Author Note: Brand new story, yay! So I've officially become obsessed with Glee and the whole Rachel/ Finn pairing. This is my first Glee fanfic, so hopefully you like it. Rachel's POV about her relationship with Finn

She heard him sing and something exploded. Rachel Berry was usually in control. Always in control. But, she heard him sing and suddenly she wasn't in control any more. She always went after what she wanted and now she was just doing what came naturally to her, going after the thing she wanted. It was just that now she wanted him. The tall, cute football player with the smoking voice. He could be trained to be her equal. She threw the lyrics to the floor in one quick movement, doing what her body wanted to do, moving towards him and pushing everyone else away. If she stopped for a minute she would have realised she looked stupid. But, if she stopped for a moment to think then she wouldn't be Rachel Berry. He looked slightly frightened but she knew he'd get used to it. Get used to her. She could make him. He had such warm hands too. Such pretty brown eyes. Their babies would be gorgeous and talented.

Suddenly the music stopped and he was stepping away from her. Mercedes was saying something about Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, but that wasn't important. She couldn't tear her eyes away from him. Mr Shue had done his job, he would be the perfect male lead and maybe even something more. She smiled. Yes, he would do. Finn Hudson would be perfect.

He had a girlfriend. Quinn Fabray, Cheerio and captain of the celibacy club, one of the most popular girls in school. She sighed. Maybe he would just be the perfect singing partner. Maybe that was all he could be. Why would he want to date her when he had Quinn? She shook her head. That was not the Rachel Berry way of thinking. She was talented, they connected on a musical level. That was a big deal. They'd work well together. She would make him want her. A sly smile crept up her face. She was a star. Her dad's had taught her that she could have anything she wanted. She wanted him. He'd want her too. She just needed to try harder.

He was back. He had realised she was right. She was always right, so that didn't surprise her that much. Something lifted inside her when she realised that he had come back. That what she had said about him being better than the rest of his friends had had an impact. It meant that she mattered to him.

"And Rachel, you can do the choreography," he smiles so sweetly at her that she can feel her heart swell. A voice in the back of her head reminds her that he could be her undoing. Not if she was in charge though. A perfect dance routine was playing out inside her head. A lot of touching between the female and male leads would definitely be necessary. This wasn't about her need to touch him. It would be about the music. Good choreography added to the emotion. Touching always added to the emotion. She felt oddly giddy at the thought. Lots of touching would definitely be necessary.

She honestly didn't think he had it in him to choose a song that would make them all sound so amazing. Heck, when he told them they'd be singing a Journey song she was still very sceptical, but he had looked so innocently hopeful that she didn't tell him that. She always knew she sounded good. But, right now they were all sounding...amazing. Her choreography was working out really well. Their voices were harmonising perfectly. She couldn't help but feel empowered by the whole performance. And to top it all off, he was looking at her the way she had always wanted someone to look at her. She didn't know if it was the song or something else, but, it seemed as though he felt something too. It was like he was singing directly to her, as though those gorgeous brown eyes were piercing into her very soul. She felt like she was on fire. She could feel everything. Every touch, every word, every melody. And he was there, making her feel it all.

"You want to know something they won't tell you?" she was looking directly at Finn and she could tell he was definitely intrigued. This could definitely work. Playing the seduction card when she knows his girlfriend is captain of the celibacy club.

"Girls want sex just as much as boys do," from the look on his face she can see that her plan has worked. Those warm brown eyes are completely trained on her as she makes yet another dramatic exit. She could write a book on dramatic exits: How to stage a dramatic exit: the Rachel Berry way. She can feel the blush rising as she enters the hallway, realising exactly what she has said. In a nutshell, she told Finn she was just as interested in sex as he was. That must have sounded great. But, the main thing is it got his attention. Feeling proud of herself she smiled. She had stolen Finn Hudson's attention away from his clich├ęd blonde cheerleading girlfriend. That was definitely something to be proud of. Feeling better about herself then she had in a while she walked out of the school, thoughts of how to get Finn to look at her like that again flittering through her mind as she went.

Yes, there may have been ulterior motives for picking the song "Push it" and yes it did have something to do with how good Finn smelt when she was close to him. It was such a blatantly sexual song that there was nothing odd about making the choreography so overtly sexual either. Lots of grinding and pretend humping was necessary to get across their message and make Glee appeal to the 'popular' kids. Sure, it was an added bonus of being the group's choreographer that she was able to make sure that she was partnered with Finn, but pretending to hump Artie or Kurt would have just been plain wrong. With Finn it just didn't seem wrong. Sure, it seemed strange and it was awkward, but, it felt like they were just doing what was natural. That sounds slutty. But, it was deeper than that. She felt safe in his arms, despite the sexuality of their movements. And as he sang and moved with her, she believed he wanted her too. Even if was just for the performance.

He looks so adorable sitting across from her with his hand covering what he believes is his heart. She can't help but smile as she reaches forward to correct him.

"Your hearts on the other side of your chest," she doesn't want to let go of his hand, but she can't keep holding it for no reason, can she?

"Your cool Rachel," her heart skips a beat as he grins in his crooked way. She suggests that they have something to drink. It's the only way she can think of something other than how fast his heart is beating at her touch, how fast her heart must be beating. So he doesn't think she's crazy. That's a positive.

"You have a little Cosmo..." she can feel her heart thudding in her ear as he leans forward and his finger brushes over her lip. She feels it tremble. She feels her whole body tremble. It's all oddly exhilarating.

"You can kiss me if you want too," her mouth moves before her brain can catch up. He looks confused and Rachel thinks she's messed up. Why would he want to kiss her? She knows he has a girlfriend. She wants to throw up, run away...just get away.

"I want too," if he can't hear her heart beating then he must be deaf. Her whole body feels as though it's vibrating to the beat of her heart. He leans forward, pressing her onto her back. It's all so gentle. Suddenly his lips brush across hers and it feels like he is singing to her again. His focused on her. He wants her. And it all feels so right. She leans into him, responding to the kiss. She didn't know a boy could have such soft, supple lips. But, his feel perfect against hers. She feels him move away and so slowly she opens her eyes to meet his. He looks troubled and she becomes confused.

"Did I do something wrong?" he is getting up and she can feel her heart slowly crack.

"No, just...don't tell anyone about this, okay?" and with that he is gone. It's all over. Clearly he didn't mean it. Obviously, he made a mistake. She feels her heart completely break as the realisation sets in. He doesn't want her. He'll never want her. She crumples into a heap on the floor, letting the emptiness of the auditorium echo in her ear.

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