Author's Note: This is a really short first chapter, kinda going for a teaser-y thing. Basically post Buffy season seven and before the first Gossip Girl book (not the prequel- which was really bad with canon, anyway), about a month before Serena comes back. No Dawn pairing as of yet, but I'm sticking to the Gossip Girl canon pairings. I haven't read the gossip girl books in a while (since the last one, not counting the Carlyles or It Girl books, so my facts may be a little off. So yeah, review and tell me what you think.
A not-so-vague Disclaimer: I own nothing; I am neither Joss Whedon nor Cecily Von Ziegesar. The title comes from the great Ani Difranco song 'Not A Pretty Girl'- I'm not her either, so don't own it. Please don't sue me!

"You remembered to pack your phone, stakes, lunch money?" Buffy asked her sister as they waited outside the headmistress' office of her new school. Dawn rolled her eyes.

"Yes, my bag-packed status is the same as it was this morning. And last night." The younger girl rolled her eyes again to emphasise her statement and slumped down in her seat. "Y'know, the council are throwing so much money at me to go to this school and the headmistress isn't even on time for a meeting. At least Wood was punctual."

"Yeah, like you're so upset about missing first period." Buffy drawled. "Heads up, I think that's her." Both sat up as a tall red-haired woman walked into the administration office.

"Ah, you must be Dawn Summers, I'm Ms McLean, the headmistress" The teacher said, shaking a rather bemused Dawn's hand. Dawn stood up and smoothed down her skirt before turning to Buffy.

"This is my sister Buffy. She's my guardian." The woman raised her eyebrows slightly at that but shook Buffy's hand.

"Well then, we'd better go into my office and get your papers and schedule in order." She smiled warmly at the sisters and held open the door to her office for them to walk through.

After forty-five minutes talking to the headmistress about Dawn's senior year schedule, transcripts, extra-curriculars and college plans both girls walked out of the administration office, both a little shell-shocked.

"That's something you don't get at public school." Buffy said after a moment.

"To be fair, you really wouldn't know what the first day of senior year is likeā€¦ Since you didn't get back into the Sunnydale High until the second week in September." Dawn joked.

"Hey, me slayer you civilian. I had an excuse." Buffy reminded her sister.

"Just because I agreed to go to this stupid school, it doesn't mean that I have to like it." The brunette pouted. "I could still be at the American School in Rome but no, they need watcher junior to get some WASP slayers on board. Because that's the kind of diversity we need."

"As long as you don't get kicked out before you get this girl on side, you can do what you want." Buffy reasoned. "Oh, as long as you maintain a B average, always carry weapons and splash any prospective dates with holy water."

"Whatever, pint-size." Dawn rolled her eyes.

"Love you too Dawnie." Her sister called as she walked down the hall and out of the school, leaving Dawn to grapple with her class schedule and a school map. She smoothed down her seersucker skirt and looked at the crest at the top of her schedule.
"Constance Billard School for Girls" she read out loud. "Thanks a lot Buffy."