The Only One

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Sasuke 13

Naruto 12

Sakura 12

Pairing: sasunaru

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What Are These New Feelings?


Why do I act differently when I'm around him? Why do I blush when he smiles at me? Why do I care if another guy is right next to him… talking to him? For some weird reason, I'm really protective of him…

… My best friend, Naruto Uzumaki.


I don't know why, but every time he says my name like that, my heart beats 10 times faster.

"Sasuke? Are you awake?"

I always found it rather amusing if he was concerned about me.


He would freak out if I even showed the slightest sign of illness.


I was snapped out of my thoughts. I turned my head towards the person who was calling my name… The reason I was so lost in thought… Naruto Uzumaki.

"Sasuke… Are you alright?"

Why did I have a feeling he was going to ask me that?

"No," I half replied.

I truly wasn't ok. There was something wrong with me. Every day, my thoughts would revolve around him day and night.

Not trying to worry him, I turned to look at him and smirked. "No, I'm not alright because I always have to look at your ugly face."

As I said this, he puffed up his cheeks and stuck his tongue out at me :P

Rolling my eyes, I said, "Wow, somebody's being immature today."

He quickly turned his head around. Is he pissed off at me?

I stared at him for a while. Is he really that mad at me? It was just a little sarcasm.

I then saw him flash me a small smile. Seeing his adorable smile made my heart skip a beat. I turned away to stare at the math notebook in front of me.

What's going on? Why do I feel like this? Why does my heart beat a hundred times faster when he talks to me? Why can't I breathe when he touches me? Why am I depressed when I'm away from him?

What's happening to me?

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