Carry on My Wayward Servant

Chapter 1: A Series of Unfortunate Events

"Merlin, have I ever told you that you are without a doubt the worst manservant I have ever had?" Arthur said scathingly, in that same mocking arrogant tone in which Merlin had become so accustomed to.

"Why no Sire." Merlin replied sarcastically back with, saying the word 'sire' like it was something ill fated on his tongue. "I don't believe I've ever had the pleasure of hearing your grandstanding critique of my work."

Arthur rolled his eyes. "You know I should have you flogged for that cheeky mouth of yours."

Merlin snorted. "And miss the chance of belittling me yourself? Surely not." He laughed. "Besides I'm fairly certain you like the way my mouth is just fine." He looked up, noticing for the first time the weird almost gaping look Arthur was giving him, and that's when it dawned on him to be embarrassed. A scarlet blush quickly lit up his features, he couldn't believe he had said such a thing! "I didn't mean it like that!" He shot out hurriedly, his words stammering from his lips as he made excuses, who was he Gwen? "I just meant that if I wasn't so clever and cheeky, than you wouldn't have an excuse to be such a prat...which beyond slaying helpless animals is obviously your favorite pastime." He finished lamely, not knowing why he was getting so flustered under the heat of Arthur's stare. The crowned Prince was still looking at him, obviously not at all amused.

"Are you finished?" He asked, crossing his arms over his chest. Not being able to look him in the eye, Merlin quickly nodded, and Arthur's posture almost immediately relaxed. "Good, because I would like a bath and then to sleep sometime in the near future...please please please tell me that you at least remembered to fetch the bath water."

Merlin had the grace to look offended. "When have I ever forgotten your bathwater?" He was the one to cross his arms this time, glaring at the Prince.

Smirking, Arthur clapped him on the shoulder. "You're absolutely right Merlin! To be fair I don't believe you have ever forgotten to bring the water." Merlin was halfway amazed by the near apology coming from Arthur's mouth, that is until he continued speaking. "You've only forgotten to empty the bath, forgotten to warm it, forgotten the soap." He began to count on his fingers. "Forgotten my clothes, and oh yes! Forgotten a towel for me to dry with...but never the water. How wrong of me to insult your honor." His voice was dripped with sarcasm, and frowning, Merlin decided not to be outdone with their banter.

"You're forgiven, it's a testimony to how good of a King you one day will be by the fact that you can apologize when you're wrong...your Father would be so proud."

Scoffing, Arthur rolled his eyes, shoving Merlin towards the bathroom. "Just attend to my bath." He said almost boredly, following swiftly behind.

Merlin leaned by the bath, making sure Arthur was turned around as the Prince undressed. He whispered an incantation under his breath, smiling in pleasure at the fresh bout of steam that rose from the water. At least the prat wouldn't whine that it was cold. He turned around quickly, suppressing a gasp as he made it just in time to see Arthur stripping off his shirt, the pale milky skin of his back pulled taut as he lifted it over his head. Always the perfectionist, the prince folded the material, placing it in a pile over his boots. Merlin stared, transfixed, as he went for the clasp of his pants, pausing with his thumbs linked in the waistband of his trousers before letting them fall down.

"I've thought of a suitable punishment for you." He said, a lilt of amusement in his voice.

Oh God...not another punishment. Merlin stared from his spot on the floor, eyes brimming with hope that Arthur would show him mercy. "It's not another day in the stocks again, is it?" The magician cringed at the thought. "Because I still have rotten tomato in my hair from the last time that refuses to come out."

"Well that's mildly disgusting." Arthur said, face wrinkling in distaste. "And no it's not what I had planned. For talking back so much you get to stay in here and attend me while I bathe."

Merlin couldn't help it, all he could do was blink, staring up at Arthur in utter confusion. "My punishment is to see you naked in the bath?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "Is it really so awful?" He joked. "No wonder you're not so popular with the..." Here Merlin hesitated, stuttering as Arthur let his pants drop, exposing himself in all of his glory, and causing a knot to form in Merlin's throat as the Prince turned to face him. "...girls." He finished breathlessly with, realizing he had been staring shamelessly at Arthur's body, and quickly averting his eyes. If Arthur had noticed he didn't say, brushing past Merlin to crawl into the tub. It was only after he had heard the splash that let him know Arthur was safely in the water that he once more remembered how to breathe.

What was the matter with him? He wasn't some simpering girl fawning over the crowned prince, this Arthur, crowed prat, royal pain in the ass. It didn't matter that he himself had a nice one. Than why the coiling in his gut? Why in the hell did his brow have a nice bead of sweat as he struggled to gain control of himself.

"Honestly Merlin when I said you would attend me, I didn't mean you standing there gawking like an get over here and wash my bloody hair!" The Prince snapped, causing Merlin to scramble to his feet and for the soap. He grabbed at it, a little too quickly, it slipped in his hand, causing him to grasp it more tightly and as a result send the slippery thing propelling though his fingertips, and with a 'plop' landing in Arthur's bathwater. He reacted without thinking, dunking his hand into the water to grab the offending object, accidently grabbing on to Arthur's thigh instead. The flesh was smooth and warm under his fingertips, and yet he pulled his hand away as if burned, cradling the appendage to his chest as a look of pure horror was mirrored on both of their faces.

"Merlin!" Arthur cried, appalled and outraged.

"I'm sorry Sire!" Merlin quickly stammered out the apology. "I was just trying to grab the..." With a splash Arthur pulled the bar of soap out, slapping it into his hand. "Soap." He finished quietly with, noticing how Arthur's face was tinged slightly pink...his on the other hand by this point was bright red, he was sure even his ears were stained the offending color. "Would you still like me to wash your hair?" He asked, a very forced smile finding its way onto his face.

"If you can manage to do it without molesting me again." Arthur snapped back with, leaning back in the tub and closing his eyes.

"Trust me when I say that I wouldn't grab your thigh on purpose...Sire." He spit out the last part, taking the soap between his palms and bringing it to a lather. His hands were still shaking as he brought them to Arthur's hair, lathering the soap into it as he kneaded his scalp with his fingers...It was only as he was doing this, huddled over the back of Arthur's form, that he realized he was at the perfect vantage point to stare into the tub. His mouth went dry as he oggled the Prince's form, eyes sliding all the way down his dripping wet chest, his firm chiseled stomach...all the way down to his...

"Misunderstanding." Merlin suddenly blurted right next to Arthur's ear as he continued to knead with his fingers. "Earlier, I'm sorry about my misunderstanding." The air was suffocating, his breathing was coming out in a sticky pant as he shifted in his now uncomfortable pants.

Arthur said nothing, in fact he looked almost drugged. His lips were parted as he leaned in to Merlin's surprisingly still functioning hands. Merlin stared at those lips, pouty, perfect, losing focus of everything he was doing, the soap beginning to ooze down Arthur's forehead as a result.

One of his eyelids lazily slid open, that impossibly blue orb eyeing him as if he were a dragon sitting lazily atop a pile of treasure. "Are you going to do something about this?" His voice was husky and very near, he could hear the words reverberate off his own face, and suddenly he couldn't breathe. He was painfully hard by this point, not knowing what Arthur was referring to, but knowing that at that moment he would have done anything for the Prince. "Merlin the soap!" Arthur snapped after Merlin's long hesitation, startling the sorcerer, and instead of wiping the soap away from his eyes , he smeared it in them. Arthur howled in pain, causing the next series of events to happen almost simultaneously. As the Prince thrashed in the bath, it caused Merlin to lose his footing, stumbling forward and falling head first into the water. Water flooded up his nose as they both struggled, limbs flailing everywhere as he tried to right himself. He got his head upright, panting from the exertion as he came face to face with the furious Pendragon.

"Idiot!" He yelled, smacking Merlin across the head like you would a disobedient dog. Merlin couldn't be concerned with his Master's fury at that moment, however, because he was much more concerned about their positions. He was sprawled on to of Arthur, his naked body slick underneath him as his legs were tangled on either side of him, one of his hands had made it back to his thigh, feeling the stirrings of Arthur's erection pressed against the side of his hand. Though that wasn't what concerned him. What concerned him was his own hardness, pressing firm against Arthur's pelvis.

Merlin flailed again, trying to remove himself, only to find that Arthur's leg was tangled around his waist, making it so that when he went to get up he ended up thrusting instead, pushing into Arthur's pelvis and sending absolute pleasure up his spine. He heard Arthur strangle a hiss as that half mast cock against his hand hardened even more.

"Merlin..." Arthur growled out, leaning in to whisper against the other's ear. "You're hard." To Merlin's absolute horror a hand came down, stroking at his restrained member. "You're very hard." His breath was hot against his ear, causing the sorcerer to shudder.

"Yes sire." Merlin said, swallowing thickly as he turned to meet bright blue eyes. "But so are you." The room seemed to be spinning around him, his mind delirious at what he had just said, what had just transpired between them. He tried to push up again, only ending up thrusting back into Arthur's own cock, the blond's hand squeezing his hardness as he did, and Merlin was thrusting again, only this time he wasn't trying to get out.

His hips pumped frantically, his body taking on a mind of its own as he thrust against the Prince, Arthur moaning with him as his fingers fumbled with his now soaked pants, untying them and slipping them down roughly, just far enough to release his trapped erection, and then Merlin was leaning in, and somehow he was kissing the Crowned Prince, the soapy accident long forgotten.

As soon as his lips touched Arthur's he melted against him, and he knew right then that he never wanted to kiss any other lips again. "Arthur..." He moaned against that mouth, sighing as the prince began to kiss back, twining one hand in dark locks and pulling him closer as Merlin continued to thrust.

Arthur pulled his body in, their awkward positions long forgotten. "Do you still wish to attend to me in the bath?" He asked, voice dripping with lust and eyes a dark smoldering blue as he leaned in, kissing along Merlin's chin, trailing down his neck only to bite at the juncture of his neck. As he was doing this he grabbed the sorcerer's own hand, bringing it down to his neglected cock and urging him on to touch it.

Merlin did as he was told, blushing furiously as he wrapped a shaky hand around the Prince's shaft, giving a stroke, and practically howling when Arthur did the same to his own. He had never felt anything like this before, it was like his entire body was burning from the inside out. He had never thought of doing anything like this with Arthur, but now that it was happening he couldn't deny that some part of him had always thought the man was gorgeous, he was the epitome of male beauty, and right now all of that beauty, all of that attention he so often sought was focused directly on him.

His body was burning as he thrust into Arthur's hand, leaning in to capture those lips again. "Hot..." He whimpered, turning his face to the side. It was burning in the tub, and he buried his face in the Prince's shoulder, feeling his eyes glow gold. "It's sooo hot." His skin was turning a nice shade of red, and that's when he realized it wasn't just was boiling.

"It's too hot!" Arthur said, grabbing on to Merlin's shoulder's and pulling them out of the tub. They both collapsed onto the floor, and turning back to the water Merlin's eyes widened in horror to see that the water was boiling. "What the bloody hell?" Arthur exclaimed, just as shocked as Merlin, though the magician was sure for entirely different reasons. "Jesus Merlin, was it your intention to boil me alive!?"

"Well I didn't do this!" He lied, knowing his magic had made the water boil. Arthur couldn't suspect, could he? He thought he had hid his eyes, had the Prince seen?

Arthur looked at him in almost amused disappointment. "You did prepare the water didn't you?" He asked, to which Merlin gave a small nod. "And did you forget to simmer down the coals before you had me get in?" The magician almost gave a sigh of relief, Arthur didn't know, but then of course that left him the option of agreeing to accidently almost boiling the prince alive, and when he gave a second nod, Arthur scoffed in disgust. "Idiot!"

Merlin's eyes narrowed. "You didn't seem to think I was an idiot earlier!" He said it, having the grace to not blush as he thought of what they had just been doing, and how his cock was still painfully hard as it was pressed against his stomach. He didn't have to be a magician to know that if he looked at Arthur's own it would be the same.

The prince sneered. "Yes well earlier you had your hand on my dick, finally making yourself useful for once...a dick which I might point out probably has burns now!" Arthur yelled, and Merlin saw red.

"Useful!? Was that all it was to you was me being useful?" Merlin couldn't stop the hurt from covering his features. What he had felt when he was kissing Arthur, being touched by him, it was something he had never felt before, and to hear the prince talk in such callous terms, to treat him like he was just some made who came in to give him a quick wank, well that hurt too much for words.

"Obviously not Merlin." Arthur said tensely, and Merlin shoulder's relaxed a little at those words, at least it had meant something to him as well. "Even in this you weren't useful." Arthur glared, motioning to his cock. "After all you tried to burn me alive before you even had the decency to get me off!"

Merlin shot up, pulling his soaking wet trousers over his now painful balls didn't even cut it. "You're such a prat!" He screamed down at Arthur, who just crossed his arms over his chest, still glaring. "I can't believe I kissed you, you stupid...clot pole!" He didn't even wait for a response to that, stomping out of the bathroom and slamming Arthur's door with a bang, dripping down the hallway as steam practically billowed out of his ears. He didn't think he had ever felt so angry, used, dejected in all of his life, and of course Arthur was at the bottom of it yet again!

He stomped dripping wet into his and Gaius's chambers, slamming the door behind him only to face the old physician.

"Merlin! What in the blazes happened to you?" The physician asked, worry spread over his face.

Merlin put a hand in front of him to quiet the man, barely being able to hold back his rage as he struggled to control his breathing. "Don't even start." Was the last thing he said before dripping his way up the stairs to his bedroom and slamming the door behind him, cursing Arthur's name as he stripped off his wet clothes and fell into a restless sleep.


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