The New Kyuubi


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Godlike Naruto


Naruto Namikaze looked down at the rubble which was formerly known as Konoha. The great village of Fire had been reduced to rubble by Pein. Then his friends and family had died by the hands of his enemies. He felt only remorse for his friends. His precious people who accepted him. The rest of the village deserved their fate but what if things were different. It didn't matter now the home of some of the greatest shinobi of all time was no more.

It all began several months ago when Orichimaru had reached his 3 year limit and had decided it was time to switch bodies with the Uchiha and gain the Sharingan, But then the unexpected happened, when Orichimaru was about to complete the ritual, Sasuke used his Sharingan to reverse the ritual and in turn had gained Orichimaru's power and his title as the Snake Sannin. He then declared to Otokagure (Village Hidden in the Sound.)That he was now Nidiame Otokage and he demanded there loyalty and respect. With a village now at his command, Sasuke had tracked down Itachi and had defeated him only to learn from his ancestor Madara Uchiha that Itachi was ordered to destroy the clan and Konoha was to be blamed and not Itachi. Sasuke had a new goal that day : "Konoha's Destruction."

The War that Ensued between Konoha and Oto was brutal, even more brutal than the 3rd ninja war, and to make matters worse Konoha was losing badly to the Oto forces. Any hopes of Konoha getting help from Suna were dashed when news reached them that Suna was destroyed by an alliance of Kumo and Rock ninjas and Gaara who had valiantly fought to the end to protect his village was killed by the combined strength of the Raikage and the Tsuchikage. When Oto launched it's final attack, Konoha was defeated , Oto's forces marched straight up towards Hokage Mountain and Sasuke himself had killed her himself with a nasty Chidori to the chest , Naruto wasn't able to save her in time as he was being held back by Pein and Madara. But when he saw Tsunade drop to the floor dead he couldn't take it anymore he lost it and the well-known red chakra seeped from within him and formed into a cloak and out sprouted not 1 or 2 not even 4 but 8 tails , 8 tails of Chakra , the last thing the Oto forces heard was a blood-curdling howl. The only thing that was needed was the fur and he would have been a complete replica of Kyuubi. Blood, Flesh, and the bones all that was needed was the fur and it would have been like Kyuubi was never sealed.

Naruto spit up some blood as he tried to forget what happened hours prior.

"Careful Kit, you might end up killing US if you keep using vast amounts of chakra like that." Said a voice straight from inside Naruto's head.

" Good , I have nothing to live for I've failed my precious people." Naruto answered the Kyuubi with malice in his voice.

"Listen Kit you just avenged them by destroying the entire Oto army including Sasuke and Madara, but I see that's not enough……….I Have an idea." The Kyuubi added as he waited for Naruto to respond.

" I'm not interested Baka-Fox." he said as he continued to look at what was left of Konoha.

" You'd get to see your friends again".

"You can't bring people back to life Kyuubi."

" I agree……..but who said you can't stop them from dieing?" Kyuubi took the silence from Naruto as proof of his interest in what Kyuubi was saying.

"Explain yourself Fox."

" Time Travel , I can take us as far back as needs be ."

"So why didn't you try to go back to a time when you were not sealed yet ?"

" Already tried, the Shinigami's seal prevents me from going back that far, I must admit your Father created a hell of a seal."

" I see…… what's the catch ?"

" I am going to make you the new Kyuubi"

" NANI!?"

"I plan to return to my dimension soon, but to do so I must give up my title as Kyuubi , the reason I came to Konoha was to hand over the Title to your father but that Hebi-teme tried to make me give the power to him , out of rage I attacked him and the village and well you know the rest." Naruto was shocked to hear the true reason of Kyuubi attacking him, he made sure he understood everything before speaking.

"Ok, Let's Do it." He had made his choice.

" When do you want to be sent back to , Chuunin Exams? "

" No , I want to be sent back to when I'm around 5 , I'm redoing my entire life."

"Interesting very well kit , I hope to never see you again and Good Luck."

" Thanks Fox and good luck to you too." he finished and Kyuubi started to be talking in an ancient language as everything faded out of existence and Naruto was floating into nothingness before he closed his eyes.

Naruto woke up in a slight daze , he opened his eyes and found himself in the old broke down apartment he used to live in when he was younger , he looked around for a bit before deciding that he should confirm it. He turned on the lights as he examined his new look in the mirror, he was taller than he was when he was younger, his once short hair was now much longer and had more spikes, his eyes seemed to be a much more brighter blue, he know had very sharp fangs, his body was missing all it's baby fat and know held pure muscle , and most importantly there was no longer a seal on his stomach.

"Looks like it worked." He stretched as he looked over to his nightstand where his clock was showing the time 5:45 am.

"Almost 6 am better go get something to eat, bath, and go to see the Old man."

He quickly put some water to boil as he went to make up his bed, as he finished spreading the sheets he felt someone sneaking up on him he didn't wait another moment as he spun and landed a punch into the face of his-would be attacker, his eyes widened when he saw that he had actually hit a Demon Fox which had dark-brown fur and green eyes. The fox seemed to have had dropped the scroll that was in his mouth.

"Forgive me for sneaking up on you Kyuubi-sama." said the fox as it bowed down before Naruto.

Naruto cocked his head to the side before apologizing "Ummmmm, it's ok, sorry I hit you there, are you ok? What's your name?"

The fox rose up on its legs as he introduced himself "My name is Gouki (Bravery) my lord and I forever dedicate my life to you Kyuubi-sama, I was chosen to come here to present you with this scroll. The fox said as he picked up the scroll of the ground and dropped it in Naruto's outstretched hand.

Naruto opened the scroll and scanned through some of its content quickly as he turned his eyes back up to the fox standing before him.

"Gouki Correct?"

"Yes My Lord. Is there anything else I can do for you Kyuubi-sama? "

"You can call me Naruto, Gouki."

"Are u sure Kyuubi-sama?"

"Yes, I rather be called Naruto."

"As you wish Kyu- I mean Naruto-sama."

"You may leave now Gouki."

"Yes Naruto-sama."

And in a poof of smoke the fox was gone; Naruto went over to the boiling water and added it to the ramen. As he sat down on his bed and re-opened the scroll. It seemed to be a letter of some kind.

Dear Kyuubi-sama,

We the Demon Council have received news that the old Kyuubi had given up her title and had handed it over to you

. Naruto's eyes scanned the sentence and was about to read more before something caught his eye. ''Kuso! Well what do you know…the Kitsune was a Vixen,'' Naruto said out loud with a sigh. The fusion had calmed him down and imparted him with knowledge most people would kill for. ''Shame I never got to see her human form,'' He murmured as he continued reading.

Sine you are now the New Kyuubi, we will inform you of some of your powers.

1. Summoning Contracts

As the New lord of Demons you have control over every single animal contract that there ever was from rats straight up to phoenixes. You also have the power to revoke one at anytime of your choosing. You can also create a new contract of your choosing as well.

"Interesting………I wonder?" Naruto outstretched his hand and spoke "Tiger Contract", suddenly a scroll poofed into his hand and it was indeed the Tiger's summoning contract. With a simple thought from him the contract disappeared in another poof. He thought for a second before smirking. Hmm I think I wait until I come face to face with any contract wielder that opposes me then erase their name in the middle of battle just to piss them off.

Naruto then picked up his ramen and continued to read what was on the scrolls.

2. Bloodlines

In actual truth all blood lines do indeed come from different demons, Since you are the Demon Lord you have the ability to give a human any blood line of your choosing , you can also remove the negative effects or add positive effects to the bloodline. You can also give someone a bloodline or you can remove a bloodline from someone. But all of this cannot be done without some kind of physical contact.

"I see, I'm sure that will become very useful in the future." He said as he finished his ramen and threw away the box into the rubbish bin. He skipped to the next special ability.

3. Demon Illusions.

Demon Illusions are close to what shinobi call Genjutsu but very different, usually a gengetsu would be broken if you said the Word "Kai" or disrupt it in some way when Demonic Illusions truly fool the senses. An example, A shinobi would cast a Genjutsu that made you think there was a river in front of you if u touched the river the illusion would probably waver or disperse but if it was a demonic illusion , when the person touched it he would feel the water running against his hand.

"I'm not exactly an illusion-using kind of fighter but I can see situations where this might be useful."

The Demon Council hopes that you Kyuubi-sama will be a great leader and carry us into prosperity, All the Summoning Contract Bosses send their best wishes, and ensures they will support you 100, At the bottom of this scroll you will find a blood seal, it contains an armor created by the best blacksmith in the land of demons. Lord Kyuubi the land of demons is your domain , it be would be best if your people see their leader soon .

Yours Truly

The Demon Council


Council Room, Land of Demons.


Gouki just poofed into the middle of the council room as he waited to be questioned.

The first to speak was a Bird Demon.

" Gouki was your mission successful ?"

"Hai "Gouki said as he gracefully bowed.

Next it was a Wolf Demon that spoke

"Well done Gouki."


Then a cat demon spoke

"Gouki what was he like?"

"He was kind and had a certain air about him; I think he will be a great king."

Then a Lion demon spoke

"That's good to know Gouki "

Gouki added one more thing to his comment as he rubbed his paw to his jaw.

"Did I mention he had a wicked left hook?"




When Naruto opened the blood seal there was a bright light before he found himself clothed in a black suit of polished armor, it looked heavy but was very light to him, the only arts of his body that wasn't covered by the armor was his head and his gloves could open up in case he wanted to use his claws. He looked on his forearm and saw a red spiral, as he touched it his armor disappeared leaving him back in his boxers.

"It seems that the red spiral on my arm summons my armor." He quickly examined the seal again before he went to take a shower. As he stepped out of the shower he decided to get dressed, he growled as he realized that all he had was those atrocious orange jumpsuits.

"I gotta buy some clothes when I come back from visiting the old man; well I guess I gotta wear this." He quickly put on his orange jumpsuit as he walked out of his apartment and went on his way towards the Hokage's mansion, Naruto took notice of the festival decorations people and shinobi were hanging up , he read the big banner that was hung over the main street near his apartment. '5th Anniversary of the defeat of the Kyuubi no Kitsune.'

"Interesting she chose to send me right back to my 5th birthday." He continued on his way as he heard the whispers of some of the townspeople.

'There it is….that monster killed the Yondaime.'

'I say we kill the demon and make the Yondaime's soul rest in peace.'

Naruto only smirked, in a sense they were right, he was indeed the new Kyuubi but he didn't mean harm to Konoha, maybe the civilians and Shinobi foolish to attack him. Besides his father sacrificed his life sure but damned him to a life of hatred. Well Tou-san you gave your life to a village filled of idiots who don't know what a vessel is…I bet your PROUD wherever you are. He thought as he made his way to the Hokage tower.

As he ascended the stairs that lead to the Hokage's tower, the 2 Anbu guarding the tower, said absolutely nothing as he walked through the doors and entered the building, he quickly walked past the Hokage's secretary as she tried to stop him.

"Hey Gaki, the Hokage's busy come back later." Naruto didn't even look back as he flipped the secretary the bird and opened the door and went in.

The Sandaime quickly put away his Icha Icha Paradise that he was reading as someone came into his office, and quickly pretended he was signing some documents. He spoke quickly.

"How may I help you?"

"You can't fool me old man, I know what you were doing before I came in." Naruto said as he seated himself in one of the chairs in front of the Hokage's desk.

"Oh Happy Birthday Naruto, is there something I can get for you?" the Hokage asked Naruto as he began to sip on some of his tea. Naruto smiled sweetly before he answered.

"How about my Father's compound and my inheritance?" Sarutobi almost choked on the tea he was drinking as he heard Naruto's birthday request.

"N-N-Nani? Naruto I thought I already told you that you're an orphan." the Hokage said as he lied to Naruto.

"Cut the Bullshit, I know my Father and Mother, Minato Namikaze a.k.a. The Yellow Flash and Kushina Uzamak princess of whirlpool whose manipulation of water rivaled the Nidaime's and wind that exceeded any Kazekage's henceforth making her the greatest Hyoton user of the Uzumaki's of all time. I want what's rightfully mine, and today at the festival you're supposed to give a speech about the Kyuubi attack 5 years ago, I want the whole of Konoha to know who my Father and Mother were." Replied Naruto as his grin seemed to grow wider. Sarutobi was dumbfounded.

"Who told you this Naruto?"

"I figured it out on my own"

"Am I supposed to believe that Naruto?"

"Choose what you want to believe old man, but I'll be taking my inheritance now." Sarutobi was looking straight at Naruto know.

"Very well I'll give you your inheritance." He said as he walked over to the portrait of the 4th and mentioned for Naruto to follow." Naruto, Wipe your blood on the Seal on the portrait."

Naruto hopped on to Sarutobi's shoulder as he bit his finger and wipe the blood on the seal, the portrait vanished to reveal a safe which Sarutobi opened and pulled out a couple of scrolls and a key.

"These scrolls have information about your bank account and the key is for the Namikaze Compound, it's located to the far back of the Hokage mansion near the Hokage Mountain and it's hidden by a Genjutsu, I'll come with you and Release it." Naruto stooped him before he spoke further.

"Don't worry I can handle it."

Sarutobi raised an eyebrow." Are you sure? "

Naruto quickly nodded his head as he grabbed the scrolls and his key and started to exit the office before he turned back and looked back at Sarutobi.

"I'll see you at the Festival, old man." Sarutobi sighed as he looked back at the pictures of the past Kages.

"I'm getting to old for this shit."