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Chapter 1

On the way to Hogwarts, the train was buzzing with talk about the events at the Quiditch world cup and Ireland's win over Bulgaria, whilst the golden trio talked quietly about the fiasco of the death eaters but were soon dragged into a tournament of exploding snap with the twins, Lee Jordan and Ginny.

As Hogwarts approached, the weather took a turn for the worst and the previously glorious blue sky had changed to cloudy and threatened to burst.

By the time they got to the horseless carriages, it had gone through with its threat and the heavens opened and poured down.

The bedraggled students of Hogwarts sat down to the feast, the chatter formed a blanket of sound as many of the students (the Gryffindor boys included) were discussing the world cup.

"Man you should have seen the way Troy flew!"

"Nahh Krum's performance was best! Did you see that faint!"

" You guys are so lucky, Gran wouldn't let me go."

The girls chattered mildly about there summers.

Dumbledore stood after the sorting had finished and silence fell.

"Welcome, welcome to another year at Hogwarts. First I would like to introduce Professor Moody who will be tacking over the post of Defence Against the Dark Arts."

There was hushed applause and murmurings of "mad eye"

"This year Hogwarts will not only be you're your home but home to others as well, Hogwarts has been chosen to host a legendary event the Tri- Wizard tournament!"

"YOUR JOKING!" exclaimed Fred Weesly, the tension in the hall broke and nearly everyone laughed

Dumbledore chuckled "no Mr Weesly I'm not joking, though I did hear a good one the other day……"

A reprimanding cough from McGonagall stopped him there.

"Ahh perhaps another time then. Now, were was I? Ah yes the tournament

but not only shall our dear European sibling schools be joining us but some of our Japanese cousins shall be gracing us with there presence as well! We are especially lucky as the students joining us are specialised in wand-less magic and are 'Youkai'. But as a safety measure the ministry has put a special rule in place that no-one under the age of 17 can take part in the tournament "

Whispers broke out immediately

Dumbledore held up his hand for silence " and now that we have enjoyed our meal of to bed! Scoot!"

The next few weeks, past in a flurry of activity, preparations and excitement.

When the day finally arrived, the students were delighted that afternoon lessons were cancelled.

"Brilliant!" said Harry "It's Potions last thing on Friday! Snape wont have time to poison us all!"

And so the evening finally came.

The cool, crisp, autumn evening air hung around them, cold wind biting at exposed flesh of hands and ankles.

And so the students of Hogwarts waited.

Suddenly, a Sixth Year yelled "There!"

A speck in the distance was getting larger and larger. Speculations to what it was broke out.

"It's a dragon!" shrieked a First Year.

"Don't be stupid… It's a flying house!" was Dennis Creevey's ingenious opinion.

Dennis's guess was closer. It unveiled itself as a large, powder-blue carriage pulled by enormous, majestic, winged palominos' with hooves the size of dinner plates that nearly ran poor Hagrid over.

The door of the carriage burst open as soon as the carriage had landed and out the stepped the largest woman Harry had ever seen.

She (as she approached the awe-stricken crowd) had handsome olive skin, liquid black eyes and ebony hair pulled back into a sleek bun.

Following her were half a dozen boys and girls who were clad in fine robes of powder blue silk and were shivering.

"Welcome to Hogwarts, Madame Maxine!" proclaimed Dumbledore as he kissed the huge woman's hand.

"Ah, Dumbly-doorr!" she said in a deep voice with a heavy accent " 'as kar-keroff 'arrived yet?" she questioned.

"Ah, no, not yet. He should be here at any moment," Dumbledore answered.

"And what 'of your other guests? Master Genkai?"

"No, you are the first I do believe," the aged professor answered with a twinkle in his eye.

Madame Maxine hummed disapprovingly. Though this conversation was promptly forgotten when Lee Jordan shouted; pointing.

"The lake! Look at the lake!"

Sure enough, the middle of the lake was bubbling and gurgling, forming an ever-encroaching whirlpool.

Then, slowly, a mast and flag emerged, soon followed by a bow, stern and sails, as a wonderful ship emerged bearing the crest of the school, Durmstrang, as the Beauxbatons carriage had done.

As the ship gently ran aground and a gangway was lowered, students marched up the shore. Harry noticed absentmindedly that they all, more or less, had Crabb's build and fierce expressions. All in all, they looked rather intimidating.

They were all wearing a sort of thick matted fur, but were led by a man dressed in a sleek, silvery fur, the same as his hair. As the students halted, the man advanced and greeted Dumbledore heartily.


"Karkaroff! My, you look well!"

"That I an! My dear friend, how are you?"

"Blooming, thank you, Professor Karkaroff!"

"Ah, yes, may we go in? Viktor has a slight head cold."

"I don't believe it!" Ron said in a stunned voice, "Krum!" Harry! Viktor Krum"

"For heaven's sake, Ron, he's only a Quidditch player." Said Hermione, then tutted disapprovingly as girls swooned over the Bulgarian seeker.


Everyone present's attention was instantly drawn to the forest.

Thump, thump.

It was getting closer, advancing towards them.

Thump-thump, thump-thump.

It sounded like something bounding towards the castle. The students moved restlessly, several older students, as well at the Durmstrangs and Beauxbatons reached for their wands defensively.

Thump-thump, thud.

It stopped.

Just out a view, behind the tree line, then slowly a shape emerged from the trees,

Giant, powerful paws gently padded forward, advancing.

Slowly, a magnificent beast emerged; silvery fur gleamed in the moonlight (the sun had already set), a majestic head with powerful jaws, sleek ears and sharp, piercing golden eyes, that was Followed by broad shoulders, powerful flanks and five flicking tails, swung, whipped and swirled at its hindquarters.

It paused.

Cocking its head to one side, the ethereal creature studied them with glowing eyes.

The fox-like creature stirred, meaningfully, it began to advance. Powerful paws flexed as they moved, glinting claws and sharp teeth reminded them that this creature was not a tamed animal.

Slowly, silkily, so not to startle, one front leg extended whilst the other bent, lowering the creature, which was now, Harry realised, quite obviously male, and a figure descended off the beast's shoulders and down the extended arm.

Suddenly, a shriek from the sky drew the immediate attention of the humans.

A giant, blue phoenix-like bird of similar size to the fox descended upon them.

A masculine figure jumped from its back.

Slicked back hair and strong brown eyes glared at the crowed confidently, with a handsome face and a strong, muscular body.

A gust of wind and another figure appeared. Bright orange hair, wild and windswept, mischievous blue eyes and a wide grin the boy immediately seemed like another Weasley twin.

The ground froze, snowflakes swirled in a flurry to reveal a boy with a more delicate build then the other two, icy blue eyes and curiously pale blue-green hair.

Finally, a figure flashed next to the first boy. As he appeared, he spun his foot slightly, as though stopping from a great speed. The figure that had descended from the fox (that rivalled the size of a five-storey building), stepped forwards, revealing its self to be a small, old woman with worn greyish-pink hair and hard brown eyes.

She bowed and stood to her full height, standing at about one meter ten. World-weary eyes burned with aged pride.

Dumbledore greeted her "Master Genkai! I must say, it is a pleasure to see you again!"

"As I you, Dumbledore. Though I have aged considerably, you have not aged at all," her voice was husky and harsh, but held an undertone of compassion.

"Ah, yes, these must be your students."

The Professor smiled absentmindedly.

"All Youkai, I presume?"

"Yes, yes, though the dimwit is only half." She waved in the general direction of the student with the blue phoenix.

"Oi! You damm old hag! I'm not a dimwit, dammit!" the punkish-looking student yelled back, but with no real anger in his voice.

The fox chuckled, a low, melodic sound, as the others hid smirks.

"Oh shut up, you damm fox!"

"Stop it, dimwit."

As the "dimwit" huffed, Genkai addressed Dumbledore, and mildly cast an eye over the students of the three schools.

"These are my students, Jin of the wind."

She gestured to the Weasley-lookalike, who had taken to sitting in midair.

"Touya of the ice."

She pointed at the blue-eyed boy, who was scrutinizing the crowd with an icy glare.

"Hiei Jagashini of Makai."

The vertically challenged boy with gravity-defying black and white hair and hard, crimson eyes grunted in affirmation.

"The dimwit is my apprentice, Yusuke Urameshi of the Mazuku. And the blue thing behind him is his spirit-beast Puu."

The punk-haired boy grinned and waved. The phoenix had shrunk to the form of a soft toy and was nestled in Yusuke's hair,

Finally, Genkai gestured to the silver fox standing behind her.

"And this is the eldest, Kurama, of the Kitsune. You may change back now, Kurama."

The fox grinned and stretched impressively.

Slowly, the fox's form began to glow, and light blurred his form, shrinking and making it human. Pausing briefly as a tall man with mischievous, golden eyes, long silver hair, ears and a tail. Before glowing blindingly one final time to form an angelic-looking male, Long red hair and mischievous emerald green eyes betrayed the polite smile on his face. He bowed his head silently and went to stand with the others.

The crowd of pupils from the three schools stood in awe looking at the mysterious boys who looked like they could, and would, fight their way out of any situation.

The girls from Hogwarts were staring at the mysterious boys the way wolves' eye steak.

The boys stared in awe, for the fact that they had never seen such a feat as a fox five storeys in height transform into a six-foot-two redhead. And, for the other boys (who were all of similar height, though perhaps taller in Yusuke's case or shorter in Hiei's.) and were looking on as though it were an everyday occurrence.

Dumbledore beamed, his eyes twinkling. This would be an interesting year.

"Well then, shall we go inside rather than freezing in the cold night air?"

He motioned for the students to lead in, and offered his arm to Genkai.

"Shall we, my dear?"

"Hmph. I'm far too old to be treated like a young girl Headmaster, but I appreciate the offer," she replied gruffly, and took his arm.

When inside, the Hogwarts students sat down. Whilst the others, stood, in three groups.

The group on the far left, Harry realised, as he was looking at them from the Gryffindor table, were clad in maroon-fleeced thick outer coats.

The group on the far right, were clad in their pastel blue silk robes, but had removed the scarves and shawls from their heads, the last one to do this was a girl who, (harry blushed slightly, as many other boy did) very beautiful. He then tore his gaze away and towards the group in the centre.

They did not seem to have a uniform. Touya and Kurama, the fox-boy, were clad in a sort of oriental fighting outfit, as was Jin, but he did not have a full top under his half cloak, but a sort of sash.

Whereas Hiei, the stoic boy, wore all black, with a white headband around his forehead, and bandages up one arm.

The thug-like Yusuke was wearing a sort of green, military jacket and matching trousers with a plain white t-shirt underneath.

Dumbledore stood in front of the students with the other three heads and said:

"It has been decided that our guests will choose where they will sit so…"

He addressed the other schools:

"You may choose; may it be Slytherin for those of ambition, "

Those at the green and silver table smirked.

"Hufflepuff for those loyal and kind, "

The mustard yellow house smiled and waved.

"Ravenclaw for those of quick wit and sharp minds, "

Those clad in blue nodded, calm and composed.

"Or Gryffindor, for the brave at heart."

There was a cheer from the table of red and gold.

The three schools dispersed: Durmstrang students sitting with Slytherin, much to Ron's displeasure.

"Look at Malfoy, that slimy git! Look at him, sucking up to Krum!"

The Beauxbatons sat at the Ravenclaw table, and the majority of the boys watched with love struck expressions.

The Eastern wizards, or Youkai, Harry mentally corrected himself, sat amongst the Gryffindors.

The boys looked slightly shocked when the food appeared. So much so, that Yusuke exclaimed violently: "BLOODY HELL!"

Nearly everyone laughed.

The redhead sat next to the twins, opposite the golden trio, and next to the stoic, red-eyed boy.

Everyone introduced himself or herself.

"Hello," the redhead greeted pleasantly "My name, as you have heard, is Kurama."

"Nice to meet you," Harry replied, earning a "likewise" from the twins who instantly bombarded Kurama with questions with Lee Jordan, to the rapt attention of the others in earshot.

"So, Kurama, how do you do it?"

"What's it like-"

"-Transforming into-"

"-A fox just like that?"

Kurama smiled politely and described the sensation.

"It feels like your body becomes liquid, rippling, flowing and changing."

The twins blinked. It was the exact opposite of what they had expected and heard from other animagai.

"so… how old are you I thought you had to be 17 to become an animagai?" asked Ron, who was promptly smacked on the arm by Hermione, and reminded that to enter the Tri-wizard Tournament wizards had to be at least 17, earning a snort of laughter from Seamus and Jin, who got on like a house on fire.

Kurama supplied their ages, smiling, and explained that he was 18 and the others were 17.

After the feast, they retreated to Gryffindor tower and off to bed.

Lying in bed, Harry had a feeling that this year was going to be something special.

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