Sho always believed his existence in Kyoko's heart was bigger than anyone else's.

The most unexpected

She didn't take much notice to the commercial, not having much interest in TV. Only to keep an eye on him she watched Fuwa Sho's PVs and one of them made her suspicious. With Dark Moon her recognition started to click into place. A staff member recommended Box 'R'.

Only a few weeks left the most and the shooting of Dark Moon would be finished. More often than not Kyoko would catch herself feeling like she was slowly leaving a very near friend behind, or being left behind by one. Box 'R' didn't have much more to go either, and she found she was really being left behind by Natsu as well. They were parts of her, and having to leave them felt terrible.

Moreover, she wasn't very positive about her new role either. She had been given the lead role for her first movie and her excitement constantly fought with the disappointment and pain of the way too close-to-home theme. They had only just started shooting and everything was going very smoothly, yet she felt really uneasy.


She looked up at a sight she had seen many times; Tsuruga Ren looking down at her even when he was bending down. No matter the familiarity of the sight, it still surprised her.

"Ah, Tsuruga-san." She smiled. "Otsukare-sama."

Tsuruga smiled back gently. "Otsukare-sama, Mogami-san. Are you all right?"

She blinked at him. "Eh? Of course, Tsuruga-san."

"Are you sure? You look really down."

She decidedly kept her smile in place, even when it became strained. "Yes, I'm sure. I'm just feeling a littleā€¦ lonely, that's all." She half-expected him to at least raise an eyebrow at her or something else that showed disapproval, still she wasn't surprised when his face became recognizing and understanding. Of course. Tsuruga Ren was a professional of world class. Hadn't Hizuki-Sensei said it; "When a role is over you will feel lonely and left behind". He was probably feeling the same.

"Kyoko-san, we're ready here," director Ogata called and waved with his ex of the script to get her attention.

"Coming," she called back and stood. Bowing respectfully for her senior she went for the few last takes of Dark Moon for the day.

A woman you notice stepped into the L.M.E building and went straight for the desk where a young male looked up and hastily straightened. "Can I help you, ma'am?"

"I'm here for Mogami Kyoko, tell me where she is."

The young male hesitated and nervously fidgeted under the woman's stare. "Would you please tell me her stage name? It will be easier for me to pick her out of the crowd."


His eyes lit up in slight recognition. "Oh, her. I will make a call. Please wait a moment. Your name, please."

Be it luck, bad luck, fate, irony or just God playing around, but Kyoko had only just finished her takes and opened the door to her lounge to hear the ringing of her cell phone. Fishing out the device from her bag she answered with her usual, polite voice.

"Moshi, moshi, sorry for letting you wait. This is Mogami Kyoko speaking."

"Kyouko-san, you have a guest waiting for you by the desk at L.M.E."

Confused she went through all the people that could and would possibly seek her and wait by the introduction desk. It slimed down to zero.

"Really? Who?"

Yashiro knew Kyoko could run, having been outclassed by her in running once, but the speed she managed from her lounge and out the door would have an elite runner eating her dust. Even more surprising was the fact she didn't once turn her head to tell anybody she was leaving or giving a word of goodbye. That was very unlike the Kyoko-chan he had gotten to know and love so much. The manager looked up to see Ren's face mirror the surprise he felt.

She stood waiting impatiently by the desk, gaining looks from all that passed, some even turned and walked back only to be able to stare at her some more. The young male behind the desk felt very uncomfortable and confused. Uncomfortable by the woman's presence and confused as to why she hadn't contacted the president's favourite directly. The confusion was also fuelled by Kyouko's long silence before she had hurriedly hung up. Something really strange was going on.

He glanced at the woman again. A woman you notice, just like Kyouko, but in a different way. He had seen the teenager a few times, your average high-schooler, bright and happy with an overly expressive face over that bright pink overall or school, uniform.

A whirlwind cast the doors open with a force that sent the people standing closest to it flying. It skidded to a halt in front of the woman at the desk and proved to be a ruffled Kyouko wheezing for air. Obviously she had been running all the way from the Dark Moon set. The cloths she was wearing seemed to have been put on in a great hurry and she still hadn't washed off the make-up.

She looked up into the eyes of the woman and confirmed a fact the young male behind the desk had guessed from their names.


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