle itself – someone or something happened inside. People feared that the king and queen are trapped from within as the so called 'guards' ran out from within the large castle doors and into the nearby town, not even thinking about the king and queen.

Suddenly, windows that came from the castle were shattered as a pack of Wolves jumped out and swiftly landed on the dirt ground, soon more appeared from the east and west sides of the castle as the fire spread quickly. "That was a rather good idea, Bagoo." One of the armored wolves spoke as it turned to the minister who had an evil look on its face. "I'd hate to see the little princess's face when she awakes from her slumber, no matter, at least she'll never exist from this moment on." The minister said to the wolves as they soon ran away from the scene.

-Inside the castle walls-

"There is no way out!" the queen shouted as the king, queen and a priest who held the sleeping princess in his arms were trapped inside the small throne room as the fire ran slowly down the royal carpet toward them. The queen ran toward the priest as she glanced at her sleeping baby girl, the queen covered her small face with the blanket that covered the baby's entire body.

The king's fist tightened as he slammed his fist onto the wall next to him, "I should have known that Bagoo had an evil side to him, I should have never chosen him as our minister…"the king began as his wife looked over to him. "Jacob it's not your fault." She defended him but only made things worse for him. "Terra it is my fault, after all, I knew it from the very beginning that Bagoo was planning to get rid of us…He was also trying to rid of our daughter, that's way he kept taking Elise where ever he went".

The fire was now coming closer as the priest looked around for an exit way, he was about to give up when he saw an opened window that lead outside the castle walls. "Your majesty, I found an escape route!" the priest shouted as both the king and queen ran toward him and was now standing in front of the open window. "Thank you Wilson, the goddess Claire is helping us." The king cheered as the priest smiled, "Jacob, let Wilson and our daughter get out first. I fear something terrible will happen to them if we go first." The queen brought up as he agreed.

The priest gave the baby girl to the queen as he gotten out first; suddenly a horrible sound filled the air – the sound of bombs exploding around the castle as the castle walls began to tumble. The queen screamed as they both protected there little girl, the priest cried out their names as everything began to fade.

Hours later, the priest stood over what remained of the castle. His eyes widened in shock as he searched for the king and queen, "Your majesty!" he cried out once more as he ran up a large pile and dug inside to find nothing. "Your Highness!!" he cried out again as he ran to another pile and dug inside. He stopped and began to feel sadness in his heart; he fell to his knees as tears soon streamed down his white and yellow fur. The priest happened to be a white and yellow dog wearing garments that priests would wear; he lowered his head as he shook his head.

"I should have held onto the little princess, not only she's gone but so is the king and queen…"he said to himself. "What have I done, what have I done…" he shed more tears as his eyes were covered by his short hair, a low cry was heard. He stopped. The low cries were coming from the pile away from where he was, he quickly stood up and looked to the right. Tears still streamed down his face as the fur on his face was now wet, seconds later he began to walk over to the pile as he began to dig his way inside.

By the time he was done, he gasped to see the princes wrapped in a long pink blanket crying in front of him. She was unharmed, not a single scratch was on her white and light brown fur. The priest slowly picked her up and embraced her; she stopped crying as she opened her eyes seeing him. He couldn't help but smile; it was a miracle that she survived the castle's unexpected fall.

"You're lucky to be alive, Princess Elise." The priest began as he stood up and walked away from what remained of the castle. Part of the blanket that covered her head fell off revealing her fox ears; the priest noticed that she wore her mother's necklace, he smiled at her. "You look just like your mother and your father…"He said to her as she blinked her blue eyes before smiling at him, "May the goddess Claire protect you from harm." He finished as he walked through the town as people gawked and saw the princess alive. They soon helped the priest as they grabbed items and gave them to the little princess.

Years later, the little princess known as Princess Elise was kidnapped and was never seen again from that moment on, the priest searched far and wide with the help of the townsfolk and the guards who failed to keep the King and Queen safe. But they found no trace of the princess; they soon gave up as chaos and disorder passed through the town along with the market...

The chaos went on and on over the years; the kingdom needed a new king and Queen since they had found no remains of the last royal family, new rules were made, Bagoo was betrayed by the leader of wolves and was killed later on. The priest wanted a large church to be built for the royal family; the townsfolk agreed with him and built a Church for not only the royalty but for the villagers.

The church was also built for the Goddess Claire which brought in a lot of people to the church and was known far and wide in Lunatea. Although the priest knows that the new king and queen treat him nicely, he still missed those days when Jacob and Terra, the last King and Queen that didn't survive the flames that spread throughout the old castle. He still believes that Princess Elise still lives and is somewhere out there...

Somewhere close to this world...close to Lunatea...

End of Prologue~