Pallian the Charmer

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A soft warm breeze blew through the trees of the Rosewood forest. Aside from the rustling of leaves, not a sound was heard. Except, that is, of the growls from a goblin archer.

"Darn goblin champs, always stealin' the good grub," grumbled the goblin. It had been going on four days since he had a meal that could fill him halfway up. The obviously disgruntled goblin was sure to gather some friends and attack any nearby village sometime soon. It was just that way with goblins. They either followed orders, attacked, and got killed, or they were starving, so they attacked and got killed. Unless they attacked in extremely large parties, they were just a nuisance.

Unfortunately for this goblin, he wasn't going to go much farther. For he didn't realize, that someone was hiding in a tree behind him.

It was an elf. And he had already drawn an arrow in his bowstring. He knew that the goblin had a strong armor on his back. He would have to wait until the goblin turned around. Then, and only then, could he make a quick kill.

The goblin was oblivious to the elf, but when he saw smoke rising in a direction, he decided to check it out. He had just turned around when…

TWANG! With a single arrow, the goblin fell. It had surprised Pallian the Charmer, for that was the name of the elf. Pallian normally would had to had wait a good while until the goblin let his guard down, but strangely enough, he had turned looking toward the sky. Pallian quickly ran down and checked him and found a small pouch. After fumbling a bit with the rope tying the pouch shut, he yanked the rope off and pulled out some glittering gold coins. It would probably be the only money he made that day, but it would be enough. Not that he needed any money.

Pallian turned and saw some dark black smoke rising in the south. It was a definite indication of a building being assaulted. He did a double check on the goblin, just to make sure he had no other belongings, and then quickly set off toward the smoke.

Pallian's feet hardly made a noise as he seemingly glided across the leaves. It was fall, nearing winter in these northern reaches. The trees of Rosewood Forest were turning beautiful shades of red, orange, and gold. Fall always indicated Harvest Time, in any kingdom. It was a bad time for attacks, because all peasants were off in the fields.

Pallian was heading in the direction of East Village. East Village was a small town at the foot of Mount Vendral, the birthplace of the feared two-headed dragon Vendral. Truth be told, Vendral was already dead, but no one, save a few heroes and explorers, knew of this. Word did not travel fast in Ardania, and since there was a mountain range separating north and south, it was even more difficult for news to get up here.

In any case, East Village was very well fortified from attacks. Many had taken huge precautions in case Vendral came back. Pallian was very knowledgeable of info and the latest news in the south, because he had just recently journeyed up here.

Pallian had needed a place to stay for the winter, and since he managed to get here after crossing the mountains, he gladly accepted a place as a bartender at 'Keefer's Rest.' Unfortunately, he wasn't fast enough to make the drinks for the heroes, and lost his job there. Pallian had gotten desperate, and finally found a place at an embassy in East Village. He hoped it wasn't the attacker's target.

When he arrived, he saw a troll, simply annoyed at a guardhouse. Though his annoyance had caused a great deal of damage to the guardhouse. To his great disgust, he saw the veteran guard assigned to the guardhouse motionless on the ground. Pallian assumed he was dead. It was a familiar sight, but brought sadness of course. He had just pulled an arrow from his pouch when a voice called out "Step back, fair one, for this is a job for Lunord!"

"And what would Lunord know about fighting?" asked Pallian, turning around and putting his arrow away.

"He knows the ways of agility, and without agility, many would be dead in battle," said an adept jogging next to Pallian. "A fair one such as you should know that."

Pallian knew the adept well. His name was Gayle Swiftstaff, and he had befriended Pallian ever since he came to the Emabassy. "Now step back and behold the power of Lunord!"

Gayle pulled out his staff and jumped on the top of the guardhouse, and, saying a silent prayer to Lunord, jumped off smacked his staff on the head of the troll. Gayle seemed to sit, frozen in mid-air, his staff connected on the very top of the troll.

Pallian hadn't ever seen anything like it. Gayle jumped back from the troll, and the troll, ever so slowly, stumbled forward and with a large KA-CRASH! fell to the ground.

"What in the name of Agrela was that?" asked Pallian, still a little shocked.

"It's called my 'Death from above'." Answered Gayle calmly.

"It just seemed to knock him out to me," Pallian managed a smile.

"Yes, well anyway, I'm going to take this beast to North Village. They say that trolls have a large amount of magic ingredients in them, and the wizards' are paying handsome amounts in gold for these 'ingredients'." Said Gayle, as he shouldered one of the troll's arms. "Would you like to come?"

"This close to night?!" answered Pallian, a little shocked. "You and I both know the Shadow Beasts come out then!"

"With Lunord's speed on my side, I could make it to there and back 5 times before nightfall." Bragged Gayle.

"Whatever. I just hope you'll be alright. I'm going to the Embassy now." Pallian said, taking one more look at the wrecked guardhouse. Then, he set off toward a large hill, the Embassy on the very top.

Many children were out in the street playing, probably very excited about the Harvest. The poor children would be eating a feast, while the richer kids would be eating even more. The children of any size, age, or family, would consider it a feast any way you look at it.

Pallian also passed the Temple for Agrela. Pallian could never trace it back, but somewhere, he had grown a fondness for Agrela. Pallian couldn't remember much of his childhood. He had just jumped around from inns, and embassies, and bungalows. He was a teenager then. He just lived in an assortment of different locations, but never a Temple to Agrela. He just wasn't sure why, but he said a silent prayer as he passed.

Pallian grasped the wool blankets, sweating. He was having a terrible nightmare. He turned over. He could see it in his dream. A healer at an Agrelan temple… some stairs… he saw a room… it was his room… but how could it be… he just knew it was… then fire… fire everywhere… Minotaurs attacking… destroying and burning flowers… destroying pillars… WAIT! He saw an elf. The elf was crying, sobbing, and there was a healer telling the elf to run. The healer had drawn a dagger. Then, the elf child ran… NO! The minotaurs had him! One raised his axe, and a very strong hand grabbed Pallian's shoulder…

"NOOO! THE MINOTAURS!" shouted Pallian, sitting bolt upright in bed.

"How did you know?" asked Gayle, a worried look on his face.

Pallian quickly glanced around his room, and, upon remembering where he was, and seeing Gayle concerned face, he said "What is it?"

Gayle sighed. "When I got to North Village, it was night. I had just reached the Wizard's Guild when a Minotaur roar had shattered the silence, and suddenly, they were everywhere! I was going to…"

"You fled?" Pallian interrupted. "We have to help them!"

Pallian jumped out of bed, snatching his bow and his pack of arrows. He rushed out of the Embassy, and stopped dead. The minotaurs had reached East Village! He quickly pulled out an arrow and fired. Again, he pulled an arrow and fired. A large black minotaur was heading toward him. He pulled yet another arrow and fired.

"FOR LUNORD!" shouted Gayle, and Pallian looked up and saw Gayle's shape silhouetted on the moon. Gayle jumped from the embassy at the minotaur, but the minotaur just reached up and grabbed Gayle, throwing him rolling down the hill. Pallian gasped. The minotaur then turned to him.

"I…" Pallian managed to say before the minotaur raised his axe. The was a whoosh, then Pallian, stood, feeling empty. He fell over, feeling as if his body had separated from his spirit. He felt a numb sort of pain. He felt like he was on a river, slowly flowing, now faster. He came to a waterfall now, and he was falling. He heard Gayle shouting… but he was up there, so it didn't matter. He heard the roar of the minotaur… but it didn't matter now. He was leaving, he wasn't sure where he was going to go, but they didn't matter. Nothing mattered now.