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Summary; Story starts with M/A relationship as mates established with them having a son, Cade and twin girls, Mila and Lima.

Chapter 1 –

'What the hell? Maxie!' Alec grabbed the pillow that was next to his own and hid his face under it.

'Alec, get up now or else I'll kick your ass.' Max responded in an exasperated tone.

'Always with the ass.' Alec muttered. He looked over at her where she stood at the foot of their bed, looking at him as if she was ready to chop his bits. 'Seriously, after 16 yrs of having my pretty ass you're still obsessed with it.' He winked at her and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, trying to piss her off further and doing a good job of it. If looks could kill, he would have been dead then. 'Fine, I'm up.' Alec made a show of annoyance as he got out of bed.

'I'm going to wake the girls up. Cade's already left for school. He needed to meet up with Dale. He said he needed to talk to him about some surfboards or something like that.' Max said as she checked out her mate's fine ass as he walked around butt-naked gathering his things before heading into their en-suite bathroom. It had been a must-have for the both of them when they had started building their home.

Max left the master bedroom with a grin on her face. Who would've thought she would end up with Alec, the smart-ass and have three kids with him? But it had happened. She had finally seen what she had been so blind to see at first and realised that her instincts only wanted one guy as mate and that was Alec. Now, she couldn't imagine life without her family. She was content and at peace. Though, this hadn't always been the case. They had had to work hard for their freedom and recognition as a nation. It hadn't come easy.

Every time she remembered the day her nation had been given their own country, she got the renewed feeling of gratefulness and happiness. She truly felt lucky that she had had Alec as her Second in Command because without his efforts, they would have never had this country to themselves. All the transgenics who had wanted to live with their own kind, now lived in Deania. The country was named after Alec's genetic donor, who Alec loved like a brother, Dean Winchester.

Deania was a transgenic nation on the south of Australia with a population of 846 trangenics of all types. Max was still the Commanding Officer and Alec was her SIC, which made Alec the butt of a lot of jokes but everyone knew Max was one hell of a bitch if she was mad at someone so the leaders both balanced each other out perfectly in global meetings and debates. It was this reason that they had good relations with the UN and other major human rights organizations. This support had won them the small piece of wild Australia which no one else had inhabited but was now their paradise.

The transgenics, being technologically advanced and intelligent had made the place a thriving country in a small amount of time. They were self-sufficient in every way imaginable so hardly ever needed to trade with ordinaries for anything which meant less interference. They had an ocean, beaches, wildlife, fauna, flora and now beautiful flat-like buildings for living space, overlooking which ever of the type of scenery they wanted to live around. As far as they were all concerned, they needed nothing else except to save enough money for the usual betting on their leaders' latest arguments that were as common as Mole smoking his cigars which was always.

Max and Alec had decided to locate their command centre by the ocean and their home was near the ocean and the command centre too. They had a whole building to themselves for their home as Alec had helped build it. It was a labour of love. The three bottom floors consisted of a floor for their kids' entertainment, a floor which was their personal office/communication centre, and a floor which was the gym and swimming pool area. The final floor which was the uppermost was the penthouse where they had five bedrooms and two bathrooms, one was the en-suite with their master bedroom and the other was in the hall. Alec had designed the living area as open space with a huge kitchen and dining as a part of the lounge. After the building was finished and Alec had finally let Max see it. She had been blown away by the beauty and as a thanks had agreed to have a little honeymoon period with Alec where they weren't disturbed with their leadership duties.

Max walked through the familiar hall leading to her twin daughters' room. She walked in smiling. Lima was already up, getting ready for school. Lima was just like her, only needing about four hours of sleep. Mila, on the other hand, could sleep through the day if no one disturbed her. Just like her Dad, Max thought.

'Mila, wakey wakey. Time for school.' Max sniggered when her other daughter mumbled something incoherent, still half-asleep. Max heard Lima huffing and turned to see Lima marching towards her sister.

'Mila, if you make me late for school again I am gonna kick your ass. Seriously, I mean it. Get up now.' Lima shoved Mila.

'God, I hate you. Bitch.' Mila sat up in bed and wiped sleep out of her eyes.

'Hey, watch your language. This is unbelievable. My 8 yr old daughters are already corrupted.' Max said and then stuck her head out of the door as she heard Alec coming out of their bedroom. 'Alec, this is all you fault.' She yelled at him.

Alec gave her an incredulous look and walked over to her. 'What? What did I do now?' He asked.

He had barely entered the room when two excited and very much giggling little girls launched themselves at him. 'Daddy…' They chorused.

He looked at his daughters and gave them his best grin. 'So, what are my best girls up to? You say something to Mommy?' He saw their identical pouts and he started laughing.

'See. This is what I mean. You spoil them. You don't spoil Cade.' Max crossed her arms over her chest and made her best bitchy face at him.

'Cade's 15 yrs old and I don't need to spoil him. He's already spoilt enough as it is, by you.' Alec smirked. He saw Max get all red-faced. He loved it when she got angry, it seriously turned him on.

'Huh, I hate you.' She growled and stormed off to the kitchen.

Alec laughed at her behaviour. Hell, she was still the same old Maxie after all this time and he loved her for it. 'Right, my babies, get ready. You don't wanna be late. Mama's golden boy has already gone. So for my sake, be quick.' A matching set of green eyes looked back at him and nodded. He ruffled their dark brown hair and left to find his mate.

Max was in the kitchen making breakfast for them. He got close to her and wrapped his arms around her from behind. Nuzzling her neck to fill his senses with her scent, he whispered in her ear seductively, 'Mine.'

She loved playing this game with him. She kept quiet, acting too busy in her task to notice his low animalistic growl. Serves him right for pissing me off, she thought. But all her resolve crumbled when he bit her on her sensitive spot where her shoulder met her neck. 'Mine.' He asked again. She couldn't help it. She moaned and twisted in his arms to kiss him.

'Yours.' She answered and then leaned in to kiss him.