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Harry sighed as he watched Shura get chased around the courtyard by a Nue cub and two even smaller silver fox kits.

It had been over 400 years since Harry had met Kurama and the others; he had lived for nearly 200 of those years to a grand old age of two hundred and twelve, taking over Dumbledore role of head master at Hogwarts, quite happily too.

He now new why Dumbledore always had that infernal twinkle, acting senile is so much fun!

But unfortunately for the slightly senile hero of the wizarding world, he had (when he finally kicked the bucket) been returned to his 25-year-old self, Harry sighed to himself, people always had to ruin his fun….

Harry gained a strange look as he watched the royal family play, the war had been vicious finally coming to a close by the time he turned 18, so many lives were lost on the day of the final battle, Harry hadn't known what to do.

In the end he had married Ginny, he smiled fondly to himself as he thought of his red haired wife, at the moment she was visiting her great grand parents who were to be reincarnated soon…

His grand children were still alive oddly enough beating his record to be 373 driving the Potter mental.

His inner monologue was interrupted when the 3 month pregnant Kurama entered calling his children for dinnertime, the three royal demon children who were in their final forms shifted into a more humanoid form.

The Nue cub became a four-year-old boy with black hair and bluish purple eyes a cheeky grin was plastered on his face as he ran to his mother, small ivory horns curling behind his ears and flashing in the sunshine, the two fox cubs shifted to two little girls both with silver hair, one had green eyes the other had gold deceptively demure smiles were in place as they followed their big brother to their mummy.

Kurama smiled as his son and daughters, catching them before they could make impact with his stomach, tackled him, soon he would revert to his final form for the last 6 months of the pregnancy, he ruffled Shura's hair (who was now about thirteen in demon years), who had followed a little bit more demurely than his younger siblings, upon whom he doted, although he would never admit to anyone but his Kaa-san.

Kurama spoke, "Now you four were you good for Harry- Oji-Chan?"

The foursome nodded matching innocent smiles in place, Kurama mock stared at them as though he was deciding to believe them, Kuronue smiled up at his (at the moment) red haired mother, "We were honest!"

Harry chuckled at the scene, swooping in to pick up his honoree niece's and smiled at Kurama, "Ahh they were little angels as usual Kurama…"

Kurama raised his eyebrow at him and dead panned, "I don't believe you…" the twin girls giggled at their Kaa-Chan's antic's, Midori (1), (the green eyed twin) chirped, "Is Tou-san coming home for dinner?"

Kurama smiled and nodded, "Of course, he's waiting inside with Baa-Chan."

Megumi (2) wrinkled her nose, "Baa-san's here? Is Ji-Chan here too?" At receiving a nod, she groaned, "He's going make us dress up again isn't she?"

Kurama burst out laughing, Kasuyu-san doted upon all his grand children, but none more than his granddaughters, at first Kasuyu-san and Kurama didn't get on as Kasuyu sensed something off about Shuuichi, his new son.

Kurama had made it quite clear that should Kasuyu do anything to harm Shiori he would regret it, Kasuyu and Kurama had had a silent stand off for weeks until, Kasuyu had melted to his new son's kindness, and his inner softy had been revealed.

As the six of them entered the dining room the children were promptly snatched away by the over zealous grandparents who cuddled them exuberantly, (Shiori had previously been cooing over the now teenaged Hiei who was trying to look disinterested by the whole proceedings but failed when he was offered strawberry ice cream).

Kurama didn't even flinch when strong arms wound round his waist from behind, Yomi placed a gentle kiss to Kurama's temple in greeting, he then placed a large hand on Kurama's not yet showing bump, and cooed quietly much to Kurama's amusement.

If only the loyal subjects could see there fierce and icy leader now, cooing over his mates stomach.

Harry watched the scene smiling, looking forward to seeing his own children and parents soon, speaking of its nearly time for him to go, he had a tea appointment with Sirius and Lupin, he better go…

He couldn't help it as he bid goodbye to the others, but to think back to the interesting year that had started al this, oh well …

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