Playing House _______________________________________

Summary: Capella finds Teito staring at Frau and makes an innocent suggestion. [FrauxTeito]

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Warning(s): Slash, BL, Yaoi, Language, OOCness

Playing House _______________________________________ Episode One: Playing the part

Teito quickly stole a glance at Frau as the blonde bishop sat quietly sipping a drink. He wasn't sure as to why but lately he had been finding himself gazing and staring at the older male and he wasn't the only one who was noticing.

Teito stared at Frau's back as the bishop walked ahead of himself and Capella. Frau's stride was long and prideful compared to his own short, melancholy filled ones. Sighing he looked down at Capella who was tugging at the sleeve of his shirt, the little blonde's large, blue eyes were shining with an overwhelming curiosity.

Capella motioned with his small hands for Teito to come closer and the older male compiled. "What it is Capella?"

The little blonde quickly looked ahead making sure Frau would not be able to hear their exchange of words. "Teito nii-chan," he said quietly, "why do look at Frau like a mommy does a daddy?"

Teito quickly stood up completely straight and looked ahead to Frau who had heard nothing. A blush slowly crept its way onto his cheeks as he looked from Frau to Capella and back again. He stammered and mumbled as he tried to think of an excuse. "I … ug, um."

Capella laughed sweetly as Teito fumbled with his words. "Its okay Teito nii-chan," the small blonde said grabbing the others hand. "Frau and nii-chan can be Capella's new mommy and daddy," he cheered dragging Teito forward so that they could walk next to Frau.

Just remembering that thought a slight blush came to his face. He quickly glanced at Capella who was staring at him with a small smile painted on his childish face. Teito smiled a small smile back feeling his heart drop to the pit of his stomach.

Early the next morning Teito stirred from his sleep as he felt a slight pressure against his forehead. His eyes slowly fluttered open and he saw a worried Frau sitting next to him on the bed.

"F-Frau," Teito managed to croak out, his voice a little sore from the cold morning air. Slowly his eyes adjusted to the light of the early hour light revealing the blonde bishop in nothing more than a towel, droplets of water clinging to smooth skin and silkily hair. Blushing Teito looked away.

"Damn brat," the bishop mumbled pulling away his hand. "You have a slight fever. And, you've been acting stranger than usual lately." He downcast his eyes looking at the floor between his feet, waiting for a response.

Sitting up Teito looked to Frau and then to the wall. "I," he began, "just have a lot on my mind."

The youth looked to Frau as the other stood up. The bishop turned around giving a sad smile before ruffling the youth's hair. "Go back to sleep," he cooed before a wicked smirk replaced the sad smile on his strong features. "Mommy," he said teasingly giving a toothy grin.

Teito's eyes widen to those of a wild cat as his cheeks stained with a bright crimson. "Damn Bishop," he shouted.

Frau smirked as he leaned down placing his face mere inches from a now silent Teito. "Shh," he whispered placing a long, slender finger on the boy's lips. "You don't want to wake our child, now do you," he asked mischievously.

Teito looked to Capella and shook his head. His heart was pounding so loud that he could he barely hear a word that Frau had said. The youth gulped as he could feel the heat radiate to his cheeks as Frau's face slowly approached his. "D-Don't tease me," he stammered backing away.

Teito downcast his eyes looking away too embarrassed to face the bishop. He could feel his cheeks burn and knew he was blushing. Usually he would fight with Frau but, for some reason found himself unusually passive.

The bishop's eyes sparkled and his smirk seemed slightly wicked as his large hands placed themselves on Teito's slim shoulders. "I'm not teasing you brat," he said huskily, "I'm treating you how a daddy treats a mommy," he said before crashing their lips together giving Teito no time process what was happening.

The youth struggled before melting into the kiss, opening his mouth allowing the bishop entrance. His hands desperately clung to the bare skin of Frau as they deepened the kiss.

Frau pulled away leaving Teito whimpering and wondering if it had been a joke that he had fallen for. His green eyes showed his disappointment and humiliation as they threatened to burst with tears.

"We'll finish this later," the bishop reassured placing a gentle kiss on the boy's forehead. "Now rest up, ya damn brat, you'll need your energy when daddy comes back to play," he said giving the other a male lustful grin.

Teito's short lived concern was soon replaced by an annoyance as he had heard what Frau had said. Smirking he figured he would try and play Frau's game. "Frau," he called shyly.

Frau looked back and saw a sad looking Teito. "Brat, I told you we would finish. Now go back to sleep."

The youth shook his head and motioned for the other to come back.

The bishop scratched his head and trotted over to the youth a slightly confused expression playing on his strong features. He leaned down face to face with Teito. He was startled as slightly tan, slender arms wrapped themselves around his neck and a hot laced voiced whispered in his ear.

"I look forward to it, daddy," the youth teasingly whisper as he gently blew warm air.

At such an unexpected show of affection Frau blushed, pulling himself away from Teito. "B-brat!"

Teito just smiled causing Frau to fume before smirking. But, the bishop's blue eyes soon twinkled as he thought about how he was going to get Teito back.

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