Well, I figured I'd get on with it as soon as I could, since I miscalculated chapter numbers so I have less Avenger chapters than I thought, meaning that I can work on this with more effort. So, here it is, the arc that I advertised literally years ago that got half my readers. I apologize for the long wait, I should have got this done as soon as I could, but on the bright side, it gave me time to actually think of a sensible plot that would use each character that I could. So, anyway, here's the first chapter/issue of the Original Character arc. Unfortunately, some of the characters I originally planned to use didn't make it for a few reasons, mostly boiling down to me not having space to give them any development, including my own original character.

Also note, name change: I originally planned 'Uncanny X-Men Evolution' to be the name of a succeeding story, but I decided I proffered that name to the current name, so I've now changed it to this. Hope you enjoy in spite of this name change.



The second he saw the white van, Webber Torque knew instantly that it meant someone was going to be grabbed. And, being the only person on the street that they could possibly want, he knew that that person was him.

So, he ran, and now, two guys are chasing him. Two guys that are dressed like the love children between a cult member and a Fed, wearing black suits and ties, with white shrouds over their heads to conceal them.

However, being that Arcade's weak point was always physical, he doesn't last long before he gets tackled and taken down.

"Let go of me! Do you have any idea who I am?" The bratty computer nut yells as they hold him up and drag him to the van. "Do you have any idea what people I'm associated with?"

"Hh, what? The Reavers?" One of them comments as they remove the shroud on their head. "Yeah, they're the ones that told us where to find you. Say goodnight kid."

With that, the hired thug hits him over the head, and things get dark for Webber Torque.


New Day, New Dawn

Just as with Webber, Duncan too runs from his pursuers.

With a dangerously, poorly done stitching job, he struggles to hold in the bleeding from his massive injury, while running from an unfaltering hunter.

"Hi Duncan!" His pursuer yells as they port in front of him, hitting him across the jaw, knocking him flat on his back as Kurt crouches above him while the camera pans to show this is a video. "Nice to see you again!"

"Wait, play it again." Bobby demands as Kitty replays the video on her phone, showing Kurt decking the former bully-turned hate criminal-turned criminal reoffender who took part in a massacre.

"It's not that impressive, the guy did have an arm missing." Kitty tells him as he continues to laugh at the clip.

"Of course it's not impressive, but it's funny to watch. Play it again!"

"Don't mind him, he's easily amused." Jubilee rolls her eyes at him, taking the phone away so he'll stop insisting on replaying it.

"Will you kids knock it off?" Logan calls back to them, as they walk behind him while they head towards the Danger Room, which is being used as a temporary stage to introduce the new students. "You're supposed to be setting up a good example for the new kids."

"That's what Scott and Jean are for. We're here to show them that they don't have to be boring like them." Bobby replies, getting a growl from the senior mutant.

"Yeah, instead they have the option of being idiots, like them." Kitty adds, motioning to Bobby and the other second class.

"So, who we got here?" Bobby asks, ignoring the comment as he moves to look at each of the new students. In front of them, once they enter the Danger Room, is about two or three rows of teenagers of varying ages, sizes, and mutant abilities. One student, relatively athletic looking with scruffy blond hair, sat by the side with his foot resting on the chair in front of him, while next to him a vacant seat waited for someone to take it, while next to that, a slightly shorter student with dark hair and an air of social ineptitude about him waited, leaning over in his seat looking at something in his hand as he counted them.

A girl, with brown and amaranth hair and tight fitting clothes, steps past the senior X-Men as she makes her way down into the rows of seats, walking past the awkward looking boy as he starts to appear panicked, turning to the taller male.

"Don't s'pose this seat is taken?" She asks the blond haired kid, making him look up.

"Oh, uh, sure I guess." The boy responds, only half listening to her, as his other ear is currently being used to listen to some 80s rock via a headphone set.

"Thanks for the attention." She rolls her eyes at his apparent lack of interest in her, sitting down next to him, until she's stopped by the other boy, the one she hadn't paid the slightest bit of attention to.

"Stop!" They yell, pushing her back as he looks over her seat, carefully looking about until he spots it: The tiny little Musca domestica Linnaeus, or if you proffer, 'the house fly', that was taking a rest on her chair. Holding his hand out, the tiny fly hops onto his hand, joining the other twenty eight flies currently sitting down on his hand.

"What...the hell...?" The girl looks partially puzzled, and a little disturbed, as the bug boy sits back down, seemingly content that his friends are all present, accounted for, and not squished.

"O...kay...I think you can sit down now." The boy tells the girl, who just sort of stands here stunned by the previous event.

"I figured people would be weird here, but...this is just...that is just wrong." The Girl shivers as she sits down, moving her seat away from him.

"We can swap seats if you want." He blond tells her. "Doesn't really bother me."

"Offer accepted, move your butt." She replies, before the two switch seats, an action that makes her sigh in relief. "Thanks."

"No problem...uh..."

"Ava, Ava Bronte." The girl replies, holding a hand out to him.

"Alex, Alex Rogers." He shakes her hand, before returning to facing the front. "Mind if I go back to listening to my music?"

"Sure, go right ahead." Ava shrugs, as he nods and puts in his ear phones.

"Uh, excuse me." Scott, at the front of the room and standing on a small thrown together podium, looking at the small group of new students. "Uh, hi. My name's Scott Summers, I'm not sure how many of you remember anything from when mutants were first outed, but I was Xavier's first student, and now I'm sorta a teacher here. I don't usually give speeches here, so I figure the best thing to do would be to let you all get to know each other. For now we'd like you to focus on adapting before testing your abilities. I think some of you've probably got the hang of it for now, but the X-Men don't go out with just that, we need something more, and to get that, that's what the-"

Scott's speech, however, is cut short by an alarm going off.

"Uh, Professor?" Kurt whispers to Charles, tapping him on his shoulder. "What's the alarm for?"

"SHIELD installed it." Xavier explains, with a slightly disappointed look on his face. "They want our help."

"OK, guess we're going to have to cut this short." Scott notes awkwardly. "So, basically, yeah, welcome to the Xavier Institute, please don't break the walls...any more then you probably already have."


Within the minute, the three groups of X-Men and X-Women are on a SHIELD issue heli-transport, taking them to a scene in New York.

"So what happened?" Logan asks Fury as he looks over the buildings, in the distance able to see some kind of cosmic storm.

"Earlier today, the Fantastic Four and the Avengers used a device to travel through space, and when they returned, we thought that meant it was closed. Turns out we had problems, and now, aliens are pouring in and attacking, and the only people there to fight them off are the Fantastic Four."

"So, aliens pouring in through a portal in the middle of New York, and the Avengers are where?" Kitty questions, towards the others.

"Busy." Fury replies quickly. "Details are classified."

"So, what do we know about these aliens?" Logan asks the SHIELD director, as they get closer to the disaster area.

"According to Dr Richards, these ones are called the Skrulls. They're messy space pirate lizards that enjoy torture and killing." Fury responds, as their transport starts to lower to the ground. "Their weapon technology exceeds our own, as does their space travel, but luckily for us, their fighters aren't too bright."

"Well, lets go welcome them to our planet." Scott states as he stands up once they land. Once orders are given, the large group of X-Men step out to fight off the dark green skinned reptilian aliens along with the already present Fantastic Four.

"Call this the cavalry?" The rock like Fantastic Four bruiser known as the Thing welcomes them with his usual manner, while tossing a Skrull back into some of its brothering.

"What were you expecting? 'Fraid the other big guys are busy." Wolverine retorts, joining him in fighting the Skrulls head on, while the other X-Men flank back to fire from a safer distance.

"How's things been so far?" Scott asks Reed Richards as he makes his way behind the force field his wife, Susan, is using to protect them.

"Pretty bad; I'm not sure how but they were able to open up a worm hole I generated this morning, and we have no idea how many are on the other side." Reed explains, briefly ducking out to shove some back with a large fist. "They were smart too. First thing they did was attack our space crafts and our own wormhole generator, so we can't enter the portal and shut it off, or even just shut it off from here."

"What's our plan?" Jean asks the pair, making her own shield to help cover them, while Cannonball and Iceman fly overhead, with Sunspot and Jubilee in tow, to provide cover fire and brute force to drive away some flying types.

"If we can reduce their numbers, I can force them back through the portal and make a barrier." Susan states. "Should be able to hold it while Reed shuts the portal."

"We'll have to get to work cutting them down then." Scott notes, turning back and firing straight at a large Skrull war vehicle, blowing it up, while Jean contains the explosion, before tossing the wreckage at more.

"Keep things steady there, feels like you're going to drop me." Jubilee complains as Iceman makes them briefly slide through a spiral, while she fires her fireworks at the Skrulls, only for the Human Torch to fly in and strike some more before they can attack the two X-students.

"Need a hand there?" Johnny Storm smirks to the two, keeping up with them while flying without looking where he's going.

"No thanks, we got this?" Bobby states, directing the two out of the of an oncoming attack, while Jubilee blasts away the attempted attacker.

"Suit yourselves." Johnny shrugs, winking to Jubilee, making her grin slightly, before flying away from them.

"Unless you want to take a ride from him, take that grin off your face." Bobby tells her, doing another spiral to dodge another attack.

"What? He's cute." She replies, shooting back more attackers.

"Hey, Matchstick, mind quit flirting with your new girlfriends and get ta work already!?" Ben Grimm shouts to the younger F4 team member, as he and Colossus act as human shields to block larger Skrulls firing at them. "We got two flyboys over here that need shooting."

"I'm on it, geeze." Johnny sighs, chasing after them and firing at one, while Brian swoops in and takes care of the other. "Wow, when did Captain America get a younger brother?"

"Cute." Brian mutters, grabbing the trashed Skrull ship an tossing it at another, before a light catches his eye, blinding him fr a second as he tries to figure out what it is.

Before he can react, the light reveals itself to be a beam, one that hits down, knocking Brian to the ground as it entraps the combined teams.

"What the he-" Bobby starts as the beam of light surrounds him ad Jubilee, while causing Cannonball to crash into the pair, knocking them out of the beam's path.

"Hurry up already!" Kurt yells to Kitty and Rogue as the three try to get away from it, only for Kitty to trip and trail behind without them noticing, as the light brightens to a blinding intensity, before dispersing and rising up.

The X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and the Skrulls all seemingly disappear in this light, along with the portal, while the remains of the beam head into the sky.

A single, pinkish flash, erupts from the sky, before followed by Brian falling to the ground in a heap, creating a large crater.

"What in the..." Bobby mutters, getting to his feet as SHIELD do what they can to cordon off the area. "Sam? Sam! 'Berto! Jamie!? Ray! Where are they!?"

"Ahh, my fricking leg." Jubilee complains, trying to stand.

"Kitty?" Kurt asks, looking around. "Scott? Jean? Logan? Anyone?"

"What, the, hell." Rogue grits her teeth, looking around the mess, while some SHIELD medical officers move in to treat them.


Xavier Institute's medical wing, sometime later.

The remaining X-Men stand around, with minor injuries treated, with Brian laying in a bed. Xavier sits there quietly, watching his heart monitor, while thinking the situation over in his head.

"Think it was those monsters?" Bobby asks the others, ending the silence. "Think those, Skrulls or whatever, were the ones that did that?"

"Could be, but it could easily be Magneto." Jubilee replies in a hushed tone. "Or, even that Doom guy that the Fantastic Four deal with."

"What about Loki? Maybe this is his revenge for us helping Thor and the Avengers that one time. We've got a lot of enemies, any of them could've been the one to abduct them." Kurt suggests, while behind him Rogue notices the discussion seems to be troubling the Professor.

"Abduct them? Dude, I was, I was thinking that beam thing might've killed-" Bobby starts, until Rogue speaks up.

"Can we stop talking about this?" Rogue asks the other three, motioning to the silent Xavier.

"Its...its alright Rogue." Xavier tells her, with a deeply troubled tone. "They're just speculating ideas."

"Well, you heard Fury, we're too personally involved, so SHIELD are going to look into it. We should leave it to them." Rogue states. "I don't see how us going over it is going to help."

"Rogue has a point. No point going over it." Jubilee shrugs.

"With, with the recent events." Xavier speaks up, changing the subject. "We're going to have trouble with the new additions to the school. With, with Jean and Scott gone, along with Logan, Ororo, and Hank, we're lacking in suitable teaching staff."

"Yeah, that's the thing, who's going to teach the newbies?" Bobby nods, thinking it over.

"I've been thinking about it, and for the feasible future, you four will need to step up and tutor them."

"Wait, us?" Kurt raises an eyebrow.

"But, Bobby's an idiot, and no offense to Kurt, but he's kinda an idiot too." Jubilee states. "Hell, I'M an idiot, how are we going to teach another bunch of idiots with the closest we have to competence being Rogue?"

"Wait, how come there's 'no offense to Bobby' in that?" Bobby asks, only to be ignored.

"She's got a point Professor, we're not exactly the golden stars of the group." Rogue adds, ignoring Bobby.

"Be that as it may, you're still X-Men, and for now, that's something we need more than anything." Xavier tells them. "And the duties of the X-Men is more than just fighting to protect a world that fears our kind, they also include teaching new mutants how they can manage in the outside world. And that is a duty you must act on now."


"So, I'm Professor Drake, and I'll be your teacher." Bobby starts, standing in the front of the class of students as they stand in line in the Danger Room, wearing Beast's labcoat and glasses to give himself a more 'smarterer' look, and failing at it. "So, to start with, we're going to run some basic power tests."

"Does he have to dress like Doctor Horrible?" Jubilee asks the two other established X-Men, who look on in disbelief.

"I would've said he looks more like Doogie Howser, but I'm not sure how many here would get that reference." Rogue adds, as she looks around. "Damn I feel old."

"I don't get either reference, all I know is that he should be taking things a bit more serious." Kurt states with a serious tone, making the two girls look at him in surprise, until he bursts into laughter. "I'm just kidding, let's see how long it takes before they comment on his age. I'm betting two minutes or more."

"Meh, I'll take less." Rogue shrugs.

"...Why does out teacher look like a twelve year old...?" One of the students ask, making Rogue smirk as Kurt sighs, handing her some money.

"...So like all great teachers, I decided the best way to get you started was dodgeball. But, since we're mutants, it's a special kind of dodgeball, I like to call Deathball. Enjoy!" Bobby grins as he presses a switch on the control, causing metal turrets to pop out of the walls and ground, before firing hollow metal spheres at the kids.

"Hey!" Ava shouts as she's knocked back, before another ball hits into another blond haired boy, though a shorter one with similarly shorter hair. When she recovers from the sjock of being knocked into them, she looks him over a bit, grinning a little.

"Uh, mind getting up?" The kid asks her, cringing from her crushing him a bit.

"Sure you want that?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure; your knee is kind of pressed against an organ I need to live." They reply in a blunt manner, making her roll her eyes and stand up. As the boy does the same, he's knocked over by a metal sphere hitting his head.

"What exactly is this going to teach them?" Kurt asks Bobby, looking at the class with confusion as Rogers is knocked to the floor.

"I don't know, whatever these tests were supposed to teach us." Bobby replies with a shrug. "I just assume the Prof likes to watch people get hit with things, and from here, I don't blame him."

"How does this help with our powers!?" Rogers asks no one in particular in an annoyed manner, as he's knocked down again. He pulls himself up, glaring a bit, and not noticing a mild glow coming from his hands and eyes.

"Well, use them to NOT get hit then, pretty sure that's the idea!" One of the other students shouts back, as she ducks out of the line of fire of the spheres with ease, in a manner not too different then a mouse trying to not get hit as it runs through a home. Befitting, due to the girl's rodent-like appearance, including a tail and ears, and brown fur that covers her skin.

"How? My power is that I don't need to sleep! How does that help-" Rogers' rant is cut off by his hand erupting green energy, firing out in a beam and hitting one of the other students. "I did not know I could do that."

"Hey!" The student, the same one Ava landed on, yells at him, as he pulls himself up. "That was, do it again, see if you can hit these things."

"I would, but I have no idea how I did that." Rogers responds to the blue skinned boy, until he does it again, once narrowly missing the mouse girl, another time hitting one of the metal spheres, in a manner to make it hit Ava.

"Watch it!"

"Sorry!" Rogers called back, as he starts to suffer some incontinence with his powers, randomly firing blast-after-blast of green energy.

"See, there you go!" Bobby yells to him in an attempt to be encouraging, while the other three roll their eyes at him.

"Try focusing a bit more!" The boy tells Rogers, stepping towards him. "The more frustrated you are the more you're using them!"

"How do you know that?" Rogers asks, trying and failing to stop the blasts, aiming upwards to avoid harming anyone.

"Because, that's MY power. I profile things, I can tell how you're powers are working." They explain, shrugging a bit when he pulls a confused face. "Yeah, don't know how that helps in super dodgeball either, but just roll with it."

"So what, I'm supposed to ignore that my hands think they're bazookas now?" Rogers asks, getting a nod as his response. "That's just, fine."

With an eye roll, he does that, focusing on anything else he can think of, until finally he stops thinking about the energy beams, making they slowly die out. Just in time to get hit by another metal sphere.

"Oh for the love of!"

"See? I just taught two people how to use their powers, three if you include Mouse-girl, but I think she already had the hang of it already." Bobby tells the others with a proud smile, rewarding him a glare from the others.

"Yeah but, everyone else is getting their butts whooped." Kurt notes, as Ava, who tries to shoot lightning at the metal spheres only to do nothing, while the Bug boy dives out of the way of one, only to stop as he nearly stood on another bug, causing him to get hit and crash into the Profile kid.

"Hey, I'm the only one standing. I win!" The Mouse girl cheers, just as another sphere flies straight at her face, only to stop an inch away, as the others all suddenly freeze where they are.

"Bobby, did you do that?" Jubilee asks him, while Kurt and Rogue inspect the metal spheres, not noticing that any metal jewellery they have starts to shake a bit.

"Not me, the whole thing stopped responding a few seconds ago." Bobby replies, showing her the distorted control screen. "Look, doesn't it looks like what happens to your TV when you put a magnet on it?"

"Wait, you saying it was magnetized?" Rogue asks, before her questions is confirmed by a necklace flying straight at a sphere, along with Kurt's watch, while also confirming a question that was on all their minds but they were unwilling to voice it.

He's here.



Outside the mansion, which now has several SHIELD agents trying to stop reporters and hooligans from entering the premises, a small hurricane of spinning metal descends before the crowd, as the man inside makes his way to see Professor Xavier. The SHIELD soldiers begin to turn to face him, but their metal suits stop them, instead keeping them focused on the crowd of people.

"Erik, this is not the time." Charles tells his old friend quickly, via a mental image.

"I'm not here to fight, Charles. I'm here as a friend." Magneto answers, taking off his helmet as the metal junk forms a barrier to stop people entering for now. "Was what I saw on the news correct? Are you students missing?"

Xavier doesn't respond, and after a minute, Erik gets his answer.

"I promise you, I have nothing to do with it."

"You've been spending every second of your life for the last twenty years trying to start a war. Do you really think I would believe that?"

"Charles, I make war with the humans, not your students." Magneto defends himself. "And I'm here to make sure you know I will help in any way to locate them. How many are missing? Do you have any leads?"

"Almost all my senior students were taken, with four exceptions, plus a fifth in critical condition. I have a new class that joined today, and there's three other new students who're busy at an Alison Blaire concert. We really should talk about these matters face to face." Xavier notes, as the psychic image of him leads him down to the subbasement, to which Magneto follows. As he levitates down the metal hall, the students, old and new, peer out to watch Magneto as he floats past, looking on in slight amazement.

"Wow, he's literally flying." The Mouse girl comments, eyes wide at this sight.

"Big deal, half the team can fly." Bobby states in a matter-of-fact tone.

"But just, wow. I've never seen someone fly before."

"Look, Mouse-Girl-"

"I have a name." She cuts Bobby off with a slightly offended tone. "My name's Grelot."

"Well, Grel, Magneto? He's a bad guy. He's the one we're training to go up against, not to fangirl over." Bobby explains.

"I thought the point was to protect mutants from humans, not fight other mutants." Grel questions.

"Not that simple." Kurt interjects. "Some humans hate us, but there's plenty that don't, and there's some mutants that are just as bad at the whole hating thing. We don't beat up humans, we beat up haters."

"Either way, still, why's Vampire Cape here anyway?" Jubilee asks the others. "Isn't he, you know, evil?"

"Maybe he's here to ask the Professor if he wants to go go-karting." A voice speaks up; confusing the others when they realize it came from the quiet bug kid. "Maybe they like go-karting; who knows?"

"Uh, OK then." Rogers nods in a slightly confused manner, before turning back to the senior X-Men. "So, what do you suppose he's REALLY here for?"

A few feet away, Xavier sits in Cerebro, waiting for Magneto to enter as the doors open, and then close, around his former friend, allowing the master of magnetism entry into the large console.

"Have you located any sign of them?" Magneto asks him as he stops floating, choosing to walk the last few steps.

"Not yet. They're either, cloaked, or off-world, or hidden, or, or..." Xavier mumbles, still searching.

"Charles, you're overworking yourself."

"My students just disappeared in a light from the sky, Erik. How would you feel if your followers, if your whole island disappeared right in front of you in a blinding light?" Charles retorts, turning to face him.

"I would follow them." Magneto answers without a thought. "My people, my island, that is my legacy. If it all disappeared of the face of the earth, I would disappear too."

"Then you can see why I can't stop?" Xavier asks him, making Magneto hesitate before answering, giving time for Xavier to turn back.

"You still have students. I saw them on my way down here. Wagner, Rogue, and the newer ones. They need you just as much, Charles."

"I can't stop looking for them Erik." Charles insists, until Magneto puts a hand on his shoulder.

"You don't have to. But you can't ignore your children. I did that and look how well that turned out." Magneto reminds him and Charles can't help but agree. Wanda did, after all, try to kill her father repeatedly, and Pietro is an outright sociopath. "Remember, you're not alone."

Xavier stays in silence, until he senses something.

"No, I'm not." He whispers a bit, as Magneto notices on Cerebro's monitor some signatures heading towards them. One's mutant, though two others and human, with a fourth being something in between, and the last being something completely different. One of the human signatures though, that he recognizes.

SHIELD land the Quinjet on the lawn, next to the soldiers frozen in attack position, as Nick Fury steps out, followed by several of the Avengers; Janet Van Dyne AKA the Wasp (the mutant), Warrant Officer James Rhodes, also known as War Machine (the other human), and Captain America himself (the something in between), and with them, a recent addition to SHIELD's ranks, Captain Mah-Vell of the Kree empire.

"Remove all metal you're currently holding, or on your person." Fury tells the group as they step out, looking at each one of them. "Rhodes, you sure that add-on Stark installed will work?"

"It should." The younger soldier responds, following him inside.

"Good. Wasp, you got the plastic stingers?"

"Hank whipped 'em up, just like you wanted." The younger Avenger replies with a skip to her step.

"Hm, Cap, you sure your shield's immune to his abilities?"

"He's never used it against me before."

"True. Mah-Vell, how are you without metal?"

"The Kree long did away with reliance on such. Our technology is almost exclusively carbon polymers."

"...I'll take that as a 'Fine' and move on." Fury walks in, drawing an actual working plastic gun, while heading towards the subbasement.

"Is he really this dangerous?" Wasp asks him.

"Within the last two decades he's been tied to two hundred suspected terrorist plots, along with the deaths of some of the best SHIELD agents I've had the pleasure of working with. Last time I came after him two agents were killed with their own piercings."

"...Good thing I took my earrings out." Wasp notes with raised eyebrows.

"Do you have trouble with all mutants?" Mah-Vell asks them.

"It's more like when dealing with people in the movie theatre who keep shouting things and talking to each other loudly." Cap tells him. "There's only a handful of mutants who are bad, they're almost all decent people. They just have bad luck because Magnetos and Apocalypses keep stirring up trouble."

"I believe I understand." Mah-Vell nods, as they walk down the long metal hall until they come face-to-face with Magneto.

"Director Fury." Magneto nods to him. "Always one to make a spectacle."

"Magnus." Fury replies. "I believe you've met Captain Rogers."

"Hey, he's got your last name." Ava whispers to Rogers as the two of them, and the others, listen in.

"Trying to tug on my humanity again?" Magneto questions. "Bringing out the best of your kind, and one of mine you've so kindly dressed up as one of your Avengers? Do you take me for that much of a child that I'd so easily ignore what you stand for."

"Hey! He said a lot of words while motioning towards me! I'm almost certain I should feel insulted!" Wasp whispers angrily to Rhodes, making him and Cap try and hold her back.

"I stand for peace and democracy." Fury tells him blankly. "And if putting a plastic bullet through your skull means that, well then I stand for kicking your sorry ass just as much."

"So, this an arrest?" Magneto asks him, as the others with him notice the metal panels around them start to shake.

"More of bringing you in for questioning." Fury responds, drawing his gun as Cap, Wasp, and Mah-Vell take a fighting pose, and Rhodey allows his armour to fly to him an suit up, decking him in his familiar gunmetal grey War Machine armour. Magneto tries to tear it apart, though notices that it seems to be producing something to counteract the effects of his abilities on his armour. No matter.

"Very well then." Magneto sighs, as the metal panels tear off and fly to them, only to stop when he senses Xavier approaching them.

"All of you, stand down." Xavier orders. "You are not to fight on my premises, or do anything else to endanger the few students I have left."

"He is a wanted man."

"Then you will arrest him once you've all left my home, but until then, you keep your weapons and your powers to yourself." Xavier tells them, making Fury and co put down their arms while Magneto replaces the panels.

"If it's any consolation, I feel bad about what happened with our students." Wasp speaks up, mking Xavier smile a little.

"Thank you, that's very kind of you. Now, if we'd all behave long enough to-" Xavier starts, only to be cut off by a sound coming from Fury's earpiece.

"Hill? Not the time." Fury tells her, answering the message.

"You're still at Xavier's?" His second in command asks him, ignoring what he just said. "Check the news, any of them, they're all the same."


"...And in response the mysterious disappearance of the superhero group the Fantastic Four, as well as members of the radical mutant rights group known as the X-Men, Self-Appointed ruler of Latveria, Doctor Victor Von Doom, has taken to the UN to give this address." The anchorwoman tells those watching, as the small group of super powered individuals, and Rhodes and Fury, watch the large TV screen as it changes to footage of Latveria's infamous leader, the always armour clad dictator known as Doctor Doom, stands before the other world leaders, as his signature Doom-bots occupy the building.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, sheep. Good evening, I'm sure you all know who I am, and you all know what happened earlier today." Doom starts his speech. "Earlier today, we watching, 'Doctor', Reed Richards fail, as he and his family were taken away, along with some of their allies, in what is clearly an act of buffoonery by Richards' hand."

"He's really got a hate-on for that guy." Jubilee quips.

"...I have long voiced my critique of Richards and his many failings as a scientist, and today, I can assure you that Richards and his family are alive, a fact I know to be definite because..."

"So it was Doo-" Bobby stats, only for Doom to end his pause.

"He faked it." Doom states. "Richards faked the whole thing to distract you all from the fact that these serpents they were fighting were the result of his technology failing, as it always does. And until he comes out and admits this, I declare this building and the surrounding area property of Latveria, and everyone inside it a political prisoner."

And, with that, the Doom Bots cut off exits, drive away security details, and disarm anyone who may pose a threat.

"I'm waiting, Richards." Doom adds, just before the camera man is attacked by a Doom Bot, cutting the feed.

"My god, Doom is an idiot." Rogue rolls her eyes, face palming.

"Why? How do we know that Richards didn't fake the whole thing?" Ava asks, resulting in everyone looking to her.

"You've clearly never met him." Fury states. "Doom's not the only one with a planet sized ego. Richards would never allow anyone to believe he wasn't responsible for something he did, it's not his thing."

"So, what's going to happen now?" Rogers asks the others, speaking up. "You people going to fly out and confront him?"

"Can't." Fury mutters. "Doom's got a silent agreement that SHIELD stays out of his business, and in exchange he doesn't nuke very capital."

"Wait, what? You're just going to let him do this?" Rogue questions with an annoyed sneer.

"Of course not; we're just going to send people who can't be identified as SHIELD." Fury states, making Xavier turn to him as the same thought goes in their heads: X-Force.

"Avengers, Mah-Vell, we're leaving." Fury orders his men, alien, and Wasp, leading them out, stopping one to talk to Magneto. "Had Charles not just saw his life's work disappear, you'd be a dead man right now. Remember that."

"I'll let it keep me awake at night." Magneto replies simply, smirking as Fury and Co leave. Once they're gone, Magneto gazes upon the TV screen again. "He truly does not know how to play public favour."

"You and this Doom figure are hardly differing in nature." Xavier notes. "You both make yourself enemies of the public for your own goals."

"I seek prosperity for my followers, not conquest, there is a difference."

"Sometimes I wonder what the difference is." Xavier replies glumly, before turning to leave the room.

"Will you be doing anything about this?" Magneto asks him, motioning to the TV.

"I only have five students with any training, one of which is in critical." Xavier states. "The others are too ill-equipped."

"Hm, too bad." Magneto nods as he walks away, passing the students. "In that case, I'll be sure to stop any of Doom's supposed nuclear missiles in the event of someone getting involved and pissing him off. Goodbye Charles."


"...So that's it?" Grelot questions the other newbies as they sit around the deactivated Danger Room. "The robot guy just takes over the UN, and they're not going t do anything yet because they don't want to piss them off?"

"Not that simple. They want plausible deniability." The Profile kid states. "They want someone who, in the event of failure, they can deny being a SHIELD or US Government agent, and in the event of success, whose identity can be kept secure to avoid reprisal."

"But if they just send that guy that turns all green in, they don't have to worry about that since he's unkillable. What's the problem with that, uh..." Rogers asks them.

"Kasey, Kasey Dover." The Profile kid replies. "And the problem? The Hulk's identity is public, and people know he's with the Avengers. They send him or any other Avenger after Von Doom, Von Doom's people will come after them, their friends, their families, and the rest of SHIELD."

"Still seems pretty cowardly." Grel shrugs.

"Good thing no one knows us." The Bug boy notes aloud to himself while counting his bugs again. "When we eventually get to do something we won't have to worry about that."

"What's stopping us now?" Ava asks them, after hearing that. "I mean, I can shoot lightning, Alex can shoot green energy, Grel...think that was your name...did well in the simulation thing, and we can find some use for you guys. We could totally kick ass if we tried."

"What about me?" Someone speaks up, making hem turn to a seemingly empty seat, one with a long black jacket on the back that, when they look at closely, they realize is actually shaped like someone is wearing it, just someone they can't see.

"Uh...you're a person? I thought that was an empty seat." Ava blinks a few times.

"Yeah, I'm invisible, that's my thing. Awesome huh?" The invisible person replies with a tone of sarcasm to her voice. "Name's Frankie, that's all you really need to know."

"OK, well, you can help sneak in." Rogers suggests. "What about you two, what can you do again?"

"My mind profiles people by looking at them. I can tell everything short of your name and exact home address by looking at you." Kasey explains. "Like...you. Working class background, from the New York State area, you don't sleep much, likely a side effect of your power, you eat a lot...you've got issues I'm not going to press to avoid being punched, and your shoes are making you uncomfortable."

"Pretty much sums me up." Alex shrugs before turning to the darker haired kid. "What about you? What's your name, and what can you do?"

"I'm Tray, Tray Allrut, people call me Bug though." He replies without taking his eyes from his bugs. "I can communicate with insects, arachnids, basically most invertebrates. See what they can see, tell them what to do, basic things like that."

"Huh, well in that case, you can probably see everything around." Kasey states. "Think, you send in some bugs, they can scope out the area, then you can tell us what you can see. You're like a scout, or mission control without any computers."

"Sounds OK." Bug shrugs. "They won't get hurt though, right?"

"The bugs?" Alex asks. "Oh, sure, they'll be fine."

"OK, so, should we maybe, you know, train?" Ava asks the others.

"That sounds hard. Could we maybe just wing it?" Frankie suggests, getting a glare (or would, if anyone knew where exactly she was). "Fine."

A few minutes later, and the group has separated briefly, with Alex and Ava looking around the Danger Room's control area.

"They're pretty crazy here." Alex comments, looking over the Danger Room simulations. "Look, they have simulations for everything, from zombie invasion, to vampire invasion, to Twilight Vampire invasion, to Avatar's blue people invasion, to, huh, even Doctor Doom taking over the UN."

"Seriously?" Ava, who was looking over other things in the control room, looks over to see as the Room bellow shifts into a replica of the UN building, with Doom bots monitoring the area. "Whoever made these things was either a future seeing genius or a complete lunatic."

"Well, either way, this should be great. We can practice how we're going to handle things without getting shot to death, like having an extra life."

"Well, why don't we get this started?" Ava smiles to him in a flirty manner, to which he nods.

"Yeah, we should be getting things done." Alex agrees, walking past to head back down to the room bellow, making her drop the smile and sigh, before following him.

"OK, guys, so the plan's simple." Alex tells the group. "We've got a simulation that fits perfectly with what we're about to do. The idea is, we do this constantly until we can do it without anyone getting killed, and then try it for real. Any objections?"

"Uh, yeah." Bug states, lifting his hand up. "Several, in fact."


A long while later, the established students wait inside the medical room, watching a TV while sitting around two beds, one belonging to Brian, and the other, belonging to the still bed-ridden Warren, as they watch the news.

"So, what does Xavier think is wrong with this guy?" Bobby asks the other three, trying to start some kind of conversation.

"I think he said it was a shock induced coma or something." Kurt replies. "Like the reaction people get when they touch Rogue for too long."

"He should be fine when he comes around." Rogue adds. "Maybe he can shed some light on what happened."

"Why do you think he didn't disappear too?" Jubilee ponders. "He was caught in the light too, how come he just fell out of the sky instead of going with them?"

"Maybe whoever did it didn't want him?" Bobby suggests, smiling, until the sound on the TV alerts them to something. "Wait, is that...who I think it is?"

"Yeah, if you thought that it looks like the newbs trying to stop Doom, then its exactly what you think it is." Jubilee quips, watching them.

"Should we maybe get involved?" Bobby asks them, watching the group as Alex and Ava blast Doom bots with modest success, and Grel tears them apart with her animal-like instincts, while the others slip past and get inside.

"Yes, yes we should, before the kids get killed." Kurt replies.

"OK, Jubilee, you stay here and keep watching Braddock and Worthington." Rogue tells her. "You two, suit up and come with me."

"You should hurry, I'm not as confident in their abilities as they themselves are." The Professor tells them as he joins them, having watched it himself and came down to check on them.

"Right, come on." Kurt nods, teleporting the other two with him, as Charles looks over Brian's vitals.

"So, have you figured out why he didn't disappear too?" Jubilee asks, looking over his shoulder.

"Not entirely. I believe it may relate to his force field powers, or he may have some other aspect of his abilities he hasn't disclosed." Charles replies, adjusting the equipment.

"Wait, but doesn't Cerebro like, tell you all that?"

"For normal mutants, yes, but Brian isn't the same as every student. Brian is an advanced mutated human, or a mutate; his powers were activated in a similar manner to my brother."

"He is?"

"Yes, though for some reason he's not felt the need to share this information with anyone, and I respect his wishes." Charles explains. "And until he wakes up, we won't know how this stopped him from being taken."

"Could you, I don't know, kickstart his brain?" Jubilee asks.

"If I wanted to either kill him or drive him insane." Charles tells her. "I can guide him out of his confusion, but it's no guarantee he'll recover."

"Considering what's on the screen, I think you should try it." Jubilee tells him, pointing to the three as they get pinned down by Doom's forces. "If he wakes up, they'll probably need the muscle."

"You have a point." Xavier notes quietly, before placing his hands next to Brian's head.


"We are going to die. We are going to die. We are going to die." Bug repeats over and over as he's lead inside the UN building along with Kasey and Frankie.

"We're not going to die, we did the simulation successfully twenty seven times, I'm pretty sure our chances of survival are high." Kasey replies in a matter-of-fact tone. "What do your scouts see?"

"Let me check." Bug pauses, listening to his bugs. "Seven robots down this hall, a couple of hiding hostages to the right, some human Latverian soldiers heading this way, and...there is some Latverian soldiers heading this way. We are going to die. We are going to-"

"Here." Frankie interrupts, grabbing the two and concentrating, turning all three of them invisible as the guards turn down the hall, walking right past them. Once safely out of range, Frankie lets the two go, exhausting herself quite a bit.

"Thanks." Bug thanks her, turning to Kasey. "Did you get anything from those two?"

"Fanatics, not likely to listen to any reason. They've got something big to do, but not necessarily good. They should lead us to Doom." Kasey replies, as the three start moving to follow them as carefully as they can, until two Doom bots pop out, with the two goons turning to face them, aiming their weapons up.

"Hault!" One of the goons yells, aiming his weapon at the relatively harmless mutants, until a wall of ice appears, followed by several 'bamfs' on the side of the Doom loyalists. The wall is shattered a moment later, revealing Rogue and Kurt, and Bobby, standing above the now-unconscious fanatics, and the destroyed Doom Bots.

"Wow, that was...that was really awesome!" Kasey observes, as the three newbies look in shock, until Rogue hits each one over the head, struggling to hit Frankie but still managing to hit her.

"What the hell were you idiots thinking!?" Rogue questions angrily, scolding the three. "You've had a day of training, and you think you can go and play big damn heroes now? Are you trying to get yourselves killed?"

"Hey, we ran a simulation in that Danger Room thing, and we did pretty good after the first ten tries!"Frankie defends them.

"Seriously? Guys, just because you run a simulation doesn't mean you're ready, I had that message beaten into my head!" Bobby tells them, joining them in on the scolding.

"And this is coming from the slacker of the team!" Rogue adds, pointing to Bobby. "You guys are acting suicide-level stupid, and that's Bobby's job!"

"Yeah-wait..." Bobby starts, though then turns to Rogue.

"Look, you guys can't go play superhero on your first week; we've all tried that and it didn't work out." Kurt tells them, playing good-cop of sorts. "There's a reason they don't let you do that until you're good and ready."

"But, we figured since no one else was trying, we could give it a shot." Frankie explains. "We didn't come here blind at least, we practiced for ages beforehand in the Danger Room."

"The simulation we did was actually of this exact situation." Kasey adds. "That helped a lot."

"To think I thought that idea was silly when Kitty suggested it." Kurt notes to himself.

"Whatever, it was still Bobby level stupid of you guys to think you could take on Doctor Doom!" Rogue continues, making Bobby glare a bit.

"Seriously, I'm standing RIGHT here!"

"Yes, you are, and you should all freeze right now!" Another fanatic tells them, pointing his weapon at them.

"Oh, dude, you had to say freeze." Kurt rolls his eyes at the goon, before Bobby instantly freezes a portion of his body.

"Hey! Release me you Capitalist puppets!"

"Yeah, because calling people Capitalist puppets really makes them want to release you." Rogue rolls her eyes. "Come on, if we're doing this, then we should do it fast. But Inviso-chick? Go and get the idiots outside, they'll be needed or something like this."

"OK." Frankie nods, disappearing to go find them.

"You two idiots? Come with us."


"Richards you coward!" Doom yells into the camera as another minute passes. "You can save everyone here by showing your face, and yet you still hide? To think they consider you a hero!"

"God, he's like a James Bond villain, or Darth Vadar." Bobby quips as they sneak around the large room Doom has taken over.

"Imagine if James Bond fought Darth Vadar, that would be awesome." Kurt muses to himself.

"Focus already." Rogue told the two of them.

"Yeah, aren't you supposed to be the mature ones that show us how its done?" Rogers comments, as he and the others follow them.

"Honestly, I think that only applies to the pale goth one." Ava notes turning to Bobby. "I'm pretty sure this one's the cute one."

"Well, nice to know someone appreciates me." Bobby smirks, making Rogue and Kurt roll their eyes at him. As Bobby starts to comment on that, he's distracted by a buzzing in his pocket, coming from his phone. "I got a message from Jubes. 'B there in 5, got a surprise 4 u guys'. Wow, writing like that physically hurts my eyes"

"I'm pretty sure we have a job to do now, so what's the plan?" Kasey asks them when they stop, now perched somewhere they can see Doom and his forces.

"Well, you're deadweight; you need to stay out of the way with the Bug kid and the Inviso-chick." Rogue tells him. "Instead, you need to work out a way to get the hostages to safety. I want Lightning girl, Minnie Mouse, and the living Dynamo there to help Kurt and Bobby draw away his robots and goons."

"What about Doom? He's supposed to be a really tough guy, you'd need everyone working together to take him out." Rogers asks, making Rogue smirk.

"Evidently, no one's told you what my power is." Rogue takes off one of her gloves, holding the bare hand out for the others to touch.

Back down in the centre stage, Doom continues to make a show to the cameras, as two Goons grab one of the world leaders in stage, dragging them forward.

"Still not showing yourself? Richards your absence reveals more about your character then showing up would. For this, the blood of this man is on your head. I hope that his country can forgive you." Doom starts, holding a large laser rifle of some sorts to the British Prime Minister's head. As he starts to pull the trigger, a Bamf! Is heard, before a pale hand grabs the gun, freezing it completely and making it shatter, before a punch, one supported by an electric charge, hits his shoulder, sending him forward.

"Who dares attack Doom!?"

"I dare." Rogue retorts, cracking her fingers. "You going to give me a reason not to?"

"Shoot her!" He yells to his men and machines, only for an electric storm to hit them, knocking their weapons from their hands.

"I'm getting pretty good at this." Ava cheers, as she and Bobby ride one of his ice slides, with her firing lightning bolts at them. As one tries to turn his attention to the ice slide, however, Rogers blasts them back with one of his energy beams, then Kurt teleports in to grab them, teleport away, then return in a different spot, allowing the man to the fly back into two others.

"Guess your boys and toys are a little preoccupied." Rogue smirks, making Doom glare.

"Very well." He pushes his cape back, taking a fighting pose, before he and Rogue charge at each other, swinging their respective fists at the other.

Rogue is tossed out of the building, hard, with the only thing stopping her from dying being a quickly formed ice shield, only for Doom to rush forward, grabbing her by the throat.

"You're an X-Man, correct? I've had no reason to make war with your team, but now here I am, gripping your life in my hand." Doom monologues aloud, holding her up in the air. "You know, when you stop breathing, I'll make sure to kill the Prime Minister who's life you tried to save, just to let the people of England know that it was your kind, your team, your hand, that caused his death, and let them blame your memory so.."

"You know." A voice echoes behind him, before a tree hits him over the head. "By personal experience, I'm pretty sure the people over there would be celebrating our names if that happened."

Rogue nearly falls to the ground, before teleporting up and making an ice slide to support herself, smirking at the timely arrival of Brian, with Jubilee in tow.

"I'll go inside, help the others." Jubilee told them, making her way down the ice structure Rogue made as Brian removes one of his gloves, holding a hand out to her.

"I think you'd be best of flying, it's a lot more pragmatic in a fight then making ice slides." He tells her, to which she accepts, taking his hand and stepping into the air. "Sorry if there's a rush of thoughts in there, the Prof did a bit of spring cleaning just a minute ago, things are a little everywhere."

"Its fine." Rogue replies, gripping her forehead a bit. "Though, when we have some free time, you have to explain the 'millions of other Brians' thing I just saw."

"Fun story, its got a dragon in it." Brian smirks, until the two of them are hit back by Doom recovering, blasting the two with his own energy beams.

Brian manages to recover before he hits the ground, flying back up, while Rogue rapidly teleports to regain her senses, then begins floating up as well. Before she can react, however, Doom is flying at her again. She instinctively makes a wall of ice, but he shatters it and hits her higher up. She makes another, to which he shatters again, and another, and then another, each one promptly destroyed by Doom, until he's tackled out of the way by Brian.

However, while Brian tries to wrestle him to the ground, Doom, despite not having the same strength level, manages to overpower him, twisting his arms around and holding him incapacitated.

"You don't know how to fight, do you?" Doom guesses. "You're a powerful boy, but you fight like a pubescent bookworm. What, did daddy not teach you how to fight?"

"Don't talk about my father." Brian mutters between grunts of pain, as he tries to pull his arms free from the much more skilled fighter.

Brian pulls as hard as he can, until the sound of metal snapping is heard. Brian looks in surprise and horror when he sees a severed arm gripping his own, until he realizes it's a robotic arm.

"You're not Doom." Brian looks at the one-armed robot in surprise, who releases his grip to let him float in front of him. "You're another Doombot."

"Smart boy." The Doombot mutters, until an weapon of some kind ejects from is shoulder, blasting Brian back and sending him hurling down. Rogue catches him, teleporting the two to safety.

"How strong's that force of yours? How much can you take?" Rogue asks Brian.

"Well, I was once set on fire, lasted half an hour without any problem." Brian explains.

"Good, I'm tired of this." Rogue flies back up, making an ice shield again when Doom charges her, but teleports away before he can hurt her, instead making him just destroy a useless piece of ice, and giving Rogue the distraction to strike from behind with a large bolt of lightning and a blast of energy, disrupting him for a second. He recovers and swings at her, firing his cannon, but she dodges he blast and tears the weapon off.

Doombot shoves her back, getting ready to blast her head off, but she teleports away. The robot looks around to see where she went, until it detects a significant drop in temperature from inside its core.

With its one good arm, it reaches down to its chest as it starts to frost over, the ice slowly growing, until it covers his entire chest cavity and promptly shatters, revealing Rogue inside, a little worse for wear, what with he fact she just teleported inside it, but the robot is down and destroyed, the head landing and exploding.

"Damn." Rogers mutters, watching this after the group had taken care of Doom's men and machines.

"You know, I don't know who he is, but that British guy up there's kinda hot." Ava comments, joining him in watching them, while Alex merely smiles.

"I'm going to like it here."


"...And we know what we did was stupid, and reckless, and borders on suicidal, but we were just trying to do the right thing." Grelot tells the Professor, several hours later as the group of students stand in front of him, with Rogue and the other established X-Men sitting behind him, using the main stairs as seats while he listens carefully to what they have to say.

"They were stupid to try it, but if they hadn't, people would've died." Jubilee speaks up for their defence.

"And considering how untrained they were, they did pretty good." Kurt adds.

"Yes, well." Xavier clears his throat. "I don't want to repeat of this, understand? While this time things worked out for the best, it could have been much worse. However, given your demonstrated potential, it would be foolish to not support you. Until we find where the others are, Rogue and the others will act as teaching staff for the time being. I'll be contacting my friends on Muir Island to have them help, and anyone else I can contact. Until then, you're dismissed."

"Yes! We didn't get kicked out over this!" Ava cheers. "Come on, let's try more of those Danger Room simulations, we're kicking ass so far with them."

"I second that!" Alex agrees, as the group move downstairs, leaving the others to watch, standing up from the stairs and stepping to down to join the Professor.

"How are you feeling?" Charles asks Brian, looking up to him.

"Considering my friends and my sister are missing, as good as I can be."

"And you?" Charles turns to Rogue.

"I'm just glad we won't be teaching them by ourselves. So, what are you thinking? How are you going to get teachers who can take care of them?"

"I've been thinking it over." Xavier starts, glancing to the side to see the news on TV, depicting Magneto stopping several nuclear missiles from being launched from Latveria, something that makes Charles smile a bit. "But for now we shouldn't worry about that. We've got important things to deal with, so you should all relax and rest-"

Their attention is taken away by the sound of the door behind them opening.

"...I can't believe I got dragged into this, the music sucked!" Scott's younger brother complains, as he and the two other students to last join the Institute, Megan 'Pixie' Gwynn and Victor 'Anole' Borkowski, walk in, with the latter pair dressed head to toe in Allison Blaire merchandise. "I mean, who combines disco with punk? Its silly!"

"You just don't know music, it was awesome!" Megan retorts, bouncing back into the room happily.

"Don't pretend you didn't have fun." Vic adds, shutting off the image inducer he was using.

"Hi!" Pixie waves at the group of students-turned temporary teachers. "What we miss?"


Next time-

With the Institute getting help from everyone they can, including Magneto and Emma Frost, hysteria starts to take hold, and the new class is forced to help fight a riot. Meanwhile, two shady groups take action; one trying to kill the remaining students, the other meanwhile looking for the missing heroes, but not for beneficial purposes. Introducing the Evolution version of the Friends of Humanity, and the Hellfire Club, and how they respectfully tie in to the upcoming Presidential Election and the X-Men's ally and resident woman-in-white.



-So, yeah, that's the basic plot for this arc: The X-Men are missing and the newbies need to find out who took them, or at least someone who could find them. Who took them? Was it the Skrulls? Was it mutant haters? Was it Nimrod? Was it Daken? Was it Galactus? Who knows! Well, I do, but that's spoilers! As well as that, Magneto's trying to reach out to Charles now that Xavier's in a vulnerable place after watching it happen, and the remaining students have to grow up a bit to take care of them.

-So, I went down from eleven OCs to just six, and only because these are the ones that I could think of any plot use for. Some, such as Stunner and Scales, were characters I wanted to use for a while but had to drop for a few reasons. So, these are the characters with actual use for the plot:

-Alex Rogers: Group leader, who's main character arc is dealing with the sudden responsibility of being a leader. He's someone who's always been relatively laidback but is thrust into a position of authority they don't think they can handle.

-Ava Bronte: Second in Command/Lancer, who's main character arc is that she's, basically, the cliché mean girl, now forced to befriend the misfits, that's the basic way to describe it. She's not a bad person, she's just relatively shallow, and now that's something she needs to go without.

-Grelot Fendwick: The token misfit; She's a girl with anger issues and a problem with humans, born from her life of abuse because of her appearance, as she tries hard to see the perspective of Xavier's teachings but finds herself drawn more to Magneto's views.

-Tray Allrut: The other misfit, though of the awkward kind rather than the physical kind. Tray is both the scout, and the moral compass. The rest of the group may not always treat him as well as they could, but they really don't care for anyone treating him badly. Also makes him a great Damsel when needed.

-Kasey Dover: Kasey, now he's mostly here because I didn't want to reduce the character count any lower, as he, and Frankie, aren't vital to the plot, so his role is primarily to serve subplots and gain some character development.

-Frankie Mussoli: I had to make a change to Frankie, in that she now has a voice. I found her way too hard to incorporate with her being unable to speak, so I had to change that. Frankie is like Kasey, in that she has no se to the overall plot, so she'll mostly be there for character development as well.

-Magneto visiting Charles, I imagine, is sorta like when an ex visits you after hearing you just lost someone/something and need someone to turn to. Magneto realizes Xavier's going through hell right now (remember, as far as Charles is concerned, the students are his children, and he has no idea if that beam abducted them or flash vaporized them, so its as if he's a grieving father), and Magneto wants to be there for him. Charles doesn't necessarily want him there, but Charles being Charles, he encourages him to stay so he can try and get his best friend back.

-Doom calling people Sheep was completely and shamelessly ripped from Iron Man 3, from the speech by you-know-who.

-The bit with the 'other Brians' and 'story with a dragon' was a small hint towards Brian's connection to the Captain Britain Corps. I've been reading up on this since Brian's playing a semi-big role in this arc, and wanted to flesh out Brian's history a bit.

-The Scene at the end was to explain where those three were. They were introduced recently, but had no place to fit here; they couldn't be missing since that would require them being out fighting already, while they would've interfered with the plot a bit if they were hanging around, so for now, they're going to play an extra role until I find some use for them.

-I've decided that at some point in the future, I'm probably going to make a fourth spinoff fic, following the larger cast of students now. I figured that since plots mostly focus on the main team (though primarily Scott and Logan, I've noticed, but I've tried to give Kitty, Kurt, and Rogue as much plot as I can), the New Recruits (who's name has become as out-dated as Doug Walker's primary character now that he no longer critiques nostalgic films), and X-23 (I can't help that, the girl's too awesome to not write), I'm going to make this fix focuses exclusively on these characters, and make a second story that focuses on one-threeshots about everyone else, with occasional spillage between. Though, it depends on how much free time I have, though in a few months I finish college and will be, essentially, unemployed with nothing going until I get a job, so I'll have plenty of free time (being that, looking for jobs is a lot easier and less time consuming then college courses with buttloads of assignment work).