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Chapter 10 AC


I knew Kathy had something up her sleeves and by the way she was talking, meant that she had some other food source in mind for tonight. There was only one other I knew of, and I would be damned if I let her con me into some strange old bet with an old friend of hers. A century earlier I would have been all for it but now, there was no way in hell I would be sharing even a rabbit with them as a meal. I had to think of something and seeing Jasper and Demetri still in the back gave me an idea.

I crept over to Jasper from behind and slithered my hands up his back. Leaning in as my fingers rounded his shoulders I whispered lowly into his ears, "I have something special to show you, Jasper. Follow me…" I crept back slowly and something within me told me he would follow, especially after how he had acted since we came into contact. Turning on my heels, I winked over at my mark for the night and he rose from his table and followed me into the darkest part of the club. The back corner was not nearly as lit as it should be for a place like this. Especially considering that the back door to the place was in this location. It screamed come take me for any young female who dared enter the area. The bar owner was an idiot and this proved it.

I pushed hard on the metal latch and swung open the door, strangely enough the alley way was lit better than this corner and the light from the outside shown into the bar. I glanced back at Jasper and he was frozen in his spot looking at me in awe and another emotion I couldn't quite place. I heard my human mark gasp softly; no doubt my eyes were not looking the best in this light as my hunger was starting to take a firmer grasp of my consciousness. He halted just from a moment in his path before a slight nod of his head and he walked through the door. I smirked over at Jasper before following the mark out.

It's now or never, Jasper. I thought and walked to the opposite side of the brick wall that my mark was leaning against.

"Is this how it will be tonight, Madame?"

"We shall see, I hope you don't mind but I have a friend..."

The dumb ass smirked. "Oh that's not a problem, she can join too."

"I hate to disappoint, but I hope you aren't calling me a she, boy..." Jasper spoke suddenly emerging quietly from the door and I couldn't help but chuckle at the terrified look the boy had on his face. He tried to cover and collect his cool but his terror was in his eyes.

"Relax, you know well enough I don't take more than I need and you will be fine. Different place maybe, but style is the same." I reassured him and laid my hand gently on his shoulder. I had planned on feeding enough from this boy despite what Kathy said to do. Maybe tempt the devil too…

Smirking over to Jasper I began to circle the boy, my eyes quickly scanning my previous marks. Most hidden to any human's eye, but to mine and my kind, the mark was undeniable. Some within the agency liked to use tools and made the act so much more medical than I liked. I liked the intimacy of the act. I used my hands, more aptly my nail to draw from my marks to feed. I had enough training and practice not to lose myself to the lure of it, to not spiral into a frantic state. I was curious about so many things with Jasper and his recent behavior and was sure though that this would test him. I had to see…

"Do my mind if I feed here tonight, boy?" I asked as I stood closer to him from behind. My right hand rising to glide my finger tips down the side of his neck. Rarely did I mark someone here, but this course would give me the most of what I needed in a short time span. As well as push Jasper.

"Not at all…" He spoke. His voice low and gravely, surely his way of trying to be seductive.

"Hmm..." I hummed a response and locked eyes with Jasper, smirking as I trailed my nose along the boy's jugular, "You see Jasper, the scent is Devine. The taste can be even better. But nothing can tempt me from my control… nothing. I don't get attached." True to word, I don't and hope he knew my words had two meanings. He just smirked and widened his stance while crossing his arms.

"I'm sure you don't. I didn't either." His god damned cocky smirk had me and he knew it. I revealed in it and hated that I did. I growled and gripped the boys arm probably a bit too tight for his well being.

"We shall see…" I spoke gravely before letting the edge of my thumb nail glide down an inch on the boy's throat, my fingers caressing his skin delicately as my nail passed over the spot like a hot knife through butter.

A low purr crept from my lips as the hot essence flowed down my finger, he didn't smell so appeasing but his essence had a very sweet scent that made my mouth pool with venom. He was a corn fed country boy at heart. Probably ate southern food made by his mama and appreciated grits too. Watching Jasper's eyes darken, I leaned in and licked the trail of blood forming down my wrist clean, all the way to my finger tip before placing my lips to the wound and pulling from the gash what I could. The front of my teeth poised close but never puncturing the boys skin. This part of it, helped in my control. If they were pressed to the marks skin, I could focus on the pressure not the taste and keep things from getting out of control.

My eyes never left Jaspers and I noticed his darkening deeper than the sky above. A stark contrast to the porcelain whites of his eyes. His smirk grew more seductive but darker than I had ever seen from him. He held an allure and more than I wanted to admit it held me captive as well. He leaned against the back wall of the club but other than that he didn't move. Growling a bit I pulled once more from the boy having my fill for the night and pushed myself away from him. Still able to feel the boy's essence on my lips I spoke lowly to him, just loud enough for him to hear.

"Thank you, but that is all for tonight. Go home, rest and eat well. I will check up on you in a couple days. Be careful out there..." He silently nodded, not out of weakness, as I didn't take that much from him, but as always he let me have the last word of the night. He knew better to question me in this state and I had to thank him for that bit of respect.

Taking a heaving breath, I looked over to Jasper after taking my eyes off of him for the first time since he came out of the club.

"I thought your kind of people didn't do this sort of thing in such lowly places?" He gestured to the alley way.

"Well," I said leaning back against the wall beside him, "Normally the agency doesn't condone that kind of thing, but I know Kathy has something up her sleeves for later that I frankly don't want a part of..." I shrugged.

"And you also wanted to toy with me, Isabella." He commented looking down and I growled at the use of my full first name.

"Who said anything about toying, I have plenty of those and you aren't one of them, Jasper, far from it."

He surprised me and moved from his spot quicker than I would have liked, standing before me. No, not just standing in front of me but pressing me harshly back into the brick wall behind me.

"It's not nice to play games either, Bella. I'm not one you want to play games with." He growled in my face, and I couldn't help but smirk.

"I wasn't trying to play a game with the devil either, Jasper. Just tempt him."

"Believe me Bella you already have." No sooner were the words out of his mouth did I feel his lips on mine. His teeth nipping seductively at the lower lip as he drew my lips into his mouth before letting his velvet tongue caressing it. I couldn't help the whimper that passed from my lips. Was Jasper really taking in my taste as well as …?

"Well, I never thought I would see the day when my little brother would finally get his head out of his ass and realize that deer has nothing on good old American AB+.." I growled and kissed Jasper back fiercely before turning toward the voice.

"It's about time you showed up, Fucker."

"And it's about time you got laid again, sorry, I had to interrupt seeing on who you were seducing."

"What can I say, Peter? I like to play with Fire."

"That you do, kid. Not that I mind, just the whole business before pleasure thing." He turned and finally addressed Jasper, "Brother." He nodded curtly only for Jasper to lunge and the next thing I knew I saw Jaspers fist connect to Peter's jaw and peter fall to the pavement below. Rolling my eyes, I knew this was something they had to discuss themselves and left them there arguing as I walked out of the Alley, Slowly mind you, as part of me was curious if this was going to be a problem. Jasper was part of my mark but I needed Peter for what was to come next. If I was going to get the upper hand on Andrea, Chris and Charisma, I needed that fucker whether I wanted to admit it or not. It was definitely going to be a long night.