The Ghost Zone was a place Harry had never known existed.

After his soul had left his body…his world disintegrated, and it was like he was watching the following scene unfold below him.

Then…he was surrounded by a swirling green mass.

Not knowing what else to do, Harry began to wonder around and search aimlessly. It felt like he was looking for something, he realized later, but never knew what.

He passed a lot of floating purple doors and weird shelves. All around him it was eerily silent. Once or twice he ran into some other ghosts—he took a moment to marvel at how different they were from the Hogwarts ghosts—and saw weird kinds of living places.

These ghosts were defiantly weird.

He had been wandering for what seemed like weeks, though it was actually more like days in reality. At one point Harry passed a large shard of reflective glass.

Staring deeply into the mirror, Harry was hit suddenly by a deep emotion. His eyes, which had been emerald before, were now glowing, and neon. His hair was black.

Draco had always like Harry's eyes….

I want to remember him in my appearance more…Harry thought. He was deeply overcome by how much he missed the Slytherin. Maybe I'll change my hair. And the moment he had the thought, his hair changed from black to white. Not what I was going for. I was thinking more of a blond. But this works, too. And with that, he floated on, tears streaming down his cheeks in silent memories of his friends and family.

Deciding he'd like to rest, Harry landed lightly on a rock shelve that had a large, sheer face of a cliff on it. He was about to sit down, but something caught Harry's eye. It was in the rock face—a shimmering, weird kind of circle—that seemed to be bending and twisting by some unknown force.

What ever the thing was, it was starting to glow. For a few seconds, in which Harry held his breath, the formation did nothing. Then it seemed to split and something tumbled out of it, laying on the ground beneath the weird glowing mass. At first Harry thought it was just a newly dead soul that had been sent to the weird ghost place like he had been, but something seemed off about this boy. For one the boy didn't glow like most ghosts did. His hair was black, but fading to gray, and his skin, normal but pale, seemed to be fading as well. The person was screaming.

Oh, crap! Harry thought. This kid is still alive! Mostly, anyways. Maybe he was dying? Harry quickly flew up to the boy, hoping he wasn't too late. As he went to touch him, try and help somehow, something happened that Harry was sure not even Hermione would be able to explain. He seemed to slip into the boy.

Oh, this is not good, Harry thought. The only good thing he could think of was the fact that the boy's heart was still beating. And he was still screaming. Harry could feel the pain the boy was—it was like an electric shock. He flew up to the shimmering formation and went back in. It seemed the right thing to do. He could feel the boy starting to make a recovery. Maybe because of Harry? He wasn't sure, but he thought so.

"Danny!" He heard someone cry and just before the kid, 'Danny', came back into control he saw a face swim into his vision. A pretty goth girl. He then gave all control over to the host of his new body.

I'll be seeing you. . . Danny. . . He murmured to the boy. And then…just like that….he let himself get swallowed up.


"C'mon, Danny! Don't you think it would be cool?" Sam asked her friend eagerly.

Danny looked at the ghost portal before turning on Tucker, who held up his hands as if to declare his innocence.

He sighed and looked once more at the metal thing.

"I…I guess it would be kinda cool," he said slowly, walking towards it. "I-I mean, a world of ghosts…" he drew in a sharp breath.

Sam rolled her eyes and tossed the white-and-black jumpsuit at him. Danny caught it.

"Okay. I guess I could see if I could get it to work," he said, finally giving in. He pulled on the elastic-y suit over his normal clothing, and then zipped it up before stepping inside.

"Whoa," he muttered. "Dark." And put his hand against the wall so that he didn't trip over any wires or anything.

He began to move along the tunnel slowly, his hand guiding him. He nearly stumbled, but caught himself. The further he moved inwards, the farther out in front of him it seemed to stretch. He was expecting to smack his face on the back of the tunnel, but it didn't seem to be there yet. A small part of his mind wandered how the portal had gotten so deep. Really, the wall that it had been built into wasn't this deep…was it? Regardless of the dubious thoughts, Danny continued down.

And then—he didn't know what. He felt a button beneath his finger, and unknowingly he pressed it…and the…then green. Green and pain.

I'll be seeing you. . . Danny. . .

He vaguely heard shouts from behind him, coming from Sam and Tucker, who were both yelling his name. And then…he remembered stumbling out of the portal, their shocked faces…then…black.