I had a request for more Legolas stories, so here is one I'm currently working on. As with most of my stories, I have terrible writers block, so at some point the chapters may stop coming for a while. I apologize ahead of time, but this one is a good 43 pages single spaced in Word right now, so it should be a while before we get to that point. Enjoy!!!

"Forty-seven, forty-eight…" Legolas spun around, stabbing Orc after Orc. He smiled as he heard Gimli doing the same several paces to his left. He turned abruptly, hearing a blade falling downward toward his head. He blocked it neatly with both daggers, but stopped short, staring at the figure before him.



~2000 years ago~

"Icaria! Where are you?!"

A hand reached up and covered Tinwe's mouth.

"Sedho!" said another small Elvin girl, pulling Tinwe down behind a group of bushes.

"What are you doing?" Tinwe asked quietly as Icaria released her.

"Shh. Follow me."

She led Tinwe through the bushes on her stomach, careful not to make a leaf rustle. The girls stopped beside a small briar patch.

"Isn't he gorgeous?!?!" Icaria asked with a sigh, looking over a small boulder in front of them. Curious, Tinwe looked over the boulder too. She gasped, eyes flashing toward Icaria, who was giggling softly as she watched the scene in front of her.

About thirty paces in front of the girls was a still pool, and in the pool was a tall, thin, blonde male elf. He stood up to his waist in water, with his smooth, bare skin shimmering with water.

"Icaria! Are you crazy?! That's the Prince!!!"

"I know! Isn't he dreamy?" she asked, watching him do a few laps around the pool.

"But he's the Prince!!! Can't your fantasy be someone who we won't get in trouble for stalking?"

"If you don't like it, go home. I'm staying." She kept giggling as she watched the blonde prince.

"Icaria," Tinwe said, taking her arm and pulling her away. Icaria faced Tinwe, who now had her back to the pool. "Do you know the kind of trouble, you'll get in if you get caught?"

"Yes," Icaria said faintly, before turning and scurrying away. Puzzled, Tinwe turned and found herself face to face with the dripping wet prince.

"Can I help you with something?" he asked, humor in his voice. Tinwe's eyes got wide, and she blushed scarlet.

"N-n-no. Sorry," she said quickly, before turning and fleeing into the forest towards home. She didn't stop running until she heard Icaria call her from a tightly knit ash grove.

"Icaria, you are so mean!" Tinwe said angrily, entering the ash grove to find her friend laughing hysterically.

"Oh my gosh, your look was great!"

"Fine. Laugh. I am going home. Mother said there was something important she wanted me home for." With that, Tinwe stalked away, Icaria trailing, still laughing.

~Legolas pov~

As he did laps, Legolas heard giggling and whispers from nearby. Listening closely, he found they were coming from a rock about thirty paces from the pool. He quietly got out of the water, creeping silently towards the rock. As he approached, he saw two young girls sitting behind the rock. As she caught sight of him, the one facing him bolted. The other looked around, immediately turning a deep red, her emerald eyes growing wide as she saw him looking at her.

"Can I help you?" he asked pleasantly, unable to keep the humor from his voice.

"N-n-no," the elf-girl stuttered. "Sorry." As soon as she said this, she bolted in the direction of the wood elf city. Smiling, he walked along the edge of the pool towards his tan stallion.

"Interesting day, don't you think Rofaroth?" he asked, pulling his tunic on before leaping onto his horse. The stallion whinnied softly in agreement, and Legolas laughed lightly. It was good to be home.

~Tinwe pov~

"Hurry Tinwe."

Tinwe straightened her violet dress, quickening her footsteps to catch up with her mother, who was walking ahead of her with Tinwe's father, and two brothers. Her father was meeting with some very important people at a dinner meeting, and the whole family was going.

She kept her eyes downward as her family entered the dining hall and her father greeted the other elves. As dinner began, she sat beside her mother and elder brother Glorothond. She glanced up occasionally at those around her, and recognized the head of the King's army, several other important members of the King's advisors, and the King himself. She was just wondering what her father, a blacksmith, was doing with such high-ranking officials, when she noticed someone enter the hallway from the door behind the king.

"Sorry I am late, Father."

She let her eyes fall again quickly. Legolas was standing beside his father's chair, and she didn't want him to notice her.

"Ah Legolas, I want you to meet the blacksmith who will be making you your knives. This is Rissa. He is eager to begin as soon as you are ready."

"It is an honor to meet you, Prince Legolas," Rissa said bowing his head. "This is my wife, Isawen, our son Angsul, I believe you already know our oldest son Glorothond…"

Glorothond stood up next to Tinwe and walked over to greet Legolas. She hadn't known they were friends.

"And this is my daughter, Tinwe," her father finished, indicating her sitting quietly with her hands folded on her lap.

"We've met," Legolas said kindly, smiling at Tinwe. She returned it nervously as she glanced up at him. Tinwe's father looked at her inquisitively, but let it go. He continued his conversation with the royal family, discussing his ideas for designing Legolas's knives. Tinwe kept her head down, eating slowly as her family engaged in conversation.

As dinner ended, her family stood up to take their leave. Tinwe's eyelids were beginning to droop. She stifled a yawn as she shuffled after her mother. Her mother curtsied to King Thranduil, and bid him goodnight. Tinwe followed her lead, and curtsied.

"Thank you, your majesty, for dinner."

"You are welcome, Tinwe. It was a pleasure to meet you." She smiled up at him, and caught sight of Legolas watching her over his fathers shoulder. Tinwe blushed scarlet again, and hurried away after her mother.

~End Flashback~

"What are you doing here?" Legolas asked, letting his knives fall to his sides.

"Long story. Talk later," Tinwe said, slicing the head off an Orc running by. Legolas turned and took out another two behind him.

"Legolas!" Legolas turned as Aragorn called him, and saw an oliphaunt charging towards him. Legolas skillfully jumped on its tusk, and proceeded to climb up the animal, until he was able to cut loose the large saddle, spilling those inside down into the oncoming wave of ghost soldiers. He pulled three arrows from his quiver and shot them simultaneously into the back of the oliphaunt's skull. As the creature fell forward, dead, Legolas slid down the trunk, landing smoothly on the ground. He noticed Gimli giving him a nasty look.

"That still only counts as one!" Legolas smiled at the Dwarf.

"Not bad, but check this out."

Legolas turned just as Tinwe gave a high-pitched whistle. He watched as a coal black mare ran up to her, and Tinwe gracefully hoisted herself into the saddle. Transfixed, Legolas watched as she stood up in the saddle, and her horse ran toward one of the oliphaunts still standing. As he watched, she grabbed a spear stuck in the ground nearby. She jumped from the saddle, doing a flip over the metal spikes strung between the oliphaunts tusks. As she flew through the air, the oliphaunt opened its mouth, and she threw the spear up into its mouth, piercing the back of the throat, embedding up in the animal's brain. It immediately stumbled and fell, throwing those aboard from its back. Tinwe landed gracefully back in the saddle, turning her horse around and facing Legolas, grinning broadly. He just blinked in surprise.

"Good gracious, that woman is better than you lad!" Gimli said from his elbow. Legolas looked down at him, still in shock.