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I am and that's all I will ever be. I can't believe I'm coming back here, but that's what my job is calling for me to do. This damn town changed my life seventy five years ago and when it happened, I left hoping to never return again. I can't help but reminisce on that fateful day. The day everything fucking changed…

I was on my way home from Jacob's the pack was finally getting used to me, though, they still referred to me as the leech lover and as Jared so eloquently put it "Vampire girl". We had just had another bonfire because they had caught Laurent and were still seeking out Victoria. I was on the highway when I noticed constant movement in the forest lining the stretch of road; it was becoming more and more prominent. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Soon I was pulling into the drive at home and saw Charlie's cruiser parked in its spot. I was late, but still had time to fix him dinner if he wanted. I parked my truck and ran inside, accidently slamming the door behind me.

"Dad, I'm home. Sorry I was late. The boys had a bon-"I stopped in my tracks when I saw the tiny girl with my dad's throat in her claws.

"Well, well. Look what we have here boys." She spoke.

That's when I noticed two men come from the shadows behind me. The only light in the house that was on was the slight glow from Charlie's sports show on the TV. One was lean and tall but still well built. The other was a massive man that reminded me of my estranged brother bear. That thought alone almost brought tears to my eyes.

"Jane, don't play with your food." Tall and lean spoke.

"We have more to do tonight demon child, things I am sure would be more fun than the old man." Well built man spoke in a deep voice. I knew who they were talking about. The fear in my father's eyes was breaking me. I started silently crying as this Jane replied.

"Very well boys. Hold her!"She roared just before sinking her teeth into his flesh. I tried to jump to him and my fingers grazed his outreached hands slightly before he dropped lifelessly to his side; she was draining him fast.

"NO! Dad! I'm sorry, I am so sorry! I love you."I screamed out whispering my love for him tthe end, as she let his body fall to the floor before wiping her mouth with her dark sleeve.

Without thinking I turned into the arms of tall and lean sobbing. Surprisingly his arms held me as I sobbed.

"What the fuck are you doing Demetri? Comforting our marks now are you? Here I am, not allowed to play, and what the fuck do you call what you are doing?" Jane hissed. So, that was his name, Demetri. I knew my time was short.

"Please just kill me. My life is over anyway." Demetri's grasp tightened as I spoke.

"Oh we plan to, but not before we get the information we need." She growled.

"What could I offer you?"

"For one, you know of our kind their scent still lingers here. Tell us how you know."

"I figured it out on my own after talking to a friend of mine. They know from their legends; no one told me anything. I fell in love with one of your kind, and was left unwanted. Ironically this isn't the first time I have come across human drinkers as well." They gasped

"Then how are you alive, girl?" The deep voice spoke.

"I shouldn't be. I was bitten by a tracker, but the venom was sucked out by the one I fell in love with. He was a part of a small coven of three. The other two members were out for revenge, but one is no longer here as my friends disposed of him."

"Your friends are vampires?" Demetri asked

"NO, my family was, but my friends are werewolves."

They all gasped.

"What about this so called family of yours." Jane inched closer.

"I was told I was loved by them. I wanted to be with them, with him. On my eighteenth birthday a family member lunged for me when I received a paper cut and the love of my life left. I wasn't good enough for him. He realized this and left; they all did. No goodbye, nothing. Now I have nothing left, so if you will quit fucking with me and just do it already" I roared.

As much as my family hurt me I wouldn't give these vampires any more information about them.

"With pleasure!" Jane growled and sprung for me. It all happened so fast, the next thing I knew, I was flipped and behind Demetri. As Jane lunged for me he hit her hard enough that she actually lost some sort of consciousness and he did the same to the well built man. He scooped me up in his arms and soon I found the wind flowing by me. Soon enough we had come to a stop. He had brought me to La Push, to a small cave on their land that faced the ocean on the cliffs edge.

He placed me on my feet gently.

"I am sorry for this, but we don't have much time they won't be out long. I can tell you're still hurting. I can see there is more to you than this. If I don't do this they will kill you. I am sorry. I will find you after this; don't give up hope dear girl." With that he sunk his teeth in my neck

That is my story in its basic form. I was given up by my protectors, my love and my family to only be found by The Volturi. My change left me bitter. The Boys were spilt in support of me, some saw no difference others saw me as a threat now. I managed to go back to my house in the dead of night to gather a few belongings; mementos if you will. That's when I noticed the loose floorboard. That asshole!! I packed a bag and kissed Charlie's head before torching the house. I stood in the woods watching my former home burn. A few days after my house burnt to the ground, they held a dual funeral. They never came. Some of the pack showed, as well as Angela and Ben. They others from school came as well, but didn't stay. Figures.

When I left Forks I swore to never set foot there again. Now, the Agency needs me here for god only knows why. I have yet to be briefed on my mark, but my girls are here waiting for me.

My girls...Now there is a story in itself. I was wandering the UK when I came across them, Keira and Claire. Now you couldn't have two people more opposite than the two. Claire and Keira are around the same height, both elite members of the Agency, but that is where the similarities end. Claire is the light of day where Keira is the darkest night. Claire is a shapely girl and busty as hell. She would have been a blonde bombshell as a human. Her hair is a little longer than shoulder length and a beautiful medium blonde, almost golden. Her oval face and pouty lips only assists her plight since her power is that of persuasion. The little bitch can get in your head like no other. I still crack the fuck up when I remember what she did to Demetri. I wouldn't let her light demeanor fool you though, she is a spitfire!

Keira, now she is the epitome of a femme fatale. You would never guess it with her round angel face, but she gets off on that shit. She thrives on her enemy second guessing her and then stomping their ass in the ground. She is a dark vixen with, believe it or not, a pale tan skin. Her hair flows in waves like dark chocolate. Her lips are heart shaped and pouty. Angelina Jolie herself had nothing on this girl. Both are 5'7" and basically sex on legs. Both are deadly.

I have changed some myself when the fires receded. My height grew to 5'7", my bust filled and hips rounded. My hair was now flowing waves of chestnut and auburn. My most significant changes, though, are internal. I just don't give a fuck anymore. My only bonds are with the girls and the mistress herself.

The girls know the basics of my story where mistress knows all. I seriously wonder why she chose my team to secure this mark knowing what she does. None the less I owe her everything. I finally fit in and am an equal. I joined her agency shortly after meeting the girls. They themselves trained me and helped me evolve my power. I am but a shield. No shock there. What is different now is with their help it has evolved into a super shield. Its strength can be used with force; I can block mental abilities as well as physical ones. If I force my shield onto a person in question I can tap into their minds with it, though, I try not to. Nobody wants to hear the sick and twisted shit people can come up with. It is a blessing in interrogation though.

With the Agency taking me in I was privileged with classified information, our enemy is and forever will be, The Volturi. Their tyrant ways of governing our kind will come to an end. After what that bitch Jane did to Charlie I look forward to the day where the bitch will be nothing but purple flames.

The members of the agency are nothing more than skilled assassins. We hunt those the Volturi intend to use as their own to either kill or join. We aren't merciless like the Volturi. They can join our ranks even as humans, though they won't get much action that way. We protect those that are still human and train those that aren't. If they are evil in nature and siding with our enemy we dispose of them quickly.

The Agency has one rule: to be swift silent and deadly. I have my own. My creed if you will. Never get attached.