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Story Start


Naruto and Gouki arrived to their destination in a poof of smoke. Naruto gazed around at the realm that he was named the ruler of, the sky was tha of a burning crimson empty of life or clouds. The only visible object was that of a bird demon floating down to greet them.

"Ah, Kyuubi-sama it is good you are here , I am sure Gouki has informed you that things aren't going well , please Kyuubi-sama climb on my back , Gouki you are dismissed."

Gouki bowed before nodding to Naruto and leaving in a poof of smoke. Naruto climbed on the back of the bird demon as he shot off.

"Hold on tight Kyuubi-sama."

"I meant to ask earlier, but I never got your name? And I'm curious about the situation in the demon realm.''

"Forgive me for my rudeness Kyuubi-sama, I am Shuppon (Flight) Boss Summon for the bird contract, the situation is a grave one, the san, Yon, and Go demons plan on waging war against the Roku, San, Hachi and Kyuu demons.''

Naruto frankly was quite surprised by this information. ''Why would they do something like that? It seems quite frankly suicidal to me.''

Shuppon sighed before he responded. "The Ichibi no Shukaku years ago traveled to the human realm in search of the Nibi no Nekomata whose signature disappeared. Soon after his demonic essence also dropped off the radar. As a result the lower tail demons believe this to be a plot by the higher tailed demons to wipe out lesser or weaker demons. Even when this was denied they remain adamant in their beliefs. Which is why it was thought best to retrieve you.''

Naruto scowled at this in disbelief and annoyance. '' How did they come up with such a half-baked accusation anyway? No proof or belief to assume...'' Naruto paused in the middle of his sentence. ''The Shukaku and Nibi have been sealed into humans by the name of Gaara and Yugit respectively. Could we use this information to clear my innocence?''

Shuppon turned his head to Naruto. "Shukaku and Nibi sealed? Of course that's what would explain their disappearances."

Naruto nodded in relief before asking a question. "Where exactly are we going Shuppon?"

"We are going to the war grounds to negotiate with to the leader of the attacking army, the 5 tailed dog, Gekido (Rage)." As the demon explained this Naruto caught sight of a side he thought he would never see. Down belown was a battle zone, a 6 tailed Peacock , 7 tailed wolf , and the 8 tailed snake were leading armies against a 3 tailed demon turtle , 4 tailed Bear and the Gekido and their armies.

Shuppon landed right in front of the 8 tailed snake and the armies began to cheer at the arrival of the demon king. Gekido snarled as Naruto jumped off Shuppon's back. As he walked over to Gekido, the army of the lesser demon lords tensed in fear of the demon lord, wanting to fight. When Naruto reached in front of Gekido, he realized how big Gekido really was, he was much bigger than Hokage mountain.

Gekido had a large frown on his face as he looked up and down the new Kyuubi." Have you come to eliminate me as well Kyuubi?"

Naruto sighed as he calmly responded." Gekido, this has all been one big misunderstanding, Shukaku and Nibi have been sealed into 2 human vessels and that is why their demon signatures had disappeared."

Gekido's eyes squinted in disbelief." You expect me to believe that Kyuubi?"

Naruto nodded." It's the truth."

Gekido growled loudly before speaking." You lie Kyuubi, when Keisei (Beauty) was sealed in you she was able to contact us, so why haven't the Nibi or Shukaku tried to contact us?"

''The seals used for your queen were highly advanced and new seal in comparison to the bastardize versions of the old seals used for the other tailed demons in the pasts.''

I'm tired of these lies and foolishness; we will fight to the death to avenge Nibi and Shukaku."

Naruto jumped back from Gekido as his demon chakra began to surge, ''Gekido if you won't listen to reason then I'll beat you in submission.'' Unleashing the full fury of the power he was imbued with the young jinchuuriki transformed into a massive Kyuubi, his fur itself golden, easily towering over the other demons. Hopefully the blond thought he could bluff the demon. He wouldn't be able to maintain the form long or control his power.

Gekido pulled back and went to strike the blond despite his superior size, ready to rip out Naruto's throat, before Naruto could dodge there was a red flash, and Gekido found himself with his face in the dirt being held down by a red paw, The entire battle field became silent as Gekido was allowed to lift up his head and stare into ruby-colored eyes that matched the red fox fur and the nine tails on that the creature had. His voice came in a stutter that would make Hinata proud.

"K-K-K-Keisei?" Before him was the former Kyuubi –herself. She turned the other lesser demons and their army.

"Demons of Makia listen to my words. Your current lord speaks no lie. I myself have looked into the situation the Nibi and Shukaku have indeed been sealed into poor quality seals. Stop this foolish war before uncessesary bloodshed is spilled.''

Begrudingly the demons decided to cease the conflict for now.

Keisei took a glance at Gekido and sighed, "Be careful Gekido, if I wasn't here on time a lot of people would have gotten hurt or even killed because of this dispute."

Gekido only nodded in agreement and turned to Naruto."Forgive my haste and rage Kyuubi-sama. A previous predeccesor of yours revelled in war and haymen. I now see your actions and speech are just.''

Naruto nodded before speaking himself. "And I can also see that your loyalty to your comrades are just and unrivaled. When I return to the human world I will fix Gaara's and Yugito's seals so the Nibi and Shukaku can contact you , and please call me Naruto."

"Of course Kyuubi-sama." And with that the Gekido left the field as well. Naruto just shook his head, before hearing a deep chuckle; he looked over to see Keisei." It took me 250 years to get all of them to call me Keisei, don't get your hopes too high."

Naruto reverted back to his human form as he looked up back to Keisei. "And here I thought I wouldn't be seeing you anything soon.''

Keisei only chuckled again before reverting to her human form. Naruto couldn't help but stare at the beauty in front of him. Her long red hair went all the way down to her hips, she was wearing a loose black robe that was being held by a red sash, and she also was wearing a black pair of ninja sandals.

"A war begins after you only suceed me for two days. Why am I not surprised at your inexplicable ability to attract trouble.''

make you Kyuubi for 2 days and a war starts, why am I not surprised?" her words had caught his attention, from staring at her face,.

"oi, that's a bit unfair don't you think? Why am I being blaimed?'' The blond sighed. ''No use bitching about it now. I have so many things I need to do thought. Fixing the seal of my Jinchuuriki comrade among them. Looks like I better head back to the human realm.''

''You don't mind if I tag along do you?''The question had caught Naruto off guard.

"You want to come alone?''

Keisei shrugged,''Not much I can do...I figure wherever you go you'll run into trouble and you'll need my help to fully master your abilities. Besides you do grow up to be quite handsome and I could do worse.''

''I see...'' The blond said, turning away, to hide his blush.

''Besides despite one of the attempting to kill me once and the other getting on my nerves constantly they're still my friends. Well sort of...''

'' Alright, but only if you behave,'' Naruto said turning back around with a smirk.

''No promises...'' The vixen said mischevious as she enveloped the blond into a hug, smashing her soft, jiggly bosom against the back of his head causing the blond all over. And with that they demateralized.


Naruto's mansion , Konoha.


Both individuals appeared inside of Naruto's mansion , Keisei whistled as she looked the place over. "Well this is a nice place you got here Naruto. For a human that is.''

''Yeah thanks,'' the blond dead panned as he made way to his room. ''I'm turning in for the night you should get some sleep too.''

''Good time,'' Keisei said with a yawn as she plopped down on the bed.


''Yeah Naruto?''

''This is my bed you know.''

''Yeah, it's a nice bed.''

''Yes...I like this bed. I'm going to sleep in this bed. So find another room.''

"But I like this bed too."

"Then we have a problem."

''What's wrong Kit,'' Keisei cooed as she stretched out in a seductive pose. ''Don't you like to...share?'' She asked in a sultry tone.

''If you've forgotten I'm in a younger body. No hormones to fluster up.''

''Oh that case,'' And with great speed the Kyuubi had grabbed Naruto and dragged him into bed with her and had buried Naruto's face into her impressive bosom.

" See we both win,'' she said with a cheeky grin. ''Good night my little plushie.'' She said as she drifted off to sleep.

''Can't...breathe...'' The blond thought as he soon lost consciousness. But since he was a demon it was impossible hi to die from suffocation, but if he could it would have been a great way to die.




I am officially discontinuing this fic, because its no fun where Naruto is godly and you can't even use mental/psychological issues in the enemy role. So yeah, if anyone wants to adopt this story, go talk to Inu14.