A Demon's Hunger

Written by J-Bones

Co-wrote by Ethan Darkcrow

Author's Notes: This was written by my bro and I help in certain spots. He wanted me to post it. Hope you like it.

Chapter 1

The kyuubi no Kitsune [nine-tailed fox]; a walking, talking force of nature that brought destruction and despair in its wake, had been defeated. In no way did this mean that the beast was dead. Instead, one of the greatest seal master and ninja to ever grace the village of Konoha trapped and sealed the great demon within the soul of a small innocent child.

This feat, of course, had its own repercussions, as the man had used his own life force as the source of energy for the seals creation.

He was dying.

Just barely making back to the sealing room. The man finished the sealing and looked down at the newborn sleeping peacefully in the makeshift cradle that held him. The man prayed that people would see the child as a hero and not a threat. Kissing the child on the head the man mumbled softly before closing his eyes and surrendering to death, "Forgive me, Naruto. Forgive me my son…"

The death of the man who sealed the Kyuubi away was mourned by the entire village, for not only had the man been a great ninja and seal master but he also was the indisputable leader of the ninja village.

As for the child, well…

He was found by a select group of individuals who knew of their leaders final request. However, after taking him in a myriad of problems arose.

First, of those individuals only one was willing to take responsibility for the child. The others made it clear that they really didn't want to have anything to do with the baby, but they were willing to help with other aspects of the kid's life.

Another problem that became painfully obvious was the child's birthright. The leader of their village had made many an enemy in his rise to the top, announcing the child as his progeny would surely mark him for assassination. So it was agreed upon that the baby's true parentage would be sealed away. Anything that could link the child to his parents, other than any looks that he might have received from them, were secretly seal away.

When everything was said and done, there was only one problem left to deal with…how to present the child to the village. Should he remain a guarded secret? Or should they reveal his secret, and hope that the people of their village will accept him for what he was, a hero who contained the threat of the Kyuubi.

The man who had taken sole responsibility of the child, who also happened to be the newly elected leader of the ninja village, gambled on the understanding of the village. He brought the child before a chamber of civilians and ninja alike, and he explained to them the final wishes of their defeated leader.

He was rewarded with disappointment, as ninja and civilian alike asked for the child's banishment. None wanted to spill the blood of an innocent baby, but at the same time it was unsettling for many that the vessel, which held the demon, was going to be living in their village.

There were even a hand full of souls that seemed to believe that if they killed the child then they would forever be rid of the demon's threat, but fortunately they were vastly outnumbered.

Seeing the mess that was created by releasing the information about the child into the public, the leader could only try and fix his mistake by creating a village wide rule; in which none were permitted to speak of this matter. Breaking this rule meant death, and sure enough many people were sentenced to death in the first month that the rule had been established.

After the first few months everything within Konoha seemed to return to normal as everyone began to abide by the new law. Little did the leader of the village know that his people were intent on taking the law a little too seriously. Unfortunately for him, his error wouldn't be visible until it was too late to fix.

As for the baby, the leader was unable to adopt the child due to the sensitivity of his position. So, the boy was handed over to a recommended orphanage and was under the guardianship of the leader until he became an adult.

Konoha would never be the same…