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Kankuro walked down the street, bored. The invasion was still over a week away. And until that time, he was stuck here. He had been ready for this since he left Suna, and now that the first three stages were done, everything was going as it should. He had expected that. But he hadn't expected this gap to feel so LONG. It wouldn't have been so bad, except that him and Temari were under orders not to train, so that they could keep as much of their abilities a secret as possible. Or something like that, anyway. He didn't really pay as much attention as he should have during Baki's lecture. Or 'meeting' as it was officially called. Either way, he was now stuck in a soon-to-be-dead village, with nothing to do, and with no idea of where to go.

Eventually, he found what appeared to be an actual useful store; the weapon shop. He walked in because, basically, there was nothing better to do. He went over to the oddly-familiar girl behind a counter. He could swear he had seen her before. It hit him pretty suddenly; there weren't that many people he had ever met whose hair was in two buns. He couldn't come up with a name, though.

"So, where's the actual decent equipment?" He asked, not entirely lying. To him, anything that didn't fit in a puppet was pretty useless.

Most people he had ever met would probably have made some form of insult at that point. The girl, however, seemed unphased by his comment. "Puppetry equipment should be over there." She said, pointing towards a far wall. "If not, then we could probably get some in the next shipment. I guess you aren't staying long enough for that, though."

Kankuro started to walk towards the area she pointed out, when he noticed, out of the corner of his eye, Temari. 'Damn, she found out already?'

He was supposed to have been watching Gaara to make sure that he didn't kill everyone before everything was ready, but he decided not to. If Gaara wanted someone to die, than someone was gonna die. And whether or not his brother was there wouldn't have any effect on that. So he figured it was pointless and left. Of course, Temari would be, and was, pissed. She still didn't see him, but he still wanted to make sure it stayed that way, and did the first thing that popped in his head in this kinda situation; hide. He leapt over the counter, landing next to the now-startled employee.

"What the HELL are you doing!?" She shouted. If Temari wasn't going to check here before, she definitely would now. There was no way she didn't hear that.

"Please, just cover for me." The girl was confused, until the door opened. She turned, seeing an angry Temari pass though the doorway directly towards the counter.

"Hey, you, weapon girl. Tenten. Have you seen that baka around here." She demanded. Tenten just looked at her for a minute. She tried to piece things together, but still had no idea what was going on. Still, she knew that if helping the guy next to her would bother Temari, she would gladly take the opportunity. It wasn't the kind of revenge she was planning on, but she still didn't want to help her out.

"Sorry, what baka?" She said, sounding confused.

"Kankuro. He's the only guy wearing makeup. My brother. Nearly killed one of you guys in the exam."

"No, haven't seen him."

Temari looked at her for a second. Something seemed off about the girl, but she couldn't think of what. So, she left. Kankuro stayed perfectly still behind the counter.

"You know, she's gone now." Said Tenten, still looking straight towards the door.

Kankuro climbed back over the counter. He turned around, a bit confused. "So, why do you work here if you're a ninja?"

She laughed a bit to herself before answering. "Do you have any idea how many weapons I go through? I can't afford that on a genin's salary, so I work here during my off hours, and then I get a discount. Also, I get first pick at the new items as they come in." He nodded. "Oh, by the way, you owe me now."

He was expecting that. After all, it's not like he knew well enough for her to do him a favor or anything. And besides, how bad could it be? "Alright, what do I owe you?"

"Well..." She thought on how carefully about how to word this. A wrong move wouldn't end well. "Mind showing me your puppets? I was considering using them, so seeing one in action again would help. Of course, I could just go and get Temari. She really seemed to want to talk to you." He smirked.

"Fine, I'll show off for a few minutes. When do you get to leave?"

"Anytime. Like I said, I only work here during my off hours." She walked around the counter next to Kankuro before hollering deeper into the store. "I'm off." She walked off before whoever she was yelling towards could answer, followed by the puppeteer.

'With any luck, Temari gave up and went back by now.'

Yeah, I'm not going to make the 'Tenten in a shop' thing last any longer.

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