An: this is in answer to a challenge from ann10550, and Voldie is dead

The manor was decorated top to bottom; it was not every day that the boy who lived was turning six years old. The manor had been receiving shipments of gifts for over a week now, as the fans wanted to celebrate his birthday. It had been nearly five years since the Halloween when Voldemort was destroyed, and the world looked on with awe at their savoir as he was growing up. They were already taking bets on how he would do in school in five years, when he was in school. Not only had he saved the world when he was fifteen months old, but he had been showing accidental magic before even that, he was sure to be powerful.

The world expected a lot from Evan James Potter, eldest of Lord James Potter, and his muggle born but powerful wife Lily. They expected a lot from both Potter children; even three year old Rosalie Lily Potter was showing magic early on.

Lily walked through the house inspecting everything was perfect, until she spotted him."What are you doing down here brat? I won't have you ruining Evan's party."

Harry looked up at her timidly, hiding a balloon behind his back. "I just wanted to see the decorations, no one will see me."

Lily had hated this child from the moment she had seen him, he had the audacity to be born the same day as her precious son. She had always known her husband was bi, but he could not keep his cock in his pants, and had been cheating on her. She would not have cared, it was common enough, but that his slut was a married man too. When the baby was born, Harry was the image of his father, and the slut's husband refused to even pretend. For some reason James agreed to take the little bastard in, not wanting the papers to call him a monster, but Lily refused to even touch the child. They received the rare money from Harry's carrier father, but the man and his husband now had a daughter and another child on the way.

She grabbed the boy and took the balloon while spanking him hard. "You lying little brat. If I even see you out of the attic for a week, I promise you will regret it."

Sirius' voice came from behind. "Lily, what is wrong?"

James had come into the room with Remus and Sirius, his two best friends, who had been married for a year now. Lil had never really approved of them, they reminded her husband of his bachelor days, and were one of the reasons for this little brat even existing.

Lily plastered on her sweetest smile."I was reminding this child he still had chores to do. Now move."

Remus stopped Harry before he scampered by. "Happy birthday Harry."

Harry took the box from him and scurried up the stairs, not stopping till he came to the attic. The marauders were two of the few who even acknowledged he was alive, but they soon forgot about him as he ran up the stairs. If either of them ever noticed how small he was and the bruises on him, or the fact he was not included in the party, they never said anything. The box, which would have a few books, was the closest thing to a gift he received. They were second hand, books that Remus was done reading, but Harry would treasure them. Some were books on old magic, and Harry would spend hours pouring over them.

Harry was surprised when he found a few balloons and a little cupcake for him."What?"

A few of the little manor house elves appeared, led by the head elf Croppy. "Happy birthday little master."

The tiny little room not much bigger than a pantry, was made to look as festive as possible. Harry found a second package, once a year or so he received one, and had no idea from whom. His carrier dad had sworn to his husband he would never see his bastard again, but once a year at least he sent a little gift.

Harry blew out the candle on his cupcake, with tears in his eyes, as the elves sang. "Happy birthday to me."