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Mistress Slytherin

He was tired…so tired of hunting down this nightmare. His greatest sin was that he didn't know if he could actually stop the devil- the one who sat upon his throne with an apathetic expression as the would burned down. He took another sip of wine and slid his fingers through his now short hair and wondered how long it would be until Nina heard. Johan had been resting…biding his time until the day that he had chosen to visit, to tell him that he had a name, a family who would forgive his sins. He should have known that Johan wouldn't believe him; he should have known that what he'd thought was a hallucination would be nothing more than another twisted message from the devil. He smiled faintly as the telephone rang- who would it be? He lifted the phone and unsteadily said "Hello?" Immediately Nina's sobbing voice filled the receiver. 'He's gone!' she wailed. 'I'm so scared Dr. Temna!' He shut his eyes tightly. 'What should we do?!' she pleaded him for answers, begged him for a solution. Temna tipped his head back and stared at the ceiling as she rambled on. Occasionally he threw in a calming word or two but in the end he knew what they would have to do- wait. They would have to wait for Johan's next move before they could take action.

"You've passed your courses haven't you?" He asked cutting her frantic speaking off.

"Y-Yes." She said softly. He smiled- out of every bad there was at least some good.

"Start working Nina." He said softly.

"But-" He didn't need to hear it.

"You told me once that you wanted to forgive him right?" He said firmly. There was a pause on the other line and he could hear her unsteady breathing along with her resolution.

"Yes." She said finally. Good girl. He thought sadly.

"Become the best lawyer out there and when the time comes make sure you are the one who stands beside him in court." There was a small whimper on the other end of the line and he could tell that tears were rolling quickly down her cheeks.

"And you Dr. Temna?" She said quietly once she'd gotten a hold on her self. "Will you come home finally?" Temna frowned before sighing.

"Yes." He said softly. "I suppose it's time for me to come home." He could hear the way her breath hitched and knew that if anything the news would calm her slightly and give her the strength she would need to fight the monster.

"Thank you." She said softly making him smile bitterly. Yes, he would return to his nightmarish home, to a place where Johan's face reflected off of every shop window.

"I will see you soon Nina." He said quietly.

"Goodbye." She said hanging up. For a moment he simply sat there listening to the dial tone. He smiled and swallowed the last of his wine before calling down to the front desk.

"Yes, first thing in the morning." He said as he made arrangements. He supposed that his best bet was returning to the hospital he'd once frequented, the very hospital that he'd saved Johan's life in so many years ago. He packed his suitcase with practiced ease pausing only when he got to his cherished photo, one that Nina had insisted be taken before he left on his world tour. It was his family, the ones he had come to know on his quest for Johan's annihilation, all of them were smiling, relieved. He placed the photo under one of his shirts so that the glass wouldn't break before lifting the other photo he kept- a photo of Johan. The past few years had taught him many things, one of which being that he simply couldn't hate Johan, in fact if he were to be honest with himself he could even say that he cared for the boy despite the horrors Johan had inflicted. He smiled at the photo and put it into his bag. Yes, he supposed- it was time to go home.