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Mistress Slytherin

Four years later…

Temna looked out the window with a slightly worried expression. His return had of course been welcoming, and the hospital had been more than happy to load him down with cases (after all he was now a world-renowned neurosurgeon) but his wait for Johan to make his move was beginning to grate on his nerves. He flinched as the red light on his beeper flashed to life. With a sigh he pulled on his coat and headed to work. Doctors and nurses alike greeted him while different patients of his waved and wished him well he smiled appropriately and returned their greetings, but he couldn't help but notice the nagging feeling he had. The one that told him he was being watched, the moment he entered operating room 7 though, all previous thoughts were pushed aside. He worked tirelessly to save his patient's life, the way he always did, but the feeling of being watched was still there, he could feel it…but where? Where were the eyes that he could feel on him? He heard the sighs of relief when the last stitch was put into place, and acknowledged the congratulations and general fawning that he went through with each successful surgery until it hit him there! His gaze snapped up to the window that observers used and felt his eyes widen. In the shadows was Johan. At first he wasn't sure how to react, the boy- now a man had done countless terrifying things, yet a part of him would always reach out to the small child whose life he'd saved…twice. So he smiled. The same smile he gave to Nina, gentle and reassuring. He saw the figure flinch and sighed before turning and giving the nurses general instructions. When he turned back the figure was gone. Somehow he felt peaceful. With one last look at the child on the gurney he peeled off his gloves and exited the room.

"I liked your hair better when it was long." A calm voice murmured as he exited the doors. His hand went reflexively to his shorter hair.

"Really?" He said contemplatively before shrugging. "It gets in the way if it's too long though." He said turning with a smile. "Johan." Blue eyes looked at him calculatingly before the perfect head tipped to the side curiously.

"No vows to kill me Dr. Temna?" He said softly. Temna smiled gently before looking out the window.

"You told me once that you thought of me as a father…what kind of father would I be if I couldn't forgive you?" For the first time Dr. Temna heard Johan gasp. It was small, and if the hallway hadn't been completely silent he wouldn't have heard it- but it was there proving to Temna what he already knew. Johan was human. He heard a click and turned to face the barrel of a gun, but he smiled and watched Johan's hand falter if only minutely.

"My father is dead." Johan hissed; Temna nodded in acceptance before slowly reaching into his pocket knowing that the blue eyes would trace the movement. Carefully he pulled out a small wrapped box and held it out to Johan.

"You know, I've been holding on to these for a long time?" He said. A pale hand reached out and took the box carefully. A small smile appeared.

"A gift?" Johan said. "What for?" Temna smiled and looked out the window ignoring the gun that was still trained on him.

"Your Birthday present." He said before turning and starting to walk away. "You can kill me Johan." He said pleasantly. "That way I won't have to be the one to save you- again." He paused and looked out the window. "Ah…it's a nice day for a picnic…" He smiled back at Johan who was looking at him with wide eyes. His gaze flickered however when his beeper went off. He tipped his head to the side as he read the number, when he looked up Johan was gone. He sighed and made his way back down the hall, there were more lives that needed to be saved.