Hmm just a random oneshot here. I hope you like though. Oh and before I make you read it XD I wasn't really thinking whenI wrote this. Like, I think I was droning out or something :P

Anywhoo~ Carry on ;)

I sat on the edge of the stairs. The stairs that led to Oz's end, I guess. In any case, it hurt. Really, it did. Physically, mentally, emotionally, it pained me so much. I saw it coming too. I just didn't want to believe it. I didn't want to believe that my master, the master that I've cared for, for so long, was changing. To a point where I felt like I was useless. Damn.

I bent my head down, looking at the red carpet below me. Even if this was the place that started it all, it gave a feeling that calmed me. To a point. My hand slipped into my pocket, reaching for that newly opened pack of cigarettes. It was a habit I couldn't stop. Like caring for Oz. I shook my head a little; right now was a time for peace and--


I looked up, staring at green eyes at the bottom of the stairs. Just the person I wanted to see. Or not. Bending my head down, I continued to look at the dirty carpet. I thought about how dirty it was compared to the other carpet on the way top of the stairs. Yet as I thought, I heard foots steps grow closer, nearer, to me. No, please, just leave me alone.

I saw his boots and shot my head up. What I saw next was a small smile on his face. And those beautiful green eyes were just looking at him. Just looking. I tilted my head away. I could feel some heat rising towards my face. I always loved that about him. How he would just stare and make me feel so special. When, in reality, I really wasn't all that special.

Lonely, maybe, but definitely not special. Nowhere near it.

"Why are you so quiet?" He poked.

With that saying, I remained quite. Sooner or later though, he would always find a way to get it out of me. That was because, he was my master. My beloved master. After a rather awkward moment, I sighed. His eyes were like daggers that poked on my skin. So I ended up saying what was true... and not true at the same time.

"Because," I started, "I feel like I can't…"

Then I stopped. I couldn't say it. I couldn't say I couldn't--

"Protect me?" I looked up a bit. He smiled again, but more brightly.

"Now that you're older, I can't protect you anymore!" He giggled.

It was true. He couldn't protect me like he promised. But… I want to protect him like I promised.

"But I--"

"I don't mind if Gilbert want to protect me. I'll let him."

I stared at him. He was smiling so beautifully. I reached out and gently cupped his face. His eyes blinked back, the green irises finally showing their beauty. This boy, this innocent, naïve boy, was really asking for it. I allowed a smile to grace over my features. Just like how I allowed myself to leaned my forehead against my master's chest, wrapping arms around the slim figure.

Just like how he allowed me to let me hug him.

He smelled like he's been eating candy with Break. But he was warm and so… safe. Heh. He lied. Even now, as I embraced the feelings that swirled around me, I felt safe. Even as he wraps his arms around my wavy locks, he feels so safe.

I felt the heart beat under his clothing.

"I feel so safe," I hadn't realize that I whispered.

"I know," I didn't think he heard me. "But I always feel safe with Gilbert."

My face redden. He just had to say that, didn't he? Luckily, he didn't see my face. Sooner or later, he'll see it. He was, after all, Oz Bezarius. Ha, my master. My master.