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Klonoa: Midnight Sun~

Chapter 2: Klonoa and Guntz & The Kingdom of Tranquility~

I opened my eyes as I stared up at the blue skies above me, I slowly sat up and glanced around. I was in a field of beautiful blue and purple flowers with a lot of green grass. there were a few tall light grey rocks that suck out of the ground, but further away...There was another tall rock that had stair steps on the side that lead to the top about three feet away from me. From afar there was a small city.

I placed my hand on the side of my head. 'Where the heck am I??' My mind asked as I slowly stood up, I lost my balance and fell. it felt like I couldn't stand on my own two legs, I sat there for a couple of seconds before getting up again. It took me a while to stay on my feet. When I took one step forward, my whole body felt like it was heavy as I was quickly pulled to the right. I shrieked as I took another step forward, my body was all wobbly as I regained my balance.

I sighed in relief as I slowly walked toward the stair-stepped rock, as I got up to it, I stood there staring at the first step. I had that weird feeling that I would make a fool out of myself while going up to the top. I stepped on the first step, nothing happened to me. I went up the next step, my right leg felt weird. I took another step, my right leg was now shaking on its own. I ignored it. Two more steps, I took another step, almost lost my balance again. I made it up to the top as I cheered before falling on my legs seconds later.

'Well, could it get any better?' spoke my mind as I looked at the view before me, I was amazed to see the whole village that was further away from where I was. there was a stream down the hill I was at, it lead to the village and to the right side where I didn't face. The blue skies slowly turned to light violet. I slowly stood up on my legs again as a small wind blew from the east, my small white sleeveless jacket that went down below my ribcage was pushed to the left as my hair was also going in that direction. I looked at my small black elbow-sleeved shirt and tucked the bottom part of my shirt into my navy blue bermuda shorts.

'I wonder where Rena is?' Spoke my mind again as I heard someone cry out seconds later, I turned my head to the left seeing someone running toward me. I recognized the girl's clothes but didn't know who she was. She ran up to the rock and stood there, she only stared at me and my clothes. "Umm, can I help you??" I said to her as she blinked her eyes. "Tails, is that you?" She asked me, I recognized her voice. "Rena??" I asked her.


"Oh my gosh, it really is you Ally!" Rena said at last as I was astonished by her appearance. She had her same hair-style, but she had redish orange and white fur along with cat ears and a redish orange colored tail behind her. "Why do you look like that?" I asked her again, she noticed her tail and looked at me. "I was going to ask you the same thing," Rena told me as I looked at myself; I had light brown and white fur that covered me from head to toe, my fox ears perked up once or twice every minute. I had two-fox tails behind me that swayed on their own, my hair was a little dark and was easy to see in the light.

"What happened to us?" Rena asked as I shrugged my shoulders, "Who knows," I replied back to her as I jumped off the tall rock, I landed on my feet and stood beside Rena as we both looked around.

"Hey look, there's a castle over there." Rena pointed out as she pointed her right index finger to the right, we both looked at a large yet tall castle that was seen from afar. somewhere across from it was a tall tower that had a bell inside, I noticed that there were statues of goddesses and priestesses on alomst every side. I then squealed out in joy, Rena turned and looked to me.

"Its a poultry epiphany!!" I shouted out as I charged toward the kingdom that shown symbols of Goddesses and priests/priestesses, Rena also followed me as we made our way to the beautiful kingdom, however, we didn't get close to it. We ran out of fuel quickly than what we expected. "Hold up, hold up...We can't get to that castle in time, besides, look at us." Rena spoke out as I looked at myself, I was covered in white and light brown fur from head to toe...I can't even tell if I was a fox or a wolf. "We're fuzzy creatures, this wasn't suppose to happen to us!" Rena pointed out as I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well, at least we're alive...I dunno where we are, I can't seem to find the others but uh..." I looked both ways seeing nothing up ahead but the kingdom..."I guess we can try looking for our Friends at that castle." I suggested, Rena quickly refused on my offer. "No way Ally! We're not going to that castle!!".

"Oh yes we are!"

"No we're not!!"

"Yes we are, Rena!!"

"We have a higher chance that we'll get kicked out of that place, that place looks a little too massive for us to wander about. Maybe if we could..."

I ignored her explanation as I made my way to the kingdom, leaving her behind. she noticed that I was now far away from here, "H-hey, wait up!!" she shouted out as she ran full speed to try and catch up with me.

- • - • - • -

"Huff, huff...okay...we're almost there..."I said to Rena while panting, the skies began to turn to a darker color of violet as we still ran toward the kingdom, soon everything was a little hard to see. By the time it was slightly pitch black, we both stopped. "Rena, can you see anything?" I asked her, her blue eyes glowed in the dark as she blinked twice and glanced around. "Only whats in front of me, I can't see a thing up ahead." Rena replied back. "Rena, your eyes are glowing..."I said to her, her eyes glanced at me. "So are yours." She pointed back, she took off her blue heart shaped backpack and pulled out a small mirror. I looked at the mirror. She was right, my blue eyes were glowing in the dark as well, only my blue eyes were slightly darker.

"Why are our eyes glowing? Could it be because..." I stopped myself as I looked up ahead seeing the dark green grass up in front of me, I couldn't see anything up ahead. "We're creatures?" Rena finished my question as we were concerned about this. Why did we turn into furry creatures? Where are we? Why did this happen to us? Questions flowed through my head as I shook those thoughts away for later.

It then became so dark, we quickly needed to find shelter, we ran up ahead and found a cave next to a huge forest that reached up to the skies. We ran inside and took off our backpacks, we took out our red and blue wool blankets and went to sleep in a matter of minutes.

Ten minutes had already past, and I'm still awake. I huffed silently to myself as I looked up at the dark starry skies, how it looked so beautiful here. it looked amazing and yet the stars looked like they were up close to this place, I reached out my hand to a random star. it looked close to my eyes, but they were far away from where I was. I yawned a second later, I stared blankly at the sky above me as my eyes began to slowly close on their own. I laid back down and closed my eyes once again, a minute or two later, I fell asleep.

- • - • - • -

I was still asleep, but slightly awake, thinking about nothing but how my friends were doing. The sun's light set on my whole face including my closed eyes as I groaned, I covered my eyes with my arms and tried to go back to sleep. Suddenly, Rena's purple cellphone went off seconds later; it was her alarm clock that played the song 'Hello Seattle' from Owl City very loud. Our bodies jumped up as I grabbed out my blue small pillow that had a small visiblespeaker for my MP3 player. I chucked it across the right side of the cave as it hit the back of her head, she groaned in protest.

"Turn it off!! I'm trying to sleep here!" I retorted to her as she used her hand and tried to find her phone without using her eyes, she lifted her head and found her phone in front of her. she grabbed it and turned the alarm off, She slowly sat up rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

"Why did you throw your pillow? the one with the speaker?" Rena asked me as I slowly lifted my head up three inches off my white silk pillow, "Because I felt like it..." I replied to her before dropping my head into the pillow. She shook her head at me, I slowly sat up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes with the butt of my palms. My fox ear perked up as I quickly looked outside the cave. Rena noticed by sudden reaction, "Hey, what's wrong?" She too looked in the same direction seeing two people heading our way.

Rena quickly stood up and ran over to where her stuff was, as she put all of her stuff in her small backpack I too did the same. I can't believe that I feel asleep in my weekend clothes, but at least I brought more clothes and personal belongings with me.

"Look, there are people over there!" one of the two shouted out from afar as the person quickly ran toward the cave we were in, As I finally got everything in my backpack, I stood up and spun around to see the two people. I noticed that one of them was a cat or a rabbit, I couldn't tell. its ears went down to its knees and wore a blue shirt and shorts. it had black and white fur all over and wore red and white shoes, it also had yellow gloves.

By the time it finally came up to us, it was then catching its breath. Rena and I glanced at each other with confused looks before looking back at the cabbit, "Hello," it spoke with short breaths before continuing, "I'm Klonoa, and that's my friend Guntz back there." I couldn't help but look up to see a black and yellow furred wolf walking toward us; he wore a long red jacket, black pants with black boots. He had the back of his hair in a low pony-tail, he opened his blue eyes as I looked away from his glance.

"I - my name is Alyssa Sakura E. Starheart, and this is my good friend Rena Hikari Crystalheart." I introduced as Rena slightly bowed. Suddenly, flashbacks of these two guys ran through my mind, seconds later the flashbacks were gone. I quickly lowered my head, letting my bangs cover my eyes from the two boys. Rena noticed that something was wrong but wanted to know later, "Your clothes, you guys aren't from here huh?" Klonoa asked her as she nodded her head.

"Hey, can you two come with us? my friend Lolo wanted Guntz and I to come over to the kingdom." Klonoa asked her, Rena blinked her eyes before agreeing. "S-sure, why not?". Klonoa spun around and lead the way once again, Guntz sighed before following. we followed them closely behind as Rena shook my arm, "Hey Tails, what's wrong?" Rena asked as my body flinched. I heard her question, but I didn't want to speak, but I didn't want to make her feel bad.

"Rena, it's those two that I saw in my Flash-forward" I whispered to her as she gave me a look, I have to tell her more. "It's really them, I swear. I saw in my Flash-forward thesetwo and they we're taking us to the kingdom...and later on we meet two more people and two creatures; a yellow dog with emerald eyes and a floating cat." I explained to her in a small voice as her look began to fade, she glanced at Klonoa and Guntz for a long time.

"Are you beginning to believe me now?" I asked her as she remained quiet before replying back to me, "A little" I pulled a face from her answer. Klonoabegan to run up ahead as we too ran with them. "Why are we running?" Rena asked out loud to the boys, "It's faster than walking!!" Guntz replied back to her as she huffed.

An hour later...

"We're almost there!!" Klonoa said to us, Rena's fists tightened as she breathed in through her nose. "You said that an hour ago!" Rena retorted as I pointed out to her, politely replying back to her shout out, "Actually, he said that a few minutes ago--" "Who cares?! my feet are aching in pain!!" Rena cried out as the four of us ran straight toward the kingdom, Another Flash-forward came to me; it happened to show images of the four of us running and saying the same thing seconds ago. it ended seconds later as I felt a sharp pain from my left eye, but there was no wind or anything thrown across my face around that time. I covered my left eye as I closed it tightly.

"Ally, are you okay?" Rena asked me, "Yeah, I'm alright!" I replied back to her as I looked away from Rena's glance and had a worried look on my face. 'Why must it happen now?!' Spoke my mind as we made it to the kingdom at last. "Here we are, the Kingdom of Tranquility" Klonoa spoke out as he looked up at it. I let my hand move away from my left eye and slowly brought it back down, letting my left arm rest while hanging.

I was so excited about entering in and see what was inside; I didn't pay attention to Rena who was breathing heavily behind me. "Huff...huff...Ally...I don't think...It's a good idea...to go inside," Rena panted as she tried to catch her breath. I turned to her,Klonoa and Guntz looked back at her as well. "Why not?" "Because we're outsiders, if we move about inside, they'll probably kick us out!" Rena told me as I shook my head. "I don't think that will happen." I replied back to her as she sighed. "It won't happen really, they'll let anyone in except for enemies" Klonoa spoke to her as Rena sighed.

Suddenly, the doors slowly opened from the inside as we both looked back seeing a few priestesses heading our way. "Look, the high priestess was right!" the green and white rabbit girl said out loud. "The two girls, how they dress, It really is them!" shouted the orange and yellow short haired girl (a dog I presume?). "Eh?" Rena and I muttered to each other as the two girls ran up to us, ignoring Klonoa and Guntz. "Your names are Rena and Alyssa right?" the rabbit girl asked us, we looked at each other before agreeing with them.

"The high priestess wants to see you two girls!" the orange and yellowed furred girl replied to us, the green and white rabbit looked over to the boys. "You guys too." she said to them, Guntz glared at her as she looked away and lead us inside. It looked so beautiful from the inside, everything was so clean and pure. there was a lot of space for us to freely roam around.

We came up to large teal colored doors as the rabbit girl knocked on the door three times, my fox ears perked up again as I glanced back seeing another person was lead by a priestess. It happened to be the same girl I saw in one of my flash forwards, she wore the same blue long sleeved shirt with blue pants, the same red cape was tied around her waist and wore a golden headband...and a floating cat that had two different fur colors floated beside her, the left side of its body was white the other was blue. its right eye was closed and had star-like paws, its tail had some sort of green floating ring.

I wasn't the only one who looked back, Guntz looked back and saw the same thing. The large teal doors opened from the inside as Both Guntz and I looked back at the doors, the rabbit girl led the way once again. A girl looked back to us, it was the other girl that was in my flash forward. "Ah, Klonoa!" she shouted cheerfully as she spun around and ran up to Klonoa, she gave him a hug as my left eye was in pain again. I slowly covered it with my left hand again.

"Lolo..." Someone spoke out as she let go of Klonoa and looked back at the high priestess, she only stared at lolo before setting her eyes on us. "please, come forth." she told us as Rena and I went up to her, she stopped us about four feet away from where she was. She had beautiful light blue hair and clear clue eyes that gleamed in the sunlight. I looked over to Rena who had a small smile on her face, but I knew that look; very soon she'll ask her 'Can I have your hair?' in the most cutest voice, which that was in her point of view. To me, its embarrassing in so many levels.

She set her eyes on Klonoa first, "Klonoa, its good to see you again" the high priestess spoke at last as Klonoa chuckled. "Its good to see you to high priestess, you too Lolo." Klonoa replied back nicely. The high priestess then glanced at the girl who wore the golden headband, "Leorina, its a pleasure to see you" she spoke to her, Leorina huffed. "you too," she replied back.

A song began to open up in my head, it sounded like 'Hallow Bastion' or another song to me. And yet, the song fit this whole area to me...even though it sounded too...what's the word? Evil? I dunno either. I closed my eyes and tried not to remember setting foot in that area, how the glass stained windows shined brightly in the sun. Whenever I took a step, the sound echoed in my head 'til I couldn't hear it any more. How the heartless moved about in the shadows until jumping out into the light and...

I shunned that memory out of my mind, I opened my eyes remembering that my left eye was covered by my left hand. I let my eyes blink twice before hearing the high priestess speak to Rena. "You must be Rena, right?" She asked her, Rena nodded her head. "Yes I am," Rena replied back to her kindly as she looked up at her. "Your style of clothing is rather sweet." The high priestess said at last, Rena smiled.

The High priestess then glanced at me, I can tell that she was staring at me even though I wasn't looking back. I can sense this. It took me a minute to look up at her; it felt like I was staring at God, but her presence was rather strong. "You must be Alyssa, right?" She asked me, I lightly nodded my head to her. I forgotten that my left hand was on my left eye, as soon as I was going to bring my arm down, she then spoke.

"Is something wrong? You had your hand over your eye even when you came inside..." She had to comment about that. Soon everyone looked at me, I began to feel nervous. I quickly brought down my hand and made up an excuse, "I - Its just my left eye, it just...hurts when ever I..." I stopped since it sounded like a very stupid excuse, I looked away from the glances. "When ever you saw those prophetic visions come back?" The high priestess finished as I felt the glances look away from me and to the High Priestess.

My eyes widened as I looked up at her, not only I was shocked but I also heard Roxas's Theme playing on the piano(#1). it sounded so beautiful yet so familiar, I then realized that it was my MP3 player...I played his theme since he asked me too on that day. I remember now; he came to my house and brought his small black and white notebook computer, he wanted me to play his theme on my piano, while I played his theme he recorded it all and played it on his computer. He was nice enough to put that version of his theme on my MP3 player. His theme was played very loud, I heard Rena whisper, "Hauu~, I didn't know you can play the piano Ally, I wanna take you home!".

My play-list on my MP3 player was on the 'flowing memories'[A Note*- in other words, relax and calming music] section, so technically, not only that Roxas wanted me to play and record his theme on the piano, so was Sora's theme, and Riku's and Kairi's (not to mention Namine's theme). Roxas also wanted my theme, and so I did and now its in my Mp3 player. All those songs were all played on the piano back home, however, my MP3 player doesn't listen to me and wants to play Kairi's theme and my theme other than the boy's themes, and wants my music to be very loud for some reason...

'Oh...my...god...' Oh my god, it was so embarrassing. Why must it be soo loud?! My stupid MP3 player has a mind of its own and wants to destroy my speakers?! As soon as Roxas's theme was done, I grabbed it and turned it off. it was all quiet, I covered my face in shame.

"That was a beautiful song," the high priestess said at last, I didn't even notice that the floating cat was staring at my Mp3 player in awe. "nyah~ Did you play that?" it asked me, I replied back to it without thinking "Yes Tat, my friend wanted me to play his theme and --" I stopped as I quickly covered my mouth. The high Priestess was impressed, everyone else looked at me with a shocked look - even Rena had a shocked look. "Wow, you know my name!" Tat cheered out excitedly, it danced around me before it was grabbed my Leorina.

"How did you--I don't even know you, not even Tat!" she asked me, I blinked without even looking back at her. "I already know your name Leorina, Lolo, Popka and tat. Same goes to Klonoa and Guntz, I knew all of your names before we meet..." I replied back to them. "Ally you didn't tell me that you knew there names!" Rena spoke to me as I looked at her.

"Then you should have believed me before we arrived here." I said to her as she dropped her shoulders, she lowered her head not wanting to say a word. "You saw all this huh?" The high priestess asked me, I glanced at her. "Not all of it, I only saw pieces of this..." I replied. "What did you see?" she asked me. "A few areas, and unknown people...".

"Like who?"

"A green and white furred cat girl who had cat like eyes, she looked like she was possessed... A black and grey buffed wolf who had a sly grin, a white and dark brown armored wolf who's back was facing me before turning its head to see me...and a black figure, I couldn't tell what he looked like...but when he saw me he pointed a sharp finger nail at me..." I explained to her as she remained quiet. I looked up at her, "Klonoa...no all of you, I brought you here to tell you what's happening to Lunatea." The high priestess spoke as everyone expect Guntz listened, he didn't look like he didn't want to listen to any of this.

"Darkness is now trying to get rid of light forever, darkness has teamed up with an evil man that Alyssa described last...He was always never described clearly, but Alyssa, you said that he had sharp finger nails. That means that if you do see him, your image of him will come back." I swallowed when she brought him up, a cold-chill went done my spine. "Those other people she described might be more than what they seem, they might act nice but something will happen to them later on...though I'm not so sure about the armored wolf she described." She explained to us, Guntz looked like he was a little interested in this.

"High priestess," Lolo spoke. "Klonoa, everyone...I need you all to stop this guys idea's of getting rid of light and this world. You'll have to take Alyssa and Rena along, Alyssa will point out people she saw to you guys..." the high priestess spoke to us, we all nodded. "Lolo, I want you to stay here." Lolo gasped. "But high priestess," Lolo muttered as she overheard her, "I don't want you to get hurt...that also goes to Alyssa, if she gets hurt, who knows what will happen to her next..." she said to us, I nodded to her but Lolo lowered her head.

"Don't worry, we won't lose!" Klonoa said out loud as the high priestess nodded, she let us go as we left. Lolo followed us as well.

When we made it outside, I saw a lot of priestess running about, playing games, talking, almost everything. It was much more beautiful out here, there was much more space out here; there was a beautiful five foot stream that went through up ahead, a bridge was right above the stream. if you look to the left where the water flows, there's a huge lake that formed a huge circle. A few girls were in there splashing the freah water on each other while others were swimming around. there were flat rock walk-paths that lead almost everywhere you look.

"This is so amazing!" Rena spoke out excitedly as I agreed with her, it was amazing. I wish it was like this at home. Klonoa looked back at lolo who stood beside him, "It's sad that Lolo can't come," klonoa spoke out sadly as I chuckled lightly. Klonoa noticed me laughing, "What's so funny?" Klonoa asked me as I turned my whole body to him, I set my blue eyes on him and said happily "She's going to come along anyway." Lolo blinked at me before smiling, klonoa blinked before smiling at me. "Alyssa, thanks." Lolo said to me, I chuckled lightly before remembering my long name, "How long has it been since I wasn't called by that longer side of my first name??" I asked out loud, Lolo was confused about my question.

I turned away and walked off, Rena followed me closely behind. tat floated toward me as well, "Don't walk away now, our adventure has just begun!" tat mewed at me, I smiled. "I'm not leaving, I'm looking for the entrance way that we came through." how I said that sounded like as If I was being sarcastic. Leorina walked on ahead and lead us the way. "Hey Alyssa," Leorina began. "Don't be so formal, please call me Ally or my other nickname 'Tails'." I suggested to her, she nodded her head. "Ally, I'm sorry for yelling at you about not knowing us" she finished, I shook my hands to her. "Its alright, Rena's going to apologise anyway for not believing me...isn't that right, Rena??" I said to her as I turned to Rena who sighed, I poked her left shoulder as her face darkened.

"Alright, I'm sorry..." she muttered, "For what?" I asked her, poking her shoulder a little harder. Her cat ears twitched in annoyance, "For not believing you...there." She answered my question, I stopped and walked away from her. "Thank you Rena!!" I squealed out as she sighed in despair. Guntz overheard me and shook his head, "Girls..." he muttered to himself.

"Klonoa," Lolo called out as Klonoa turned to her, she stood in between the opened doors; her body was facing outside the kingdom while her back faced the giant yard. She had a worried look on her face which yet looked more like she was sad. "Ally said that you would come along, so come on." Klonoa said to her as she smiled before following us, popka followed as well.

"So, were do we go now?" Popka asked us as I shrugged my shoulders, "At least I got a map, so...let's see...let's go to Aura City" Leorina answered Popka's question. "And why are we going to listen to you?" Guntz rudely remarked, she glared at him. "Because I got a map, and I know where to go." I knew that this was going no where.

Very soon, those two began to argue about not bringing 'Red Clan' or the 'Crimson Iris', they both glared at each other as I shook my head...Klonoaonly sighed in despair. Rena had a crooked smile on her face, Lolo had a worried look on her face.

'Well...at least we're going to save the world, its better than seeing these two fight.' spoke my mind as we slowly headed toward the forest area, beyond there, was Aura City.

End of chapter 2

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