Alright, I did it.
I was debating whether or not to add this in at all, since it didn't really seem to mesh in with the rest of the story. But it really wasn't oneshot worthy, and I had it in my head and had to do something with it. So against my better judgement, I'm posting it, despite this story technically being complete.

This is entirely Tenten's thoughts, by the way.

I don't own Naruto

If he doesn't get himself killed, I'm going to kill him.

Seriously, he didn't even have a puppet with him! Or a weapon! It's like suicide. I mean, Temari can protect him, but doesn't he realize what a burden he'll be?

I was so worried about you! I thought you were going to die! In fact, you would have if Sakura hadn't shown up.

I really can't repay her for that.

I thought you were about to die, and you decide to go out there AGAIN! Do you really think you can help Gaara in your condition?!

Are you trying to get yourself killed?!

Are you trying to get in everyone's way?!

Are you trying to prove something to yourself?!

Are you...

Are you trying to leave me alone?

No, I shouldn't think like that. It''s not fair to you.

I know that your trying to do your best. I know that you aren't thinking.

I know you're not going to die.

But, are you really going to keep trying to do stupid things like this?! You remember that you're...going to be a father soon, don't you? And you know that I know about as much about any of this as you do, right? I...I can't do any of that without you.

What am I thinking!

You're coming back, whether you want to or not.

Temari will make sure of that.

She always does.

You're coming back.

I knew you would.

I just wish that I could see through this crowd.

The entire village is watching you, can you tell? So don't do anything stupid.

Is that...Gaara? So, you found him alive after all. I was afraid for him, you know.

Almost as much as I was for you.

Why is everyone so quiet? If he's alive, who's the funeral for?

...So, she died, huh? I didn't really know her, but she tried to help you.

I'm sorry, Chiyo.

Did you manage to help after all, Kankuro. Tell me that you did.

I don't want to be right about that. Your better than that.

So, you were too late, after all. I'm sorry.

But, your okay, and so is Gaara. That's what is really important.

That your still here.

But next time, don't do anything that stupid.

Or else, you'll be leaving me alone again.

And I can't be alone.

I know that you'll have to go out again someday.

But try to think of what is behind you next time.

You have me, and you will be having a child soon, too.

So don't rush out without thinking again.

Especially without talking to me first. Seriously, why did you leave without saying anything? Did you think that I would stop you?

Though honestly, I probably would have.

But next time, tell me yourself, instead of making me hear it through Baki.

Actually, make sure that there is no next time.

Because I'm still here.

Because I will miss you again.

Because I can't take care of a child on my own.

Because I love you.

It really is over this time! I swear! Really!

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