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Five days later….

Rain threw her backpack into the passenger seat of her car and turned the key in the ignition. Bobby already had his car started. Today was the day that Rain was going to have dinner with Bobby's family. Though she didn't have any romantic interest in the twenty-eight-year-old, she was still close friends with him; therefore he was one of the few people she even remotely trusted. On the drive to his house, she thought to herself how she had never had more than two friends at a time.

She laughed at herself and popped a Skillet CD into the car's CD player. To her, music was her lifeline. It was the one thing that kept her from breaking down and doing something crazy.

As they pulled into the small driveway, Rain felt a tinge of recognition in the small Volkswagen that was parked in front of the house. She noted that Bobby lived on the other side of the city. Almost forty-five minutes away from the school. When got out of the car, she took in the sight of the cozy-looking home. Bobby tugged at her arm.

"C'mon, Rainy. Time to go inside. You gotta meet my family." Rain bit her lip nervously. She hadn't ever met any of her friend's family. Well, she had met Chad's mom. His dad was dead. She had never met any of Travis' family. Whenever they hung out, they had always met up at Chad's.

As she walked into the door behind Bobby, an elderly looking woman appeared at the doorway to the kitchen. She smiled warmly. Rain's heart literally stopped and an enormous lump sat in her throat. It was her. The woman who she had longed to see again for eight entire years was standing right there before her. She was sure that it was her. She had aged a bit, but still was beautiful.

"Ma, this is Rain. Rain, this is Ma." Bobby said proudly. Rain realized that he had something to do with this. Evelyn smiled warmly, unnecessarily introducing herself.

"You can call me Evelyn if you're more comfortable with that. Bobby, go get your brothers. Tell them that our guest his here." Bobby nodded and disappeared towards the staircase. Rain continued to stare at the woman. Suddenly, she hugged her tightly. Evelyn hugged her back with equal force and kissed the top of her head. Rain pulled back from the hug and smiled.

"I've been trying to find you for eight years now. What happened to you?" Rain asked, still in a daze.

"I moved into the country for a while. I-" Evelyn cut herself off as there was a loud thudding noise coming down the stairs. Rain watched as three guys, one of them being Bobby, came running into the room, making an abrupt halt at the door way as to not run into Evelyn and Rain. The two that Bobby had gotten were both black.

"Rain, this is Angel, Jerry, and- Bobby?"

"Yeah Ma?"

"Where's Jack?"

"Uh…. He said he'd be down in a second. What the fu-…" Evelyn cut him a sharp look before he finished the word. "Heck. What the heck is the fairy doing up there?"

"Robert Mercer!" Evelyn scolded him. Bobby winced as his mother used his full name. Rain smiled to herself. So it was true that Bobby didn't listen to anybody but his mother. Then there came another thudding down the stairs, this one lighter than the others. A boy who looked to be about Rain's age appeared at the door.

He was lanky, yet she could tell that he had muscle. His dark blonde hair was in a messy style and hanging in front of his eyes, but she could still tell that he was wearing eyeliner. He had pale skin, but a nice complexion, and was wearing a black tee shirt with the British flag printed on it and semi-tight worn light blue jeans. He had a plain black arm warmer and a studded snap-on bracelet on his left wrist and a few black, purple, and white gel bracelets on his right wrist. Around his neck he wore a chain link necklace. Rain couldn't help but stare at him. He was so…beautiful.

"Jack, this is Rain. Rain, this is Jack." When Evelyn said Rain's name, Jack's head shot up, the hair that was in his eyes brushing back. His eyes were wide and he was looking at her hard. Rain noticed a very subtle scar under his right eye. When she met his eyes, the lump that had been in her throat earlier returned, this time it was bigger though.

"J-Jack…? Michaels?" Jack's face twitched. She was safe. She was alive. She was here. He was paralyzed by his own emotions. It was the best that he could do to nod slowly. Rain burst into tears and collapsed. Jack caught her quickly just before she hit the floor and held her against his chest tightly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and cried into his chest. He cried with her and caressed her hair softly.

"Rain." Jack loved the way that her name rang when he spoke it. He had hated the word for eight dreadful years. He had stood out in the weather for hours, crying, when it rained. Now he had his Rain back. She was alive. She was well. And this time he wasn't about to let her slip away from him again.

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