Playing House

Summary: Capella gets hurts and Teito takes care of him.

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Warning(s): Slash, OOC-ness (maybe), Yaoi, fluff

Playing House - Episode Three: Playing the Mother

"Eat your breakfast, damn brat," Frau said as he started munching on some toast. Teito's eye twitched at the comment, he was about to retort when the bishop said something about it making him grow taller.

Teito closed his mouth and silently watched the older male before looking down to the food before him. Making sure Frau wasn't watching, he began to eat. He looked up again only to find Frau with a triumph smirk upon his face.

Teito's jaw dropped with amazement while thinking, 'am I that predicable?'

The youth closed his mouth and looked down as he felt a light pulling on his sleeve. "Oh, Capella-chan, may I help you," he asked nicely giving the small blonde a warm smile.

Capella nodded looking down to the ground beneath his small feet. He languidly lifted his finger to be put under Teito's puzzled expression.

The slightly older youth gasped as he examined the bloody finger. "What happened Capella-chan?"

"I fell down and cut myself," he said looking up, sniffling. His bottom lip quivered as hot bead's of tears threaten to fall from his eyes.

"Don't worry Capella-chan," Teito reassured. He picked up the small blonde and took him to the bathroom.

Teito quickly gathered all the supplies he would need form the cabinets, like a bandage and disinfectant. Capella, still sniffling watched Teito until he was done.

"Wow, Nii-chan," he exclaimed his small face housing a huge smile. "It looks great!"

Teito smiled, feeling like he didn't deserve the praise. "All I did was bandage it," the boy stated avoiding the small blonde's eyes. "Anyone could have done it."

Frau appeared in the doorway a smirk gracing his manly features. He placed a large hand Teito's back saying, "Take the compliment, damn brat, its not like your gonna hear that kind of thing often," he said snickering to himself.

Teito was about to fire back when he was interrupted by Capella.

"Even still," the small blonde chimed in still smiling, "I think Nii-chan did great! And I want to pay Nii-chan back for helping." Capella tugged and pulled at Teito's shirt beckoning the other to kneel down. Finally face to face Capella seized Teito's face with his small hands. "Nii-chan close your eyes," he said his smile growing in radiance.

Teito raised an eyebrow wondering what Capella was thinking, but did as he was instructed. He closed his eyes to see the faint glow of the rising sun.

His curiosity peaked, Frau watched silently.

Capella touched their foreheads together giggling before he placed his lips over Teito's in a sweet and innocent kiss.

Teito's eyes quickly opened and saw little Capella still kissing him, his eyes shut. A blush quickly made its way onto his cheeks.

Frau was speechless. And when his mind finally processed what was happening he busted out laughing. He grabbed his sides as he struggled to catch his breath. Finally calming down he looked to a confused Capella and an angry Teito. "Adorable," he stated making a kissy face.


I don't really want Capella to go back with his mom :( But if he does at least Frau and Teito will be alone *wink, wink*


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