After long days of gathering supplies from the fortress, and finding where we would go, and keeping the Dragon Army at bay, we had left Pax Tharkas.

People got set up in the caves that littered the Valley that Flint had found off to the southwest. We had settled there, keeping fear at bay, and hoping against hope that the Dragon Army wouldn't find us.

The trip to the valley had been treacherous, but worth it. There was plenty of room and water, and space for those who hated loud celebrations.

On the last day of autumn, Goldmoon and Riverwind decided to wed. Elistan had been honoured to wed the two, now sporting the white robes of Palidine. He had asked what the traditions of their people were. Both had said they would make their own ceremony, for their people were dead, they wanted to make their own traditions, not honour those that were dead. They wanted to look forward, not behind.

The had gathered for the wedding at dusk, waiting. Goldmoon appeared, Tika and Laurana and I in front of her, carrying torches. Goldmoon had decorated her hair with autumn leaves, but wore the tunic she had always worn. Mishakal's medallion glittered at her throat. She carried her bridegift, wrapped in fine cloth, so no one could see.

We had turned to the west, waiting for Riverwind. It did not take long, his hair was also decorated with leaves, and his groomgift was wrapped in one of Tasslehoff's handkerchiefs. The male companions, save Gilthanas, walked in front of him, carrying torches, except for Raistlin, who held the Staff of Magius.

Elistan said something to the couple, before addressing the crowd at large, "The left hand is the hand of the heart," He said, placing Goldmoon's left hand n Riverwind's, "We join left hands that in love in the hearts of this man and woman may combine to form something greater than the separate. Receive their love, Palidine- the greatest of the gods; bless itand grant them peace at last in their hearts, if their is no peace on this land. Pledge your vows to one another, and exchange the gifts of your hand and hearts."

Goldmoon looked into Riverwinds eyes, and began to speak softly"

"Wars have settled to the North

and dragons ride the skies,

'Now is time for wisdom'

say the wise and nearly wise.

'Here, in the heart of battle,

the time to be brave is at hand.

Now most things are larger than

the promise of woman to man.'

But, you and I, through the burning plains,

through darkness of the earth,

affirm this world, its people,

the heavens that gave them birth,

the breath that passes between us,

this alter where we stand,

and all those things larger by,

the promise of woman to man."

Then Riverwind spoke:

"Now in the belly of winter,

when the ground and sky are grey,

here in the heart of sleeping snow,

now is the time to say

yes to the sprouting vallenwood

in the green countryside,

for these things are far larger than

a man's word to his bride.

Through these promises we keep,

forged in the yawning night,

proved in the presence of heroes

and the prospect of spring light,

the children will see moons and stars

where now the dragons ride,

and humble things made large by

a man's word to his bride."

Goldmoon had shyly handed her present to Riverwind. He unwrapped it with trembling hands. It was a ring plaited of her own hair, bound with bands of silver and of gold that was as fine as the hair that it surrounded.

I smiled as Flint's eyes teared up. Hadn't she given Flint her mother's jewelry to make that? Anna asked. I nodded, and knew that Anna understood.

Riverwind's gift was a ring made of vallenwood, it was polished, so the ring looked gold. Goldmoon stared at it and had began to cry, she had wiped her eyes with Tas's handkerchief.

I had spaced out a little after that, Elistan continued to bless them and said that their love would be proof to anyone that the gods had truly blessed them. Riverwind had took his ring from Goldmoon and slid it on her finger. Goldmoon took her ring from Riverwind. He knelt before her, but she shook her head.

"Rise, warrior," She had said, smiling through her tears.

"Is that a command?"

"It is the last of Cheiftan's Daughter," She put the ring on his finger and they embraced, kissing.

The sun sank beneath the mountains and the festivities began. Ignoring them, I looked around, trying to find Raistlin. He had been unusually pale and quiet after the ceremony, but I had not had a chance to talk to him.

I found him, sitting on a stump of a tree that had been hit by lightning. It's blackened remains lay scattered around the tree. I sat beside him, and watched as the constellations started to appear, all but two. The Platinum Warrior and the Five Headed Dragon of All Colours and of None.

The temperature dropped, and I began to shiver, and felt Raistlin do the same, despite the amount of heat radiating from him. I shuffled closer to him, and took his hand in mine.

He turned and looked at me. With his free hand, he brushed his fingertips over my cheek, "You're hair is better this way."

After the battle had ended, I had finally realized my hair had grown back a little, and barely reached the top of my ears. The white locks, however, had been left untouched by the acid. They framed my pale face, and could be tucked behind my ears.

I leaned forward, and gently brought my lips to his. After a moment, I deepened the trembling kiss, and he complied, opening his mouth. Our tongues explored the others mouth, but it was horribly awkward, and we bumped noses more than once.

My heart soared, and I felt a love that I had never experience before bloom in my chest. Raistlin pulled back first, wheezing for breath.

"Are you okay?' I asked breathlessly.

He said nothing for a moment, and before I could, he kissed me again.

It wasn't until later I noticed that Tanis had been there, staring.


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