Seeley Booth felt like a kid again as he stood in front of the mirror is his room at the Hodgins' mansion giving himself a final once over. He looked good and he knew it in his navy blue suit. He was excited about their first official date. Like their entire professional relationship, their personal relationship was proving to be anything but normal. They have slept together, told each other that they loved the other broken up, ended their friendship, he got engaged, she moved out of state, returned, he broke off his engagement, got back together, kissed and have been sleeping in the same bed for months without sex without ever going out on an official date. This date has been a long time coming and if everything goes according to his plan it was going to be well worth the wait. He grabbed the bouquet of flowers he asked the gardener to put together for him and he crossed the hall to Bones' room.

For some unknown reason Bones' heart began to pound furiously when she heard Booth knock on her bedroom door. It was ridiculous that her heart rate is increasing. They have been together for months and eaten dinner together many times so there was no reason why she should be experiencing this rush of adrenaline but regardless of what should have been happening her heart was pounding and it wasn't because of excitement. She was terrified and she couldn't stop those feelings she stepped up to the mirror and looked at her reflection. Her new haircut covered most of the scarring on her face but some of it could still be seen. What would people think when they saw her? Tears filled her eyes. She couldn't go through with this date.

"Come on Bones. Open up." Booth called from the other side. Slowly, she walked away from the mirror and opened the door. "Wow." Booth let out a slow whistle. "You look amazing." He handed the flowers to her. "These are for you."

"Thank you." She turned back into her room and he followed her.

"What's wrong Bones? You are going out on a date with a really hot F.B.I. agent. You should be much happier." She didn't respond. She just concentrated on arranging the flowers in a vase so he walked up behind her and turned her body to his. She had tears rolling down her face. "What is it?"

"I'm not ready to go out in public and face the world." She admitted softly to him. "I don't want anyone seeing me like this. I am a monster."

"No sweetheart. You are not a monster. You are beautiful. So beautiful." He leaned forward, pushed her hair off of her face. Softly, he ran a finger over her scar and then followed the path with kisses. "The scar is barely noticeable Bones and it bothers you more than anyone."

"Every time I look in the mirror all I see is this hideous scar."

"Then spend the night looking into my eyes and then maybe by the end of the night, you will see what I see when I look at you."

"That would be impossible Booth."

"Work with me here Bones When I look at you all I see is a beautiful woman; a beautiful woman that I am lucky to be holding hands with; a beautiful woman whom I love and one day you are going to see that as well."

"What will people say when they see me?"

"Not a damn thing. Its human nature to look but no one will come up and say anything to you and if they do attempt to say something I will be there to put a stop to it. I promised to protect you and never let anyone hurt you again. That promise goes for any lunatic that tries to hurt you as well as someone who has the nerve to say something mean to you about your scars. That will not happen when I am around."

"And what happens when you aren't around?"

"When that happens you will be strong enough to handle what anyone would say to or about you."

"I'm not strong anymore." She whispered.

"You are. You have just lost it but one day, you'll find it and until you do, I'll be right by your side." Using his thumb, he wiped her tears. "Now are you ready for our first date?"

"I suppose."

"You suppose? Really? There are women out there who would jump at the chance to date Seeley Booth."

"Maybe you should go out with one of them."

"Did you just make a joke Bones?" The sparkle in his eyes made her smile.

"No. I was making a valid suggestion since you seem to have so many other choices."

"No. There is no choice for me. You are the only woman that I want to take out on a date." Booth offered his arm to Bones. "May I escort you to dinner madam?" He requested with what he thought was an English accent. Bones laughed and linked her arm in his.

"What accent is that?"

"An English accent love."

"No it wasn't. It sounded like an Irish and Scottish all mixed up." Booth feigned hurt.

"It most certainly was English."

"No Booth. It was definitely not." They walked out of the bedroom arguing about his accent and for awhile it felt like old times.

"Reservation for Booth." Bones was hiding behind Booth with her head down, clutching his hand.

"Right this way please." The couple followed the hostess to their table in a dark corner; a table that Booth requested. He knew that Bones would be more comfortable in a dark spot away from people.

"Bones, I am losing feeling in my hand." In response, she squeezed his hand tighter. "Okay then. Keep holding my hand." When they arrived at their table the hostess put their menus down, Booth pulled out Bones' chair from her and once she was seated he pushed her chair in, kissed her softly and then took the chair across from her. Before they could have any conversation, their waitress came over and they ordered a bottle of wine.

"This is nice isn't it?" Booth asked as they sipped their wine after they had placed their orders. Bones simply nodded. "Are you doing okay?" Again, another nod. "You know Bones, I know that it has been awhile since you have been out on a date but conversation is usually a big part of a date."

"It hasn't been that long since I have been on a date Booth."

"Oh really?" Booth flashed a charming smile. "How long Bones?"

"I went out on a few dates in California before…"

"It's been a long time Bones."

"That may be true but one thing I do recall from dating was that the two people on the date should not talk about their past dating experiences."

"You are correct Bones so let's talk Temperance."

The couple began talking and continued talking through their shared appetizer, their dinner, dessert, the bottle of wine and finally a couple cups of coffee until the waitress politely asked them to leave because it was closing time. Booth wanted to do more with her. He wanted to take her dancing and show her off but Booth knew she wasn't ready for that much public interaction yet so putting her needs first he took her home.

"Would you like to come up to my room and have a glass of wine?" Bones asked.

"We have had quite a lot all ready and I need to be sober in the morning when I go and pick up Parker but I guess that I can stomach one more glass." They went into Hodgins' wine cellar, choose a bottle, grabbed a couple of wine glasses, went and shut themselves in her room.

"You can sit over here with me." She was on the bed and he was sitting in the chair.

"Are you flirting with me Bones?"

"Maybe." With a smile, Booth joined her on the bed. The two of them settled against the head board with Bones leaning against him.

"Did you have fun tonight sweetheart?"

"I did. Thank you."

"You are very, very welcome."

"Not just for the date but for keeping your promise. I needed to get back out into the world of the living again. I was so scared but you knew exactly what I needed. You made me get dressed up so I would feel beautiful again and then you made sure we were in a table in the back, in a dark corner so people wouldn't stare."

"Point of clarification, no one makes you do anything you don't want to do Bones. Not even me." Bones smiled.

"You kept me safe. You protected me and that means everything to me."

"I'm always going to protect you. I will always regret that I couldn't protect you from those bastards that kidnapped and raped you and from the woman who burnt you."

"You did try to protect me from the kidnapping and rape. You asked me not to go because you had a gut feeling and I went anyway. It's not your fault Booth and as far as the woman who burnt me, you couldn't have known that was going to happen. What's important is you were the first face I saw after it happened, holding me and calming me down and you have been there for me every day since."

"I'm always going to be here Bones. I will never walk away again." Booth told her softly.

"It's been a long, difficult journey but I feel that we finally are exactly where we are supposed to be."

"And where is that?"

"Together and in love." The two of them looked into each other's eyes.

"I love you Bones, so much."

"I love you Booth. I have loved you for so long." They brought their heads together and kissed slowly. When they broke their embrace, Bones took Booth's wine glass from his hand, got out of bed and put their glasses on her dresser. She then turned back towards the bed, reached behind her, unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor.

"Bones what are you doing?" He whispered thickly as he stared at the woman in front of him wearing nothing but a pale pink bra and matching underwear.

"Don't the majority of dates end with intercourse?"She climbed on the bed, crawled over and straddled his lap.

"Bones. We…we…shouldn't." He managed to gasp.

"Why not? I know you want to." To prove her point she pressed herself down gently on top of his growing erection.

"I want to. I want to very much." When the two of them got to her room the first thing Booth did was remove his suit jacket and tie and unbutton the first three buttons of his shirt so Bones had nothing in her way as she began to finish unbuttoning his shirt. Every time her fingers brushed against his skin his muscles contracted involuntarily. When his shirt was unbuttoned she slid her hands up his now naked chest to his shoulders so she could remove the dress shirt but Booth surprised her by placing his hands on top of hers to stop her.


"Are you sure that you are ready for this?"

"Aren't you?"

"Yes Bones I am more than ready but it's not about me. I want to make love. I have wanted this for so long but if you're not ready then I don't want this."

"Booth which of the two of us is practically naked right now?"

"You are." He answered with a grin.

"I am ready. I've been ready for a long time." Booth relaxed his hands and Bones slid his shirt off. "I have had intercourse a few times since my rape."

"Was it…were you okay? Were you scared?"

"It was very clinical but I wasn't scared. Now I want to make love with you tonight. I want to feel like a woman again. I want you to make me feel like you did the night before I left. I want to feel normal again."

"Are you sure?" In an answer to his question, she reached behind her, unclasped her bra and threw it to the floor. Booth pulled her to him, groaning as her breasts crushed against his chest just before he kissed her hard

"I am very sure." Bones answered breathlessly when they broke apart. Gently, Booth placed his hands on her near naked hips, lifted her off of him and laid her on the bed next to him. He knew she wanted this and he wanted this just as bad as she did but he was terrified that he would scare her. Bones could see the hesitation in Booth's eyes so she reached out and cupped his cheek.

"I don't want to hurt you. I don't want you to be scared of me." Bones saw tears in his eyes. "I am terrified that you will think that I will hurt you and I can't stand the thought of you thinking of those men while we make love."

"I am very clear about who raped me and who did not rape me. You did not rape me and I know you would never hurt me because you love me. I love you Booth and I will only be thinking of you." Booth linked his fingers with the ones that were cupping his cheek.

"You'll tell me if it gets to be too much or if I scare you?" She nodded. "Promise me Bones." He demanded.

"I promise but I can assure you that it won't happen."

"I love you." He whispered.

"I know you do. Now show me."

Smiling softly, Booth leaned over and covered her body with his own. He began kissing her lips but he didn't stay there long. There were other parts of her body that he wanted to kiss and taste. From her mouth he moved to her neck and from her neck he moved to her breasts. He pulled one into his mouth and ran his tongue over a hardened nipple while his other hand fondled the breast that wasn't in his mouth. Upon hearing her gasp of pleasure he lifted his end and looked at her, concern filling his brown eyes. She whispered that she was okay and to continue what he was doing so he returned to her breasts. He had missed them so much.

He could have spent the next few hours just on her breasts but she wanted more so to tell him that she gently pushed his head away from her breasts and down lower. Booth placed kissed on her rib cage, her belly, her belly button and finally to her womanhood. He took a minute to inhale her scent and then he placed a loving kiss on her most private area. When she moaned in appreciation, Booth knew she was comfortable so he continued.

As soon as Booth wrapped his mouth around her clit and slid two fingers inside of her Bones groaned. It felt so perfect. She was so aroused that it only took a few sucks and strokes before her back arched and she cried out in pleasure but Booth wasn't done. Just as she was coming down from her pleasure induced high Booth replaced his mouth on her clit with his thumb and his fingers were replaced with his tongue. Booth took his time tasting as much as her as he could while he rolled her clit around his thumb for extra stimulation. It had been so long since Bones had felt anything so amazing and her constant moans let him know that. When she came again, Booth indulged in every last ounce of her and then he kissed his way back up her body until he found her lips and there he remained kissing her passionately.

"I love you so much." Booth whispered breathlessly when they finally broke their embrace.

"I love you too. Now get those pants off please so we can have intercourse." Booth laughed as he climbed off of her. Only she would say something like that. Before taking his pants off he reached for his wallet. "What are you doing?" She asked impatiently, rolling over on her side and propping her head up with her hand.

"Praying that I have a condom."

"I have been getting a birth control shot for quite some time and as long as you don't have any sexually transmitted diseases than we don't need a condom. You don't have any sexually transmitted diseases do you Booth?"

"No Temperance. I do not have an STD." With a grin he shucked out of his pants, boxers and socks and he climbed back into bed with her. "I need to ask one more time Bones. Are you sure you want this, that you are ready for this because if not its fine." He reached out and cupped her cheek.

"I am sure I want this. I am sure I want you."

"If it gets to be too …" Bones was tired of hearing him talk. She cut him off with a kiss. Booth understood what she wanted and he rolled over on top of her and she spread her leg willingly. Booth pulled his lips away from hers and entered her slowly, watching her face for any signs of distress but all he saw was pure satisfaction etched in her beautiful features. Her eyes were closed and she looked so beautiful that all Booth could do stare at the woman below him.

"A little movement would be appreciated." Bones requested. Booth smiled, leaned down on top of her and kissed her softly. While kissing her, he pulled almost all the way out of her and slowly pushed backed inside of her. Bones pulled her mouth away from Booth's mouth and moaned in pleasure. Booth moved away from her face and began to nuzzle her neck, kiss and suck on her breasts while thrusting in and out of her slowly. There was a small part of him that was afraid that she would freak out if went any faster so he was taking it slow and right now, she seemed to be enjoying the slowness.

If Bones believed in Heaven then she would have thought that she was there at that moment. Booth was stroking in and out of her at a very slow pace while kissing and sucking on her neck and breasts. She had never felt anything so wonderful before. Even though she told Booth, insisted actually, that she had no apprehension about making love she actually was anxious about it. It had been years since she had sex and it wasn't about feeling or love. It was about getting over a major fear and source of anxiety for her and that purpose was accomplished. Tonight was about feeling; feeling like a beautiful, desirable woman; feeling normal and feeling loved and Booth was accomplishing that. He was making her feel like a beautiful desirable woman. She felt loved and normal. She felt wonderful, both physically and emotionally.

"Bones…I'm gonna…. Oh God…" Booth grunted. He was on the verge of cresting and going slow and gentle was no longer an option. His mind was no longer in control. It was his body and his body couldn't go slow and gentle. His pace was frantic and rough and when Bones cried out in pleasure and her walls clenched around him, he knew his pace suited her. Her pleasure trigged his release and with a roar his body stiffened and then contracted as manhood shot inside of her. When Booth came back to reality he rolled off of her onto his back, taking the woman underneath him with him and kissing her softly.

"Are you okay?" He whispered when they broke apart.

"I am more than okay." She sighed contentedly.

"I didn't…"

"You didn't hurt of scare me. It was exactly what I needed. It was perfect." Completely stated, she snuggled against his naked body. Booth wrapped an arm around her and held her tightly against him and kissed her head.

"The last thing I ever want is to hurt you."

"I know that which is why tonight I was able to give myself completely to you."

"And that is something that I will always treasure."

"You have proven to me over and over again that I can trust you, that you will never hurt me and that you love me."

"It's been a long time coming Temperance but I think we are exactly where we are meant to be; together in each other's arms in love. The few years that we were apart, those were probably the loneliest of my life and then you came back into my life and I wasn't lonely anymore."

"I was lonely as well. I thought that I was content with being alone but once you walked out of my life I was truly alone and miserable."

"Never again will we be lonely. I will never leave you again."

"And I will never give you a reason." Bones lifted her head and pressed her lips to his. "Thank you for tonight; for the date and for the sex. In your arms, I felt like the woman I was before the burn and the rape. I thought I lost her but you and your love helped me find her again. I love you Seeley Booth."

"I'm glad you found her too, I have missed her." Booth smiled softly as he brushed her damp hair off of her forehead. "I love you too my sweet Bones."

The couple quickly drifted off to sleep, holding each other with smile on their faces. For the first time in a very long time, everything was exactly as it should be. Bones was moving on with her life, slowly getting past the horror that she has been through. Booth knew that every day was going to be a challenge and he was going to be with her and support her and together one day, she may be able to live a normal and happy life but before that happened they had to get through the next challenge; returning to work.