SpaceBook Status Updates

Spock ignored the invitation to join Vulcan Science Academy.
Spock accepted the invitation to join Starfleet Academy.

Jim Kirk thinks Jack Straight Up is a fine man's drink.
Jack Straight Up makes Jim Kirk think he can take on four cadets and win.
Captain Pike is a fan of Your Guide to Successful Ear Splitting Whistles in 30 days or Less. {Become a fan.}
Captain Pike needs to fill his cadet recruiting quota to level up in the Academy. {Click here to join his crew.}
Jim Kirk and Leonard McCoy accepted Captain Pike's invitation to join his crew.
Leonard McCoy is a fan of Dramamine and Air Sickness Bags. {Become a fan.}

Cadet Kirk friend requested Cadet Uhura.
Cadet Uhura ignored Cadet Kirk's friend request.
Cadet Kirk friend requested Cadet Uhura.
Cadet Uhura blocked Cadet Kirk from her profile.

Cadet McCoy accepted Cadet Kirk's friend request.
Cadet Uhura ignored Cadet McCoy's friend request.

Cadet Kirk is on level one of Pass the Kobayashi Maru.
Cadet Kirk invited Cadet McCoy to join his Kobayashi Maru crew.
Cadet McCoy reluctantly accepted Cadet Kirk's invitation to join his Kobayashi Maru crew.
Cadet McCoy wrote on Cadet Kirk's wall: You can't beat it. No one has ever beaten it.
Commander Spock likes Cadet McCoy's comment.

Cadet Kirk reached level two of Pass the Kobyashi Maru.
Cadet Kirk is the first to ever reach level four of Pass the Kobayashi Maru.
Cadet Kirk thinks Commander Spock should take a chill over the Kobayashi Maru.
Commander Spock thinks Cadet Kirk should know it sucks to be him, and he'll make sure.

Cadet Uhura heard something about an electrical storm in space.
Cadet Gaila is a fan of Dumb Hicks from Iowa. {Become a fan.}

Cadet Uhura accepted Commander Spock's friend request.
Cadet Uhura changed her relationship status from single to it's complicated.

Cadet McCoy is a fan of Pointy Eared Hobgoblins. {Become a fan.}
Commander Spock poked Cadet Uhura.
Cadet Uhura poked Commander Spock back.

Captain Nero ignored Spock's friend request in both his realities.

Cadet Kirk wrote on Cadet McCoy's Wall: If you come near me with one more hypospray, I'll put it where the sun don't shine. And I don't mean outerspace.
Commander Spock likes Cadet Kirk's comment on Cadet McCoy's wall.
Captain Pike thinks Cadet Kirk should chill the f*^# down.
Security Officer Cupcake has been permanently banned from SpaceBook for posting threats of bodily harm to other SpaceBook users on his wall.

Commander Spock requested someone explain the concept of Human humor to him so he could understand why Captain Pike joked that Cadet Kirk was now first officer.

Cadet Sulu friend requested Cadet Kirk.
Cadet Kirk accepted Cadet Sulu's friend request and added him to his list: People I've almost died saving.
Cadet Sulu sent Cadet Kirk an invitation to join his Ninja-Fencing-Warriors Clan.
Cadet Kirk accepted Cadet Sulu's invitation to join his Ninja-Fencing-Warriors Clan and sent him a free retractable sword. {Click here to send your own free Ninja-Fencing-Warrior gifts.}
Cadet Sulu unliked Starfleet Standard Issue Parachutes.

Cadet Sulu friend requested Cadet Chekov.
Cadet Chekov accepted Cadet Sulu's friend request.
Cadet Sulu wrote on Cadet Chekov's wall: Sure am glad you can do that.
Cadet Kirk likes Cadet Sulu's post.
Chekov is a fan of Mother Russia. {Become a fan.}

Captain Nero invited Captain Pike to an informal information sharing opportunity.
Captain Pike attempted to decline Captain Nero's invitation.
Captain Nero refused to accept no from Captain Pike.

Cadet Kirk thinks Vulcan nerve pinches suck.
Commander Spock accepted Cadet Kirk's friend request just so he could immediately unfriend him.
Cadet Kirk doesn't think he should stay in the pod and wait for rescue.
Cadet Kirk wishes he could post pictures of the animals? insects? creatures? he encountered on Delta Vega but was too busy running for his life.

Cadet Kirk commented on Spock's status and wondered which Spock had written it. We are meant to be friends? ORLY? SRSLY?
Cadet Kirk cannot discuss what happened on Delta Vega without creating universe-ending-cataclysmic-consequences.

Engineer Scott leveled up by discovering the formula for transwarp beaming.
Engineer Scott became a fan of sandwiches. {Become a fan.}
Engineer Scott became a fan of tribbles. {Become a fan.}
Admiral Archer unfriended Engineer Scott and wants to know where his dog is.
Engineer Scott invites you to join his water coolant tube surfing team. {Click here to join. Click here to build your own water coolant tube surfing course. Click here to invite your friends to join your water coolant tube surfing team.}
Engineer Scott became a fan of escape hatches. {Become a fan.}
Cadet Kirk accepted Engineer Scott's friend request.
Engineer Scott is a fan of the Enterprise. {Become a fan.}

Commander Spock is emotionally compromised.
Cadet Kirk changed his status to Captain.

Captain Kirk wrote on Captain Nero's wall: Epic Fail.
Captain Nero is no longer online.

Commander Spock accepted Ambassador Spock's friend request.

Captain Kirk has 430 friend requests.