The man in the black

After a fun night of hanging out with my friends, I started to walk home. It was a dark, eerie night; I had only the light of the full moon to guide me home. While I was about half way home I heard heavy footsteps behind me. I started to walk faster when something grabbed me by my pony tail and threw me up against the tree. I screamed at the sight of the figure. It was a tall man dressed in all black. He was smiling in a devilish way; his teeth glistened in the moonlight. To my horror, he had a pair of long, sharp fangs. I started to plead; "no, please don't kill me!" but the man seamed not to hear my pleads. His long fangs cut deep into my neck and started to drink my blood. I started to feel sleepy and my eyes started to close. Three seconds later I slipped away into what seemed like an endless sleep.

To my surprise, I woke to the sight of the bright sun shining in my face. I hoped that last night's experience with a vampire was just a dream and that I just decided to bunk with my friend for the night. I stood up, feeling a little dizzy, and looked around. I wasn't at my friend's house. I was slumped up against an old oak tree. While trying to convince myself that last night was a dream, I started to walk home. Since it was early morning, some joggers were running before they had to go to work. When one jogger passed me, my stomach growled. I felt something sharp against my lip. I ran my tongue over my teeth and dropped my jaw in horror. I had two fangs just like the vampire I encountered last night! I realized that now I have to drink the blood of innocent souls. I was scared. Will I ever be able to see my mother again? Will a vampire like I ever be able to live in the town of Marcellus without drinking the blood of every person I see?