Ok, let me explain. Something really bad happened. You see, I decided to revise everything in this. The first thing I did was delete the first two chapters so I could start from the third, since it made a better starting point. However, something bad happened. While I was trying to then replace the fourth chapter with another, I accidentally replaced the third, which didn't have a back up. Because of this, I just lost it. Since it was quite long, I'm going to be forced to re-write it. I'm currently drawn. I just had what was, in my opinion, a really well written chapter that I just spent the last four hours revising to make it better. And now, I need to remake it completely. Sucks, it really does.


Its been a few weeks since Apocalypse. More mutants have emerged, and the X-Men have opened their doors to them. From the rock covered Rockslide, the furry Wolfcub, to the liquid metal Mercury, the X-Men's roster has grown. Of course, the public has obviously gotten a little uncomfortable about this.

And why shouldn't they? From their perspective, mutants are dangerous, and as such, many have taken to watching out for mutant activity to report it.

That's where Nicholas Fury comes in. Since the incident known as the Apocalypse, he's had a never ending list of reports about mutant's that need to be taken care of. By Presidential order, the UN has decided that it is Fury's job to find some way to deal with this.

Which is why its hard, when, most of these reports being unbelievably stupid. A boy in Kansas has teeth on his elbows. Apparently, that's a cause of concern for the locals who don't know what this means for them. "What if he can eat with them? What if he can shoot them at people? What if he'll grow mouths on his back for them?" Those are just some of the questions he's getting from the reports. What he thinks, what if, maybe, he just has surgery to pull them out if its making everyone so uncomfortable? A girl in Korea has bright purple skin that sparkles. Apparently this has convinced the locals that she can eat their brains by thought alone. its convinced Fury to try and make some kind of system to remove idiot complaints.

Then, one report that wasn't stupid. A report that got his interest, caught his eye in a way. She was spotted just outside of Montreal, stealing from a local food joint's trash. She was wearing burnt black leather, and easily outmanoeuvred and overpowered those who tried to apprehend her. One shot her in the skull, she not only shrugged it off, but effortlessly cut the gun into pieces.

She was alive.

Family Reunion

Nicholas stands out of the open hatch of a heli-transport vehicle, looking at the open land. There it stood, sticking out like a piece of chocolate amongst gummy bears, like a 9mm calibre amongst 50 calibres, like a soldier amongst marines, like the first simile compared to the other two. The Xavier institute sticks out from the open green land, in such a way, they're more open to attack then a soldier dressed like a clown.

Of course, a SHIELD convoy is hardly subtle itself, and of course, like it's been rehearsed, Logan steps out, looking at them with his grim glare.

Fury steps out once they land, looking at Logan as he approaches.



Both men stare at each other. Since they first met, the two never got along. One a hard assed commando in a squad of professionals, the other just a psychopath given a gun and permission to fire at the enemy. The funny thing is, they're not sure who was the hard ass, and who was the psycho.

"Lets have a chat, shall we?"


"You lied. She's alive." Fury tells him, dropping a folder compromised of several photographs taken by the people who tried to grab her. "And I know, you knew. Which is why you're the one who's going to go get her."

"What makes you think I'd go out of my way to get her for you?"

"Because if you don't, HYDRA will." Fury clears his throat, staring him straight in the eye, "You think I'm the only person who knows this? I told you, HYDRA's been dropping spies in SHIELD territory since WW2. You think they won't know the second we do?"

"And you want me to get her for you so they don't get her first."

"This isn't about messing with HYDRA, Logan. This is about your friends at Xaviers. Do you have any idea how simple it would've been to make my own X-23 if I wanted? As far as I'm concerned, she's a mutant in trouble."

"And you've been chasing her because you didn't want her to get hurt? Is that what you expect me to believe?"

"I'm not going to lie, Logan. We were chasing her, but not because we wanted her. Do you think a UN controlled operation would really want to get the reputation of using child soldiers? We may be grey, but we're still peace keepers."

"So, you ghonna just drop me inside the middle of Canada and hope I find her? I'm good, but I'm not magic."

"Of course not, that's why you're being sent with another agent. An old friend of yours."

"Old friend-" Logan sniffs, his face drops, "Him."

"Him is right buddy!" A gritty yet happy voice says to him from behind, turning to see a crimson costumed figure with various weapons strapped to him, posing as heroically as he can.


"Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth." They add, "Get it right Logan, I didn't get my drivers license changed to say that just for people to mutter Wilson as a form of greeting."

"You're the guy Fury is sending me with?"

"He's the best there is, Logan, believe me, he's the last person I'd want to send. I wanted to send Natasha, but she's busy." Fury explains.

"Fine," Logan sighs, "Wilson, you understand what we have to do right?"

"Find the girl, pick her up, stop HYDRA in case they try anything fishy, then the rest is all boring."

"Whatever, come on, lets do this."


"This where she was last seen?" Logan asks as he looks over the Canadian forest as they fly above it.

"Apparently this was the last spot she was seen running to." Wade replies, looking at the navigation system, pressing a button, "Kay, time to jump."

"Where's the parachutes?"

"Since when did we ever need chutes?"

Deadpool leaps out, followed by Logan, as the Heli-transport flies back to base.

Landing not too far from a lake, the two take a minute to recover.

"Getting too old for this." Logan mutters, adjusting his joints.

"That's cos you're old." Wade adds, taking his mask off to rub his face, showing his horribly distorted face.

"Yeah, that's what I said." Logan just rolls his eyes, "Whatever, lets just find the gir- Wilson get down!" The two dive out of the way of a hail of gunfire, looking for the source.

Several HYDRA agents surround them, firing what they got. Logan leaps to two, punching them in the chest, before cutting up their guns and those of a few others. Deadpool slide kicks one, tripping him to the floor. one runs at him with a knife, only for him to grab the arm, turn around and force it into the one on the floor, before using the one he's holding as a shield against the bullets, taking out his own automatic pistol and firing at them.

"Think that's all o' them." Logan mutters as he smashes the heads of two together. "How'd you do-" Logan looks up as Deadpool points at him, causing him to dodge as he fires his gun. "You crazy or just plain stupid!" Logan questions angrily, popping his claws, only for Deadpool to point at the place he was just standing, as another agent falls dead out of the bush, holding a high powered sniper rifle.

"Think somebody owes me an apology." Deadpool beams happily, pulling his mask up once again to look at him directly. "I couldn't help but notice that you didn't kill any."

"Ain't that man any more Wilson. Haven't killed anyone in years, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't do it around me."

"You make it sound like you're a recovering kill-aholic. What's the matter? Since when did you worry about death and killing?"

"Since I started fighting the real good fight. Since I left Weapon X and all that behind." Logan replies, "Since Chuck took me in."

"Sounds like you joined a cult."

"Sounds like you should shut you-" He gets cut off by a sudden wave of water, hitting both of them and forcing them into the forest undergrowth, destroying many trees. The area floods up, drowning them into unconsciousness before returning to normal, leaving them lying half dead in the middle of a wet field.


"Well, well, well. This was an unexpected twist of events." A female voice snaps Logan out of his sleep, as he coughs up the water he just inhaled.

He looks to his side, seeing his arm bound to the wall, then the other side to the same sight, with Wade laying in the same position.

"You're awake!" Wade cries happily, "Logan, you'll never guess what, HYDRA caught us. We're in their local base. They just took my DNA, and now they're going to torture us."

"Silence." The female voice tells him, as a fist punches into Wade's shoulder, shattering it and digging straight through into the wall behind him. Logan looks to the figure as they walk back, a women, rather tall, with long, green curly hair, a mask covers her face, with a sleeveless uniform and metal boots. They approach another individual, a crouching male from the look of it, with pale blue skin, webbed digits, gills, and general fish like features.

"Yeah, that's Kimura, she's really strong, like, strong enough to bend Admantium and maybe arm wrestle the Hulk." Deadpool chirps up again, "And the blue guy, he's called Sapien, he controls water."

"Figured HYDRA's have their own mutant brigade."

"We're more than a 'mutant brigade', Logan. My position is to handle unruly operatives, such as X-23. I'm also in charge of prisoner management, and torture." She tells him, picking up Deadpool's sword from the stack of confiscated weapons.

"Yeah, did I tell you about that Logan? Torture? Ain't it great?" Deadpool adds.

"Will you just be quiet." Kimura throws the Katana at him, cutting off his wrist.

"See, that's the thing I was hoping you'd do." Deadpool comments, looking up with an all knowing glare. "You see, I heal much better that Logan, and all I needed was you to free my arm, then I could just reattach him hand without being locked to the wall. You stupid bitch just set me free with your anger-" Deadpool cuts off his lecture as he holds his arm up to the dismembered hand, causing it to accidentally fall the the floor and out of his reach, "Ok, this is embarrassing. Any chance one of you can give me a hand? Literally? Or we can just wait for a Dues Ex Machina."

Then, as if on que, a small explosive device shoots up from a vent, exploding in mid air and knocking both HYDRA agents back.

X-23 jumps up, throwing two more explosive devices at them, using the explosions to shoot herself back, landing on the wall above Logan and Deadpool, cutting their binds.

"Get up." She mutters to them, leaping at Kimura as she gets back up, tackling her.

Wilson grabs his hand, replacing it to his arm and healing, before taking grabbing his sword.

"Ha, Assholes. You thought all you had to do was take me out for a few seconds. Well, Jokes on you, because I'm the best there is at what we do. There ain't a single dipweed out there who can compare to me. I'm the best, simply put, the best there is at what we do, and what we do, will blow your £^$ing mind!" He pulls the handle, ready to fight. Only for it to not even budge. "Wait a sec," He grips it with both hands, pulling, trying to get it out of the wall. Holding a hand to say he's not ready yet, before placing a foot against the wall and pushing off, using all his strength, pulling the handle away from the wall. And the Blade, which has now broken off.

"Huh, No, THIS is embarrassing." He throws the sword away as Sapien sends a wave of water at him, leaping out of the way, pulling two guns out and firing, only for each bullet to be stopped by a wall of water. The wall hits into him, knocking him back, pinning him against the wall as more water is forced down his throat.

"This the best you got!" Wade questions/taunts, as he forces more water into his lungs, before forcing it out, re grouping, and forcing it back in again. The wall drops, forming a dragon shape that attacks Logan as he finally recovers from the initial assault, as Sapien's stoic expression curls into a sadistic smile, with him holding his hand up and forcing the water in Wade's blood out of his body, causing him to start to dry.

Logan jumps off of the water creature, only for it to then changing into another large wall and smash him into the floor. Pinned down, water everywhere, unable to sleep, Logan's eyes begin to close and drift back into unconscious.

The water block drops, as Sapien decides to turn as his attention to Wilson, as he continues to dry up.

"You think you creeps 've won? You forget yourself. I am not just a man, I am a crazy son of a bitch!" Deadpool pulls the tick out of a grenade on his belt, allowing it to explode and fire him back, destroying his own leg, a move that suprises Sapien enough to distract him.

Distract him long enough for Logan to recover, crawl back up, pop a single claw, and look at the sadistic water mutant. Pulling himself to his feet, he runs up to him, leaping up and striking from above downwards, cutting him straight in half in the brief moment of distraction.

Meanwhile, X-23 leaps off of Kimura, landing against a wall and vaulting herself at her, tackling again. She slices at the mutant, only for her skin to not even scratch at the attack. Headbutting her, Kimura knocks her to the ground, kicking her to a wall, where she lands with enough force to crack and get lodged into it. She grabs the brown haired child, lifting her by her throat.

"Usually, in this situation, I'd say 'any last words', but that always backfires. I'm not an idiot." Kimura lectures her, gripping her tighter.

"Sure about that?" X-23 spits out, placing another explosive onto her forehead, letting it explode and knock her out, dropping X-23 to the floor. Rubbing her throat, she lets it heal before moving. She gets to the sewer hatch she came from, pulling out a duffel bag full of explosives. Throwing them around the base, she makes sure to leave some lying around the handler she just knocked out.

"If I were you, I'd be leaving, now." X-23 barks out to the two, leading the way out of the complex.

They leap out of a home made exit just as the whole place explodes, rocketing them into the open forest.

"Well, this was eventful." Logan mutters, "Think its time to get back to SHIELD."

"Have fun." X-23 mutters, turning away from them to leave, only for him to grab her shoulder.

"All of us." Logan adds, looking at her, "You're coming with us."

"You're just going to hand me over?"

"Not exactly. Fury just wants a talk, Afterwords, you're free to go."

"How much do you think this talk involves prison cells and trying to convince me to give info on HYDRA?"

"A lot. Just go with him." Logan rubs his nose, while keeping a hand firmly gripped to her shoulder, unwilling to let her escape. "Then, you can come with me."

"What? Join the X-Men? In case you don't remember, I left you the last time you offered me that. HYDRA will just come after me, and all your precious students will get caught in the cross fire."

"In case you don't remember, they're tougher than you'd think."

"I took them all out before, do you think I'm the only thing HYDRA's trained that well?"

"You think you beat them 'cos o' skill? Hell, you hit them with surprise and got 'em before they were ready. They'd a' known you were coming they'd tear you apart."

"I bet they would."

"Look, This ain't a discussion, this is an offer. We can take care of HYDRA, Fury'd deal with them while you can have a normal life."

"What makes you think I want one?"

"Because a normal life means regular meals. I don;t know how to tell you this, but since the last time I saw you, you've gotten real skinny."

She looks down, and realizes he has a point. Since she was thought dead she's lost a lot of muscle from the lack of regular food intake.

"Not to mention a change of clothes." Deadpool adds, "Leather on a small child is creepy, and it smells really bad."

"I'll try it then." She replies, having thought it over, "I'll go and see what Fury has to offer, if its worth it, I'll go with you. But the second HYDRA come calling at your mansion, I'm leaving."


Best way to end it there. Its similar to how it used to be, but changed slightly. Such as added a fight with Kimura and made Deadpool and SHIELD more sympathetic, they came across as dicks first time around.

To tohse who may wish to know:

Deadpool/Wade Wilson is a rather popular comic character, which most of you are probably aware of.

Kimura is a lesser known comic character from X-23's various mini-series'.

Sapien is completely original, since I wanted a water controlling mutant and couldn't find any in the comics.

All will make sporadic appearances.