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Shiva Io stepped out of the taxi, left her manager behind to pay for the ride and started straight for director Akira Sou.

"Ah, Shiva-san. Good thing you could make it. I trust the journey was safe?" the round man greeted the northern actress humbly.

"I am getting used to these little trips, director, though I must admit one-day trips are tiring, and I had to force my schedule open to make it."

"My apologies Shiva-san," was all Sou could really say. This was last minute shot on a short notice to all of them, even to him. He had spent the entire day before gathering as many of the original staff as possible, and then call his superior for people to fill the gaps. Then of course the actors had to make it as well. Not all of them could make it, but at least the three most important people would all be gathered here shortly, the missing people would be filled in by statists. There would be very little dialogue in this scene, which was good. As long as they didn't film the crowd too closely they could get away with it.

"Is Kyoko-chan here yet?" Shiva asked tensely as she started to move towards a trailer by the edge of the site where the people were buzzing around to fix the stage with the assistant director supervising everything for the moment.

"Not yet. She was only released from the hospital today and she called me an hour ago saying she just wanted to go home and see her guardians first."

"I see. Please let me know when she arrives."

"Of course, Shiva-san."

Entering the trailer Shiva found the familiar face of the woman who had done her make-up for this move all this time.

"Shiva-san, welcome. I'm glad you could make it," she greeted and immediately prepared the chair and tools she needed.

"Thank you, Tsubaki-san. How is your son?"

"Oh, he's doing a lot better. He finally broke up with that horrible girl and it's clear to see on his grades. I certainly hope he won't get caught by another blood-slug who will suck all life out of him again."

Tsubaki kept up her idle chat for a moment before she started with the details on Shiva's face. It would take longer than normal today, because the scene they were playing was Aiko's funeral. Shiva had to look like she'd been crying for days.

Shiva closed her eyes as she was left to her own thoughts, following Tsubaki's directions to tilt her head this way or that way on autopilot. There was still a bit of a heavy knot in her stomach ever since Kyoko-chan's poisoning. Shiva had had nightmares about it, had developed a bit of an eating disturbance and felt constantly edgy. Her family had done their best to help her and Shiva couldn't be more grateful for their support and love. Some of the people she worked with were a lot less considerate. Shiva had been forced to cancel a job because she couldn't take the gossip and questioning anymore. At least the director had understood.

"Shiva-san, please relax your forehead," Tsubaki's voice broke through her thoughts. The actress apologized and relaxed best she could.

"Are you thinking of Kyoko-san?"

The question caught Shiva by surprise and she opened her eyes to glance at the woman behind her through the mirror. Tsubaki-san smiled sadly at her.

"When the director called me yesterday he told me Kyoko-san would be released from the hospital today and that we had to film this last scene now or never. He sounded stressed, the director, so I didn't dare ask if Kyoko-san was really alright now. The news has been all over Tsuruga-san trying to make him reveal who his secret love is."

Shiva didn't say anything at first, especially not since her thoughts were momentarily centred on the male star and what she thought of him, which was better left unsaid.

"Kyoko-chan is a lucky girl," she said at length. "I don't know why he was there, but it was lucky the L.M.E president showed up. It was lucky he took care of her, and it was very lucky she got treated in time."

"Yes," Tsubaki quietly agreed, her eyes very said and most likely thinking of someone else who hadn't been as lucky. "It kind of makes me wonder how many guardian angels she has, that Kyoko-san."

"Who knows, who knows," Shiva sighed deeply. "All I know is how glad I am she didn't die. Right in front of my eyes. I wish I had been more suspicious about what Hoshisawa-san was up to."

"Perhaps, but that's no way of living," Tsubaki shared her firm opinion and continued her work. "Suspecting everyone to be up to no good is a very lonely life. I think you couldn't have done any more than you did. It was hardly your fault it happened either."

Shiva listened, and for some reason her heart felt a little lighter, even though it was basically what her family had told her too. Perhaps it was the firm tone the other woman was using, or it was her specific choice of words, but it made Shiva believe it.

"Thank you, Tsubaki-san," the actress said sincerely.

The other woman smiled widely. "You can pay me back with your autograph."

Shiva laughed along. "I promise."

And with that, feeling a lot lighter at heart than she had upon arriving, Shiva Io relaxed in her seat as Tsubaki finished the make-up. It didn't take very long, Tsubaki was a pro after all, and when Shiva stepped out of the trailer she was met by the assisting director.

"Oh, Shiva-san, you're ready. Good. Kyoko-san just arrived. I was told to inform you right away."

"Thank you," the actress nodded and immediately spotted the small crowd off to the side of the filming area. Kyoko stood there with her head spinning in every direction and her arm hooked with a tense nurse. It looked like the two of them were bombarded with questions and the protective streak in Shiva immediately awoke with full force.

Walking closer with long strides the northern actress started to pick up some of the questions as well as the director's voice trying to call for some order but too few paid him any mind.

Shiva's manager stood back with a heavy sigh, knowing what was about to happen but trusting his charge to not become violent. Shiva possessed both charisma and an authority that normally had people obey her, she just didn't use it unless she deemed necessary.

"I hope what you are doing here is important enough to delay the shot, because I have a plane to catch later today and I would like to have finished my business here before it leaves."

People silenced and stared at her. Shiva didn't back down. Her glare was fixed on the director who was trying to loosen his tie as if it was strangling him. The nurse by Kyoko's side was looking at Shiva with an odd mix of awe, gratefulness and wariness. Kyoko though looked… well, she wasn't looking at Shiva. Rather it seemed like the young girl was searching for the source of the voice the way her eyes flickered around.

Director Sou nervously cleared his throat. "Thank you, Shiva-san. Mogami-chan, would you please go to the trailer to start your make-up and I'll make sure to send you your lines in a moment."

"Hai," Kyoko answered easily, but the poor nurse looked lost. It was clear she had never been to a filming location before and now her head whirled around, glancing between the many trailers standing around. The director had already left them so she couldn't ask him where he meant them to go, and when they didn't move right away Kyoko got confused.

"Mori-san? What's wrong?"

Now very near panic the nurse suddenly looked at Shiva who was still watching them with growing concern. The northern actress quietly gestured for them to follow her. She led them back to the trailer she'd just left and poked her head in.

"Tsubaki-san, Kyoko-chan is here."

"Oh, good. Come on in, Kyoko-chan," the make-up artist called and picked up the things to start with.

"The stairs are high, Kyoko-chan," the nurse warned carefully, and only now Shiva noticed the younger actress held a white stick in her free hand.

A blind person's stick.

So that's why Kyoko-chan hadn't looked at her and needed a nurse to take her from place to place. This is what had happened to her.

The memory of the young girl falling out of the chair during her last scene replayed before Shiva's inner eye and the guilt welled up inside her once again. If only she could have done something.

"You are not to blame."


The nurse had helped Kyoko-chan inside the trailer and now stood outside with Shiva, on a safe distance. She smiled nervously at the actress.

"Your expression just now. You blame yourself for Kyoko-chan's situation."

Shiva gave the other woman a look and decided she was probably dutiful but not necessarily trustworthy enough to tell the whole story to.

"I was there when it happened," she told the nurse curtly to show she didn't want to talk about it.

"Oh. Well, even so, you shouldn't blame yourself. It was not your doing was it?"

How many times had Shiva heard that line by now? Not enough apparently, but this nurse didn't possess the ability to make Shiva believe her and her nervousness on the matter made the comforting words sound rather empty. For some reason that made the corners of Shiva's mouth to twist upwards and she smirked slightly at the nurse.

"You need to practice on that line, young lady. I don't believe a single word of what you said and am not comforted by them."

The nurse's face reddened, with shame or anger or both. Shiva strangely couldn't find it in her to care. Tsubaki-san, a make-up artist had had almost the same thing but Shiva had believed her. Probably, she realized in retrospect, because Tsubaki had experienced it herself. The look on the woman's face and the weight her words carried, it was obvious she knew what she was talking about.

A staff member strode up to the women with a stack of paper under his arm.

"Your lines Shiva-san," he said quietly and glanced towards the open trailer. "Is Kyoko-san in there?"

"I can take care of her lines," the nurse quickly spoke and raised her hand expecting to receive the paper bundle. "She's blind, and even if you had a blind-script copy for her she couldn't read it anyway," she continued to answer the look the man sent her.

The man stood stock still for a moment, but then he handed over the thin bundle of papers to the nurse and left without a word. Shiva watched him leave before glancing over at the nurse to see her glancing over the words with a slight frown on her face.

It was her manager who stepped forward and Shiva was only a little surprised, though she realized she shouldn't be. Her manager was an uptight man who took work very seriously, and if there was something he couldn't stand watching it was people being uncertain about a work detail like this.

"Do you need help?" he asked politely and the nurse jumped slightly as she hadn't seen him coming.

"Uh, whi-which directions are Kyoko-chan's?" she asked quietly, clearly embarrassed about this problem seeing she'd practically ordered to be given the papers.

Shiva's manager didn't call attention to it though and instead explained Kyoko was to follow the directions of "Aiko". He also pointed out how odd it was that there was no kind of markings to help find the directions and lines even though the papers clearly had Kyoko's name written on them.

Shiva decided not to comment. The reason Aiko's lines weren't marked was probably because that staff member had confused Mogami Kyoko with the other Kyoko. Her manager probably had the same thought if the slight pause and hurried suggestion he helped mark Aiko's lines was anything to go by. It made the northern actress smile a little. Sure, her manager was uptight and all about business, but that meant that as long as he was breathing he would never gossip about people or share something he deemed was somebody's personal business and nobody else's.

It was either policy or principles, either way Shiva appreciated it.

The nurse appreciated the manager's help and after carefully marking every line of words and actions read them all thoroughly. Shiva stood on the other side of the door to the trailer reading her own directions just as carefully. It would be the emotionally hardest scene for her, and she couldn't help but wonder how Kyoko would fare. How could she act when she was blind?


Both women turned to the trailer to find Kyoko standing there with a pale complexion and dressed in a traditional white dress any Japanese would associate with ghosts.

Mori was obviously the name of the nurse Shiva realized when said woman stepped up the high steps to the trailer and gently touched the young actress's hand. She then reached a hand just inside the door and took out the white stick and slipped the band around Kyoko's wrist.

It was interesting to see really, even though Shiva felt a little prick of guilt about it. The nurse, still with her hand resting lightly on Kyoko's stepped aside as much as she could as Kyoko used the stick to find the edge of the stairs and then measure the height of the step before she stepped down.

"That was good, Kyoko-chan," the nurse praised once the girl had both feet on the ground. "I have your lines for the scene. Shall we go over them?"

"Yes," Kyoko answered with confidence and the nurse went right on with it.

Thirty minutes later the stage was set, everybody in the costumes and ready for a test shot. Kyoko didn't seem nervous. In fact she looked a lot calmer than Shiva had ever seen her before. It was strange. For someone who had lost their sight and according to rumours was quitting as an actress, Kyoko looked so at ease.

Everyone took their positions around the newly turned soil and the tombstone with Aiko's name on it. Shiva inhaled deeply, imagined how she would feel if this was her own daughter's grave, and let the air out.

"Ending scene test take. Action."

The priest's voice was monotone and deep. He spoke words that would calm my daughter's soul, so that she would find peace and not be stuck on earth to wander as a ghost.

All the people standing around me, I can feel how they avoid me. All of them. But why should I care about them leaving me too? I already lost my husband, and I couldn't even keep my daughter. I couldn't even control my anger and let it all out on her. My daughter. My daughter.

The priest's voice stops talking as he finishes his last prayer. People are leaving. They are leaving. They all came here to say their last goodbyes, but that's not true. They should have been there when she was alive, not when she was dead. She didn't need them now. She needed them when she was alive!


I turn my face away from the name on the stone. He is still here. My husband. Her father. I should be angry at him, but somehow I can't muster the energy.

"Why did she have to die?" I ask him. "Just because I couldn't show her enough love, why did she have to die?"

He just stares at me with those dull, pained eyes. He looks so guilty. Good. He should be guilty. He wasn't there for her either.

"She was a child," he says. "Always a child. We just failed to realize, and thought she could take care of herself."

Then he turns away and leaves. He just leaves. Just like that he can turn his back even on his own daughter's grave.


My breath gets stuck in my throat. Aiko. She's here. She looks exactly like when I last saw her. Her eyes are so dull. Her face is so full of pain and despair. Was it me? Did I really do this to her?

"Did you ever love me, mother?"

I look straight into her eyes through my blurred vision, thinking of her life that I had been watching over, trying to be a part of it as much as I could.

"I love you more than my own life," I told her. "I'm sorry I could never prove it to you."

Her face relaxes, the pain and despair eases from her features, and she smiles at me.

"Cut. That's perfect. Back to your positions. We'll begin filming now, starting with the close ups. Mogami-chan, how are you?"

Shiva turned to find that nurse loyally standing by Kyoko's side, like a guardian. She really was dutiful, that girl.

"I'm fine, director. Should I move?"

"Yes please. You can step off the stage for now."

The nurse led Kyoko to where a staff member was quietly showing they could stand. Shiva took a moment to go and talk to her while the two make-up artists fixed the tearstains on some of the statists' faces. She would just be waiting for her turn anyway.


The girl looked up from the water bottle she'd been given. It only took a few seconds for her to recognize her voice.


"Yes. I'm sorry to bother you."

"Not at all," the younger girl smiled.

Shiva regarded her for a moment. Kyoko really looked genuinely calm. So much so that all the times this girl had smiled in the past seemed strained and fake.

"You look… very at ease," the northern actress said after a while.

"I feel at ease," Kyoko answered. "It's true," she continued as if she could sense Shiva's disbelief. "Ever since my mother came back and told me she didn't want me to work as an actress I have felt pressured and stressed out. Even after she explained why, I only felt worse. But then I met a certain someone. He managed to remind me of what I want. What I really want. And what can I say? I've never felt so free in my life."

Shiva stared. Kyoko looked so sincere and her smile was so happy. Even blind, even after everything that had happened to her, how could she have found peace?

"So…" she asked hesitatingly, full of trepidation but curious as well. "What is it that you want?"

Kyoko smiled widely. "To create a new me," she said proudly. "Because Mogami Kyoko is a real person, and I will not let anyone forget that."


The girl smiled at her. "All my life I have lived to please others, did everything I could for them, let them do anything to me because I thought it meant they acknowledged me. But that's not true. That's not a real person, that's just a toy that can be disposed. That's why I'm leaving."

Shiva blinked. Her eyes had widened considerably while she listened. This girl in front of her was really not the same as she had been during the entire time Shiva had known her. This was someone much stronger, much more confident and so very inspiring.

Then Shiva registered what Kyoko had just said. "You're leaving?"

"Yup. I'm going to Russia."

"Shiva-san, get your make-up fixed and return to stage!" the director called.

Tokyo airport felt crowded, even if there were probably not more people here today than any other day. Lory Takarada, dressed as a pilot in honour of the day with a very quiet Maria by his side, was here to wave off Mogami Kyoko as she started what she called "her new life". Lory actually agreed with her. It was a month since Kyoko was released from the hospital and she'd used the time to talk to people and listen to them. She'd spent as much time as she could with her mother, and while Saena apparently wasn't thrilled over the idea of letting Kyoko go to Russia, she hadn't put up much of a fight either. Actually, Lory had heard, she'd relented after talking to Kirill-san, the male vocalist of The Dead Saints. But then again, that man was a nephew of Kyoko's father, so maybe he'd known how to reassure the woman.

Kyoko had also spent time with the three guys from Bridge Rock and it appeared some misunderstandings had been properly cleared up, and while the boys were sad to see her go they wished her good luck as well.

Proper time had also been spent with the people Kyoko had lived with up until now. Kyoko had admitted she had been unfair to them and their feelings. Apparently the couple had cared for Kyoko almost as if she belonged to their family and Kyoko had only seen them as very open hosts.

More time had been spent with the other two members of Love-Me. Lory would lie if he said he wasn't worried about them. Even though the three girls weren't interacting that much together they were still somewhat a team and had helped each other out quite a bit with their individual problems. Kotonami-chan had actually wanted to be here to say goodbye and Lory wasn't a hundred percent sure why she wasn't. Even though Kyoko told him they already had said their goodbyes he had thought Kotonami would have wanted to be here anyway.

Lory glanced around himself at the group. There was Mogami Kyoko at the side of a man he'd been told was a friend of The Dead Saints' keyboarder who also was blind. Apparently they had called him exclusively to help take care of Kyoko since the band members could take care of their own blind member just fine.

There were also the members of The Dead Saints, either seated or standing. The blind woman was among the ones standing with the bleach blonde Egyptian woman sitting at her side entertaining a small girl, perhaps five years old, with a storybook.

Yuni Sky was there too, looking as perfect and beautiful as ever, even when dressed in a red tee and knee-length jean shorts. Lory didn't have to question how this short woman could have become a world famous model. A picture taken of her right now with the sunlight falling over her from the wide windows could have made a cover image for almost any magazine. The tall man sitting by her side with a nine-year old in his lap conversing quietly didn't ruin the image either. The three of them looked exotic enough together to get Lory's imagination running at least a little. Just from looking at them Lory could probably write a very passionate love drama if he let his imagination free, but current circumstances restrained his thoughts.

The man by Kyoko's side caught his eye, and he seemed to understand what Lory wanted because he said something to Kyoko before he led her over to him and stepped back.

"How are you, Mogami-chan?" Lory asked.

"I'm really nervous," the girl admitted. "When I decided to do this I started imagining what Russia would be like, but only now I realize I won't be able to see it. It's a little depressing actually."

"You regret it?"

"No," Kyoko shook her head negative. "Because you see, president, I've talked a lot with the band members. They are very insightful. I understand Ivy-san is blind too, and I don't think I have met a more confident person in my life. She told me the world includes a lot more than what you can see with your eyes. And she's right."


"Yes," Kyoko confirmed. "I understand, because I have been blind. When I lost my sight I felt like I had been put into a box and locked away, but that's just because that's how I've always thought of myself."


The girl smiled up at him. "I've spent my life chasing after the backs of the people I wanted to love me, but living that way I have ignored all the other people around me who cares a lot for me. When mother told me to quit as an actress I thought I did it so that she would love me, but that's not true either. What I wanted more than anything was for her to acknowledge me. I wanted Sho to acknowledge me and that's why I entered showbiz in the first place. At least I thought so."

Lory studied Kyoko's face as she fell silent. She was smiling, but she looked sad and regretful.

"You thought you took the aptitude test because it would make Fuwa Sho acknowledge you."

"Um, yes, sort of," Kyoko admitted ruefully. "But it was also the only way for me to chase after him. I had nothing to go back to, so chasing him was the only thing left for me. And to be honest, I'm actually quite glad I did."

Lory smiled back at the embarrassed face of the girl in front of him. "Oh? So it wasn't for naught then?"

"No. Because I've met so many wonderful people here. I have made so many friends. I'm going to miss them all, but Kirill-san is kind of right. I do need some time and distance right now."


Kyoko blinked. "Is that Maria-chan's voice?"

"Yes, she came to see you off as well," Lory explained and gently pushed his granddaughter forward. She hadn't said a word before now so it wasn't surprising Kyoko hadn't noticed the little girl.

Maria shyly stepped forward and reached for Kyoko's hands that rested on top of her white stick.

"Onee-sama, will you be gone for a long time?"

Kyoko was silent for a moment, but Lory was under the impression it wasn't only because of the question.

"Maria-chan, can you put my hand on your head?"

It seemed like an odd request, but Maria did as asked anyway, and Lory realized why when Kyoko shortened her stick and got down on her knees in front of the little girl. Really, that girl had always been incredibly clever, Lory thought. Kids aren't as easily fooled as a lot of grownups like to think, and Kyoko most likely wanted Maria to know she was telling the truth.

"I don't know how long I will be gone for, Maria-chan. But I will come back someday."


"Yes, really."

"Will you be gone for a long time?"

"Probably. I think that as long as I'm blind I'm not going to come back, and there is no real way to tell when that will happen."

Maria fidgeted a little under Kyoko's hand still resting lightly on the soft hair on top of her head.

"Ren-sama said he couldn't talk to you."

Kyoko just barely kept from sighing. Tsuruga-san. He was one of the main reasons she felt she couldn't stay in Japan. Her mother was another reason and Sho a third. It wasn't a lie that she needed time and distance. Going to Russia would assure she wouldn't run in with any of them before she was completely sure what her feelings were and how to handle them. She still felt betrayed by all of them.

"Will you give him a message from me, Maria-chan?"

"Uh… yes, of course."

Kyoko fished in her pocked and took out a pretty blue and purple stone. Maria's eyes widened and her mouth made a perfect o when she saw it.

"It's really pretty, Onee-sama!"

"I know. This is my treasure Tsuruga-san gave me once upon a time. It has absorbed a lot of my grief so I don't know how much use it still has, but will you give this to Tsuruga-san? Tell him that I will forgive him eventually, and then I will come back."

"I promise!" Maria gave her word and held out her hands to ceremonially accept the gem.

The speakers came to life and a monotone voice called out for passengers of Areoflot to Moscow to go to their gate.

"That's our plane," Yuni called out and stood.

"I guess this is goodbye then," Kyoko said sadly. "Take care of yourself, Maria-chan. I'm going to miss you a lot."

"I will. Thank you Onee-sama. Have a safe trip."

Kyoko smiled and got to her feet and faced Lory.

"Thank you for everything, president. I wish there was a word that explained just how grateful I am."

Lory smiled sadly. He wished there was a word to tell this girl how sorry he was he hadn't been able to help her more.

"Have a safe trip, and may your wounds heal properly with time."

"Yes. I will make sure to heal, and then I will come back. I hope you'll be prepared president, because I might be more than you can handle."

That strong, confident look. It took Lory slightly by surprise, but he was no less pleased to see it there. Kyoko might have had a rough trip, one that might not end for a long time yet, but she had the strength and courage to face the life she wanted to life.

"I'll be ready for you, Mogami-chan."

"Come on now, Miss Mogami. We better get going," Yuni said a short distance ahead of the Japanese girl.

"Coming. Thank you again, president."

The man who Lory supposed was Kyoko's new eyes to the world walked up and gently touched his hand on Kyoko's. She responded by placing her hand on top of his and let him lead her away.

Lory watched her leave for a while before he turned to the tall blond man still standing by his side.

"I expect you take good care of her, Kirill Lastotjka," the president spoke in Russian.

"I'm not going to give you a promise I can't keep," the blond man said without pause. "However, if you get her back more wounded than she is right now you have my permission to kill me."

Lory nodded, satisfied. While the promise was too barbaric for his taste it still got the message across.



Lory stared at the CD case the Russian man had shoved in his face.

"Fuva Sho and I wrote this song together thinking about Mogami Kyoko. Give it a listen. I think you find it very inspiring."

With that the man left with long strides to catch up with his crew. Lory stared after him before looking back at the CD case. The front cover had an image of a wounded female warrior facing the light of a new day with the title "Still alive" written below her. It was quite fitting actually.

"Come on, Maria-chan. Let's go home."

"Will Onee-sama be alright?" the young girl asked as she took her grandfather's hand with the blue stone in a tight grip in her other hand.

"She will," Lory smiled and glanced at the CD case again. "She definitely will."

Two months later the movie Always a child was released. It wasn't a grand movie, and not the greatest of successes either, but because of all the rumours that surrounded the movie it attracted a large audience. It did have a great impact on people though. After watching the movie a lot of parents went home and made sure to tell their children how much they loved them. And as the ending credits rolled tears didn't stop flowing from the eyes of the audience as a certain power ballad called "Still alive", a song written by Fuwa Sho together with the Russians that had visited Japan not too long ago.

I kept asking why I live when it hurts

I kept crying; let me die, kill me first

In that darkness a hand reached out to me

Here and now, let me help you see

We are still alive

though we thought we would not survive

Strong enough to strive

for the edge of the darkness

And you're the only one, the only one I never want to fail

Strong enough to strive

We are still alive

You stopped fighting, ceased to cry and try to stand

You stopped holding onto hope, dreams of sand

I know heartache, despair and grief so well

I know what is inside your shell

We are still alive…

We can leave, I'll be beside you

Not alone, we have each other

Still alive to face the world and fight

I kept asking; why I live when it hurts

You stopped trying to stand

But we are still alive

though we thought we would not survive

Strong enough to strive

for the edge of the darkness

And you're the only one, the only one I never want to fail

We are still alive

Though we thought we would not survive

Strong enough to strive

for the edge of the darkness

You're the only one, the only one I never want to fail

Strong enough to strive

We are still alive

We are still alive