Dragons of the Harvest Moon

Chapter one

The Meeting

Slowly, I returned to myself. I hurt everywhere, it was a constant ache, but easily manageable. I cracked my eyes open and got the fright of my life: Tasslehoff Burrfoot, and Tanis Half-Elven were leaning over me, curious, no doubt.

"Are you alright?" Tanis asked In a low form of common.

"I'm fine." I replied in a higher form, looking around, I recognized that I was in the cave a little ways from Crystalmir Lake.

I felt several pairs of eyes bore in the back of my skull. I turned and saw my favorite character (other than Dalamar) from Krynn. Raistlin Majere and all his golden skinned glory, was sitting, not a few feet away. His golden, hourglass eyes stared at me, but not through my skull, as I originally thought. Not surprisingly it was Sturm. The stoic knight was standing by the cave's entrance, his arms folded across his chest. His cold, brown eyes stared at me, if it weren't for the fact that I was a "lady", I had the feeling he would have kicked my ass. Goldmoon then thought that it was best to come forward, with the Blue Crystal staff.

"Are you injured?" She was speaking common, but, man, did she ever have an accent

"I'm fine." I replied, knowing the way people on Krynn spoke differently then those on Earth. A sudden thought struck me, what the Hell was I going to do without my Ipod? Its absurd, I know, but c'mon give me a break, I was stressed out. That thought sent me giggling. Raistlin raised both eyebrows at me and that just made me giggle harder.

"What is so funny?" He asked me. Sadly, he was confused, but the look on his face said he was confused and pissed. That sobered me up quickly. Never, ever mess with the future Master of the Past and Present no matter how tempting it is, because one day he will find you and kick your ass.

"I- I've been through a lot today." I mumbled.

Wait a second; he should be coughing up a lung by now. Came an unbidden thought from the back of my head. Shut up, I told it. Stupid voices never leave me –

The thought was cut off abruptly, by (big surprise) Raistlin coughing. Oh well, one thing that you can't take from him is his timing; I might have just started a full-blown argument with the whispers in the back of my head. Yeah, I know that sounds weird, but the body I was in supplied that I had been hearing the voices since I had been thirteen.

I looked down at myself and wasn't entirely surprised when is saw a thin, almost wasted, body covered in Lunitari's red robes of neutrality. I casually brushed myself off and stood up, but nearly jumped out of my pants (and, yes, they were travelling robes, so they did have pants) when I nearly stepped into Caramon Majere, Raistlin's twin brother.

I smiled sheepishly. "Hi", I murmured. I turned and sat beside Raistlin, who (for the record) was still giving me the hairy eyeball. I faced him. "Don't worry, I don't bite," The only thing I got was a raised eyebrow. You want him. The voice in the back of my head taunted.

Shut up. I told it again. It did. I turned to the rest of the group. " Where are you headed too?" I asked.

"Haven." Replied Sturm coldly. I nodded in mock understanding.

"Yeah, that's where I'm headed." I fibbed. "If it's okay with you, I'll stick with you guys until we get there, the roads are dangerous, I've heard rumors of war."

Everyone looked at each other. "Fine, but we depart at Haven." Said Tanis

I grabbed my packs, glaring at Tas (Tasslehoff) as I did so. I nestled in some of my blankets, as I fell into a half sleep, a fight broke out between Sturm and Riverwind, before it was resolved, however, I was asleep.

Only to be woken up several hours later by Raistlin coughing. Checking a sigh, I grabbed one of my packs, pulled out the leftover blankets, and headed over to Raistlin. I wordlessly draped the last two blankets over Raistlin's shaking form and glared at Tanis, who was taking watch and could have easily started the fire again.

I fell asleep, and woke at dawn with everyone.

END of Chapter One

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