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"German" (while in London)

Not What it Seems
Safe Houses

Envy and Wrath looked around the crowded train station during the mid-afternoon rush.

"Chibi-chan tricked us!" Envy ranted.

"Will you just calm down, you're attracting unwanted attention," Wrath said.

Envy sighed and leaned against the wall. Wrath watched as Envy fell through the wall.

"Envy!" Wrath shouted. He didn't think twice when he ran straight at the wall towards where Envy fell.

His eyes fell on a scarlet red train and he stopped short. "Whoa," Wrath said. He was sure that the train would be even more impressive when it was running.

"Whoa, is right," Envy said. "Look!" Envy said, pointing to the train "Hogwarts Express. What's that mean?"

Wrath pulled the translation book out of the suitcase. "Uhh, let's see…express, I think."

"This must have been the train that Chibi was talking about." Envy jumped onto the track. "Let's get going, brat."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming."

The spinning stopped and our favorite group of Amestrians was dropped off in an alley near The Leaky Cauldron.

Roy lay panting on the ground, his bag next to him. "Fullmetal…" he growled. He started to sit up and saw Ed rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Heehee, I guess I should've warned you. Sorry."

"Edward Elric," Winry said, sitting up. She looked a little green. "If we ever have to travel like that again, I will personally murder you, do you understand me?"

Ed nodded and held up his hands in surrender. "I'm pretty sure we're not taking another one."

Al and Hawkeye looked green as well and Roy didn't doubt that he looked the same it his stomach had anything to say about it.

"I don't like traveling by Portkey either, but you get used to it. Besides, it's a lot faster and safer then some other ways wizards travel."

Roy picked himself up off the ground and smoothed his hair back in place.

"Edward," Hawkeye said. "Are we going to go inside somewhere, soon? It looks like it might rain soon."

Ed waved off her comment. "It always looks like that. But yes, we are going inside. We're a block away from The Leaky Cauldron. So, come on." Ed started to walk out of the alley and the rest of the group followed after collecting their bags.

Roy watched as Ed walked ahead of them. He was limping slightly on his right leg, meaning that his automail was a bit too short.

"Edward," Winry said, walking up to him after staring at the cars. "Did you grow out of your automail, again?"

"A while ago, actually. I'll explain inside, okay." Winry nodded and walked through the door that Ed held open.

Roy was the last to walk in and it was not as he expected. At least fifty people were sitting around talking, drinking, and eating. Roy could understand a bit of what people were saying, but most of it got jumbled with the noise.

Ed walked up to the bar and started talking with the barman in fluent English. Roy looked down at Al. "You okay?" he asked the younger Elric.

"Just in shock, I think," Al replied.

Ed came back before Roy had a chance to reply.

"This way." He led the group up the stairs to the inn part of The Leaky Cauldron. He unlocked the forth door on the left and everyone piled into his room.

He was the last one in and he shut the door behind him. "So, welcome to London."

Al suddenly hugged Ed around the waist.


"I missed you, brother," he whispered. Ed smiled softly and hugged back.

"I missed you, too, Al."

Roy took the chance of the two brothers reuniting to look around the room. It was a small room, but Ed had filled it with books and research journals. A half empty trunk was pushed against the wall with books and clothes thrown in it and hanging off the sides.

"You're younger then I thought you would be," Ed said finally, breaking the semi-awkward silence.

"At least you look like the older brother now," Roy replied with a mocking tone in his voice.

"Shut up, you bastard!" Ed shouted. He took a couple deep breaths and sat down in the chair by the desk. "Take a seat where you can find one," he said once he was calm. "I meant to clean up, but I didn't think you guys would be here so soon."

"You've gotten some of your anger under control, brother," Al pointed out as he sat.

Ed laughed nervously. "I got fired from a few jobs for losing my temper and I kind of wanted to keep the job that I have now."

"Where are you working?" Winry asked.

"Book store down in Diagon Alley."

Roy noticed how the two of them were avoiding the question that was most likely on everyone's minds. "How did you get here, Fullmetal?"

Ed froze and stiffened slightly. "It's a long story, but the simple version started when I sacrificed myself to the gate. I showed up on Hogwarts grounds. When Dumbledore found out I was a wizard, he took me to get a wand and I stayed at the school until I turned seventeen. I came to the city and ran into dad about a week later. I've been staying here for the past few months.

"Anyway, my automail was starting to get too short, so he made me some new arms and legs." Ed rolled up his sleeve. Winry looked closely at the fake arm. "It's mostly plastic and gears. No where near as high tech as what anyone in Amestris can make." Ed rolled his sleeve back down.

"How did you get placed in the Order?" Roy asked.

"I was getting there," Ed snapped. "Death Eaters—"

"Death Eaters?" Winry interrupted.

"They're followers of Voldemort. Crappy name if you ask me, but then again, evil was never good at naming their followers."

"Fullmetal," Roy said sternly to get Ed back on the subject.

"Right, right, sorry. So, these Death Eaters were attacking some street. That's when I figured out that Alchemy works over here. Dad said it would, but I just kind of ignored him, I guess.

"The bastard came back and tried to help but…"Ed's face got dark and he dropped his eyes. He bangs casted a shadow over his face. "They managed to kill the bastard by the time some of the Order came." Al and Winry gasped. Roy knew that Ed didn't like the man, but he was still his father and that he felt responsible for his death. "A lot of the stuff in here is his. I moved out his house then and started to stay here. Dumbledore offered me a place in the Order once a couple of the Death Eaters came after me about a week later. A couple people didn't like it, but I was of age, so it didn't matter."

"What do you mean 'of age'?" Winry asked.

"In the wizarding world, once you're seventeen, you're an adult."

"But then why was I invited to this school? I'm the same age as you, Ed."

Ed shrugged. "You'd have to ask Dumbledore. Any other questions before we go get school supplies? We need to be at the safe house by tonight. And someone will be picking us up in," Ed looked at his watch, "four hours."

"What's a muggle?" Hawkeye asked. "You said the word back in Germany."

"A Muggle is a person who can't do magic. Come on, let's get the school supplies for you guys." Ed stood up and stretched. He was trying to change and avoid the subject of his father's death as much as possible.

"What about you, brother?" Al asked.

"I bought the stuff I'll need after Dumbledore gave me this assignment."

"What exactly is your assignment, Fullmetal?"

Ed started to lead the group downstairs to the back of the pub.

"He wants me to watch over Harry Potter and his friends." Ed pulled a stick from his pocket and tapped seemingly random bricks on the wall.

"Edward Elric, what are you doing?" Winry asked. Ed smirked and looked back at the wall that was now moving. "Woah!"

"But how?" Al asked. Roy's thoughts were along the same line. How in the world was that possible?

Ed led them through the arch that the bricks made. Roy looked back and saw them close behind him. "The rules of Alchemy don't apply to magic. They're completely different processes." He squeezed his little brother's shoulder in a comforting way. "You'll get used it, I promise."

Roy followed Ed as he weaved in and out of the crowds towards an equally busy book store.

"We'll get your money exchanged later, but first I need to find something so you can speak English."

"What do you mean?" Winry asked.

"There's this spell that allows a person to 'teach' someone else a language. The person casting the spell has to know the speaker's original language and the language they want to know fairly well, though."

"Does it work?"

Ed shrugged. "It should. Come on." He waved the group into the store and towards the back. "I have no idea why Jamal put these books in the back, they're really handy."

"Jamal?" Roy asked.

"He owns the place and I worked here till two days ago."

They walked around the corner and saw two guys kissing and groping each other like there was no tomorrow.

Ed started laughing and the two broke apart, panting. "No wonder I could never find either of you." He was doubled over laughing.

"Wha…what are you doing back here, Ed? You quit," the taller of the two boys asked. They both had blushes on their faces, the shorter one's was worse.

"Shopping," Ed choked out between laughs. "If you really wanted some time alone, you could've just told me and not go hide in the back of the shop."

"Who are your friends, Edward?" Roy asked in English. It was a handy language to know and he learned it soon after he received the first letter. It was also very funny to see the shrimp's face when he spoke in English with barely an accent.

"Since when do you know English, you bastard?" Ed almost shouted back at him.

Roy smirked. "I've known it for a while, now who are you're friends?"

Ed gritted his teeth. "Jamal Nash," He gestured towards the taller one, "and John Fergus. Jamal owns the shop. Guys, this is the bastard, Riza Hawkeye, Winry Rockbell, and Alphonse Elric."

Each waved a hello when Ed introduced them.

"So he's the brother you've told me so much about." Ed nodded.

"Only the bastard here speaks English apparently, so I came back here looking for this book that had a translating spell in it."

Jamal nodded. "John you can go back to the front if you want; make sure there are no fights going on." John nodded and walked away. Roy wondered if fights were a normal occurrence in the book store. Jamal reached up and plucked a book from the shelf next to him. "I'll give this to you if you promise to not tell anyone."

"Who would I tell that actually knows either of you?"

Jamal paused. "Good point. Here, it was nice meeting all of you," he said and walked away with a little wave.

"He seemed nice," Roy said.

"Shut up, bastard."

Ed opened the book to the index and found what he was looking for. "Okay, don't flinch. It shouldn't hurt."

"You have no idea?!" Winry shrieked.

"I learned English from the Gate, but the book says you'll just feel warm for a couple seconds, then, you should know English." He waved the stick around and said some weird words, then tapped Hawkeye, Al and Winry on the head.

"Did it work?" Hawkeye asked. Her eyes widened.

"Great!" Ed said, snapping the book shut and placing it back on the shelf.

"Are we there yet? Wrath asked after three hours of running.

Envy sighed in exasperation. "Yes."

"No we're not," he whined.

"Then why did you ask?"

Wrath didn't have an answer.

"I think we're almost there. I can see a town over there." He pointed towards the distance. It was still a speck and a normal human wouldn't have been able to see it. "Probably another hour or so if we stop stopping every five minutes."

"I hate you!"

Envy sighed. "We've had this conversation, I hate you, too, now, let's go."

Ed was slowly losing his energy as he bought all the supplies for the group. It had been three hours since they started and they only had one last stop to make: Ollivander's.

"I warn you now, guys," Ed said as they walked up to the shop in the growing twilight. "The guy is creepy and I think he likes to sneak up on his customers, so don't torch him, shoot at him, or anything else, okay."

Hawkeye, Mustang, Al and Winry nodded and followed Ed into the shop.

The shop was just as dusty as it was when Ed came by almost a year ago. He sneezed as the door slammed shut and sent up a wave of dust.

"Hate this shop," Ed mumbled.

"Ah, Mr. Elric," Ollivander said, coming out from behind a shelf. Ed jumped at the voice. "Mahogany, 10 3/4", flexible, with the tail hair of a thestral. It's wonderful to see you again."

"Uhh…yeah," Ed replied. "They need wands." He gestured towards the group standing behind him.

Ollivander nodded. "That's normally why people come into my shop, Mr. Elric. Now, who's first?"

Mustang moved forward first.

"Well, Fuhrer Mustang, please hold out your wand arm." Mustang looked like a deer caught in headlights when Ollivander said his title.

"I know every customer that comes into my shop and every wand that I've ever sold. Wand arm, please."

Mustang looked at Ed in confusion.

"The arm you write with."

The bastard nodded and held out his right arm.

Ollivander "hmm"ed and started to take his measurements. After a couple moments he left to go get a wand, leaving the tape measure to continue.

Ed started snickering at Mustang's face as he looked down at the tape measure with a shocked expression.

"That's enough," Ollivander said when he came back holding a bunch of wands. The tape measure fell to the ground.

"Willow, 13 1/2", rigid, core is the hair of a unicorn." Mustang took the wand of the man and waved it.

Lightening shot out of the end and hit a vase on a shelf causing it to shatter violently and everyone in the shop to jump.

"No," Ollivander said and took the wand out of Mustang's hand and handed him another one. "Holly, 11", pliable, core is dragon heartstring."

Mustang waved the wand and caused multiple wand boxes to fall off the shelves. He hastily put the wand back on the counter.

"Hmm, try this one," Ollivander said and handed Mustang a gray-brown wand. "Hawthorn, 15", unyielding, tail of a phoenix at the core."

Mustang waved the wand and fire was emitted from the tip, burning into oblivion before it could reach the ground.

"Perfect," Ollivander said. "Who's next?"

Hawkeye stepped up and Mustang slid his new wand into a pocket in his pants.

Ollivander repeated the same measuring process and came back with a few wands that he placed next to the other pile.

"Well, Colonel Hawkeye, try this one. "Oak wood, 13 1/4", springy, dragon heartstring is the core."

Hawkeye took the wand and waved it, causing some light blue sparkles to come out the end and disappear with a 'bang' sound that sounded very close to the firing of a gun.

"On the first try, oh, wonderful! Miss Rockbell, Mr. Elric, which one of you would like to go next?"

"Ehh," Winry said. "I will." She stepped forward and stared at the tape measure as it measured the length of her knuckles. "How does this work?" she mumbled in German.

"It's magic, Winry," Ed replied. Winry whipped her head around and glared at Ed who shrunk back in fear.

Ollivander came back and had her try five wands before he took a light brown wand out of a box. "Rowan wood, 12 3/4", supple, unicorn hair core."

Winry waved the wand and red light came out the end and in the center it looked like an automail arm was being placed together for a moment before it disappeared and Winry stepped back, staring at the piece of wood in her hands.

"Mr. Elric, if you please." Al nodded and stepped up to the desk. Ollivander just stood there staring at the younger Elric and Ed started to get impatient. Al was starting to fidget under Ollivander's gaze.

"Hey, old man," Ed said. "We don't have all day."

"Yes, yes," he said and disappeared into the back without measuring Al.

"Brother," Al warned. "Be nice."

Ed rolled his eyes and slouched against the wall.

Before Al could protest and act like the older brother again, Ollivander came back only holding one box.

"Try this," he said and handed him a white wand. Ed had a weird feeling about this wand.

Al waved the wand and blue sparks like light from an alchemic reaction came out the end.

Ollivander glanced over at Ed for a second before looking back at Al. "Very curious."

Al looked at him questionably. "What?"

"Birch wood represents rebirth, Mr. Elric. The core of your wand was one of two wands that I made with that specific type of core."

Ed just looked at Ollivander blankly. He knew what was in the core of that wand. It wasn't that that worried him so much as what the wood of the wand meant. How did Ollivander know about that kind of stuff? He didn't tell anyone what he did in this world and his father already knew what he did.

"Thestral hair is a very powerful core, Mr. Elric. I trust that you will use it wisely." He looked back to the others, seeming like he just remembered they were there. "That'll be seven gallons each please."

Ed took twenty-eight gallons from the bag of money that Dumbledore gave him to buy the supplies and handed them to Ollivander and left the shop as quickly as possible.

"We have to get back to the Leaky Cauldron to meet up with whoever is picking us up." Ed led the way back to the bar and paid Tom the last of his bill as they passed by.

"Ed?" a voice sounded behind him.

Ed turned around and saw a pink haired Tonks waving to him as she walked up to the group.

"Wotcher, Ed," she said.

"Hey, Tonks," Ed responded. "Guys, this is Nymphadora Tonks—"

"Call me Tonks."

"—and Tonks, this is Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye, Winry Rockbell, and Alphonse Elric." Ed motioned to each person as he introduced them.

"It's wonderful to meet you," Roy flirted.

Tonks narrowed her eyes. "Don't try anything on me," she threatened.

Ed snickered at Hawkeye's hand tightening on Mustang's arm.

"I haven't finished packing, but you're welcome to come up if you want," Ed explained to Tonks

Tonks nodded and Ed led the group back up to his room.

"Pack," Ed said firmly and waved his wand around the room to make everything fly into the trunk as everyone settled into the room.

Book, papers, and clothes flew through the room and organized themselves in the trunk on the floor. The only thing left in the room was anything that the group had bought that day and the others' trunks.

"How did everything fit in there?" Winry asked.

"Expansion charm." Ed shrunk the suitcases and purchases, except for Winry's automail case, and placed them in the top of his smaller case. "How are we getting to the safe house?" Ed asked Tonks

"Knight Bus. It's busier this time of night because everyone is heading home. We'll be able to blend in more." Tonks changed her hair to a short brown bob to not stick out as much.

Ed being used to it didn't blink twice at the metamorphmagus, but Mustang slipped on his gloves; Al pushed Winry behind him, preparing to transmute something; Hawkeye reached for her gun at her waist.

"Guys, stop. She's not Envy, I promise."

"How can you be so sure, brother?"

"She's what the wizarding people call a metamorphmagus. She's harmless. Just trust me, okay. Besides, if Envy showed up here in London, how would he know English?" Ed wasn't about to tell them that he already ran into Envy and Wrath. He would tell them that he already saw them if he ever ran into the duo again.

Mustang stared at Ed like he was crazy, but slipped his gloves back into his pocket and motioned to Hawkeye to stand down.

"Sorry," Mustang said. "We've had some trouble with shapeshifters before."

Tonks waved it off as nothing. "Don't worry about it. Ed had the same hostile reaction as you guys. Except his hurt a bit more," she said, rubbing her shoulder in memory of the attack.


"She surprised me!"

"Boys," Tonks said. "We have to get going."

Ed just nodded and pulled his case back off the table and herded everyone out of his room and downstairs. He dropped his key off with tom and motioned for Tonks to lead the way.

Tonks lead them to a side street and motioned for everyone to step back on the curb.

She held out her wand and a purple triple-decker bus appeared from the other end of the street, pushing the parked cars out of the way.

"This is one weird ass town," Wrath said.

"I know," Envy agreed.

Envy changed his form so he had an owl sitting on his shoulder with an envelope in its beak. When it was finished forming, it took off towards the castle across the lake.

"Is it going to last that distance?" Wrath asked.

Envy shrugged. "It should." Envy stepped out of the alley they hid themselves in. He looked back over his shoulder as he walked away. "Come on, brat. I told Snape that we would be up in the half destroyed building over there."

The duo climbed over the decaying fence and forced the door open.

Wrath started coughing when they entered the house.

"Why is there so much damn dust?" he coughed out.

Envy waved his hand in front of his face to get the dust to go away. "I have no idea. People probably don't come in here everyday and clean the place. I know I wouldn't; this isn't the most fun place to live in. I'm going to go hide the stones."

Wrath nodded and plopped down on the ripped up couch. A dust cloud came up and engulfed the smaller homunculi. He started coughing again.

Envy had come back after hiding the stones and he was now reading the German-English dictionary. He really hoped Snape knew a translating spell or something.

Wrath was keeping himself occupied by transmuting the dust on the floor into different animals. He kept trying to make them explode in Envy's face, but it never worked.

Wrath was in the middle of transmuting the dust into Envy getting eaten by Gluttony when there was a knock on the door.

"Get the door, brat," Envy said. Wrath sighed and stared grumbling profanities and insults at Envy under his breath.

He yanked open the door and stared at the entirely black roped man in front of him.

"Envy!" Wrath shouted. "There's a giant, greasy, bat at our door!"

Note about the wands I chose for each of them.

Ed) "Mahogany, 10 3/4", flexible, with the tail hair of a thestral" as said by JKR on this one website, "the tail hair of a Thestral; a powerful and tricky substance that can be mastered only by a witch or wizard capable of facing death." So, considering that Ed died like twice in the anime, he gets that. The wood is good for transfiguration and since Ed is a child prodigy with Alchemy, that's why that wood.

Roy) "Hawthorn, 15", unyielding, tail of a phoenix at the core." Hawthorn wood, as said by the Celtic site is "Hawthorn month is a time of fertility, masculine energy, and fire"...mostly for the fire part. Same for the phoenix core.

Riza) "Oak wood, 13 1/4", springy, dragon heartstring is the core." Oak wood is "strong, powerful" Dragons are described on hp-lexicon as "terrifying and awe-inspiring" I think hers is kind of self-explanatory.

Winry) "Rowan wood, 12 3/4", supple, unicorn hair core." "The Rowan Moon is associated with Brighid, the Celtic goddess of hearth and home" Winry is always there for Ed and Al when ever they came back Resembool or when Ed needed his automail fixed. The unicorn hair is because Winry is innocent and unicorns are too.

Al) "Silver Birch, thestral hair." Okay, so birch means rebirth and regeneration, so its fitting for Al to have that wood since he was reborn into his body. Thestral hair core because Al was almost dead and he saw the Gate.

Hahaha I HAD to end the chapter like that. Next chap has a lot written for it just cuz its stuff I wrote a while ago. I just need to reread thro it and change some details. Reviews are appreciated and it really does make me write faster cuz then I know ppl are reading this!

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