Life Size


Yours truly! ME! Katie-lee B.


This was going to be another fan-fiction story, but since my friends made me join nanowrimo this year again, I thought it would be perfect!

Darien is your typical mid-twenties nerd! Works hard, gets paid lots… but doesn't know what to do with his life, OR how to get the girls.

While co-designing new software for a game, he designs this "dream girl" based on his own wishes and desires.

Things take turn happening, and upon running into a crazy lady with weird profits, Darien's life gets turned upside down, and inside out!

With his "dream pixel girl" real now… he learns so conquer his fear for girls, and learns to really appreciate himself, and understand what it is like to have something you truly love, and want to protect.


I guess any age really o.o maybe T: 13 yrs Plus.


I DO NOT own any of the Sailor Moon characters! Nor do I own the original story line of 'Life Size'. I am just merely combining the two, and creating a whole new story!


Every day I am going to try to write more of this story, but as each chapter is completed, I will be posting them! So HOPEFULLY! If I don't get distracted, a WHOLE and complete story should be posted within the month of November!

Nonawrimo [National Writing Month] starts November 1 and finished November 30!

So expect, buckle your seats! And get ready!

Let's see if it is possible for me to complete a story with-in a month xD haha!

Then MAYBE I'll be able to finish my other stories 3

Please stay tuned!