Based on the song Bully by Three Days Grace, this bunny bit me on my way to work this morning. There is mention of abuse, violence, and attempted suicide.


Blame it on the family.

Harry shivered uncontrollably in the tiny space under the stairs. He was too hot and too cold and he was pretty sure that was from the infection he had gotten when his bone had broken through the skin of his shin when Dudley decided that it would be fun to push him down the stairs. Again.

Blame it on the bully.

Draco had been bad, but Ron had been so much worse. Maybe it was because he had been friends with Ron for almost 5 years beforehand but as Ron started to taunt him about his family, both the one he had to stay with and the one that had been murdered, Harry knew that he would never trust Ron again.

The whole school soon knew that Harry was, in the eyes of his own muggle relatives, nothing more than a house elf.

Draco had even stopped his taunting of Harry, the first time Ron had tried to shove the boy down the stairs, in front of everybody.

He'd claimed it was an accident and, unfortunately for Harry, several people believed him.

Later Ron threatened Harry if he told anyone otherwise, even had Ron continued to spill all of Harry's secrets.

Blame it on me.

Harry had had enough. He was done with them and with life. His "family" had never wanted him and one of his best friends had turned on him while the other, Hermione, had simply just stopped talking to him. Which he thought was just as bad as what Ron had done.

No one, none of his teachers, not Albus, or Minerva, or Remus, seemed to have any time for him anymore.

He just wanted it to end.

He had done what they wanted. Voldemort was never coming back and Harry had, apparently, worn out his welcome.

Maybe he needed to be wanted.

'Potter! What are you doing?' a familiar voice snapped him from his unpleasant memories.

'I'm debating whether or not I should throw myself from this tower or the highest point in the stands,' Harry replied, leaning dangerously over the edge.

Severus wanted to snatch the brat back before he toppled over but he was afraid of scaring the boy, not that he seemed to be scared, just resigned.

'Why on earth would you do that?' Severus asked, clearly confused.

'What else is there for me to do, sir? I can't go back to my family,' he sneered the word, making it sound more like a curse then anything, 'not that I know where they moved to anyway,' he shrugged in indifference, 'not that I'd ever go back there.' He seemed to say that last part to himself, than he snapped himself back to where he was, and met Snape's gaze, 'my friends won't even look at me anymore, except for Ron and well, he's been having a go at me every minute of the day and telling me it's my own fault. I know it's not but after having taken the blame for everything at the Dursley's a part of me believes him.'

'Harry,' Severus started wanted to correct the boy about something, anything.

Harry gave him a sad smile, and climbed up onto the ledge. 'I've done what they all wanted me to do and I'm not good enough for them. I'm either crazy or about to be the next Dark Lord.'

'I can't let you do this, Harry,' Severus said moving cautiously toward the boy who had his back towards Snape.

'Give 'em hell, Professor,' Harry said turning to look at Severus one last time. He closed his eyes and let himself fall forward.

The sensations he was expecting to feel didn't happen, sure he felt the wind against his face but it was more a gentle breeze and not the rush he would have associated with falling.

That's when the warm hardness of a person registered in his mind, and strong arms around him.

'No you don't Potter, you will not go gently. Not when there are people who want you, need you.' Severus said harshly into his ear.

'Yeah? Like who?' Harry replied, not opened his eyes, and not wanting his hated professor seeing his tears.

'Lupin, Lovegood, Longbottom, those irritating twins, Granger,' at that last name Harry snorted in disbelief.

'It is not them that are staying away but you who is pushing them away,' Severus said, his tone softening.

Harry went limp in Severus' arms, 'I just want the pain to go away,' Harry whimpered and Severus could hear the pain and tears and defeat in his voice.

'Let me help,' Severus said softly.

'Why?' Harry asked so unsure of everything.

'Because I want to,' Severus replied burying his face in Harry's neck, not knowing what else to do, 'I want you.' His hold on the lithe form of the Savior tightened but Harry managed to turn around in his arms and buried his face in the thick black robes his professor favored.


A/N (17.01.11): This has been edited, some of the more graphic things have been taken out and some general editing done. Ron hasn't been sexually abusing Harry anymore, just verbally and physically assaulting him. Ron has become Draco, only worse because he knows all of Harry's secrets and is telling the school.