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Bakura Ryou---22

Katsuya Jounouchi—28

Kaiba Seto---27

Sato Bakura--- 23

Shinohara Kisara---22

Mouto Yugi---19

Atem Yami---22

Chapter 1

Hello, My name is.....

Bakura Ryou walked along the crowded streets, his face scrunched into a small frown as he pulled his small jacket closer to his shivering form. He hated this weather. It had officially become fall a few days ago but to him, it felt like Mother Nature didn't catch the memo and immediately went to winter. Silently cursing himself for not dressing warmer, the white haired young man made sure he didn't bump into any of the people that littered the streets, some shopping, some hanging out with friends, or some like he was—going to work.

Ignoring the wind that brushed against his pale skin, Ryou quickly ran across the street, tempting to flick of the driver that blew his horn impatiently at him to the large white building in front of him which seemed like it was gated off to the people around. Ryou sighed as he studied the building from afar, his brown eyes taking in the large brick wall where a large black and white gate stood firmly in the middle while a sign hovered proudly over it all.

'Domino Mental Institute and Rehab'

Yes, as of today, Ryou would become a nursing employee of the most successful institute of Japan. He was somewhat surprised to receive a call from the director of the hospital, telling him that he was to start as soon as possible. Smiling to himself, Ryou pressed a somewhat worn out black button and almost jumped when a loud buzz came from above him. Slowly, he looked up only to see a camera looking down at him, a red light blinking quickly he could've sworn he saw the device move closer. A moment later, the large gates slowly opened.

Ryou quickly rushed in, partly because of the weather and then of the camera which somewhat scared him. Once he made it to the entrance, a tall blonde male stepped from the building, a small smile on his face. What captured Ryou was on how the man's eyes looked somewhat like warm honey.

"Hello there," The honey eyed man said once Ryou was in his presence. He then held out his hand. "My name is Dr. Katsuya Jounouchi I'll be your mentor for the next two months, but please call me Jou."

Ryou smiled and took the older mans hand and shook it firmly. "Pleased to meet you Doctor Kat-I mean Jou." Ryou said quickly when Jou raised his eye brow.

Jou only smiled and shook his head, his wild long blond locks hitting the side of his face.

"It's okay. Come on, let's get inside. It's cold as hell out here." He said while crossing his arms over his chest.

Ryou only smiled and nodded. "Yes, it certainly is."

Ryou was simply amazed on how the inside of the building was. It was decorated with the finest things, black and white marbled tile decorated the floor with gold, walls which he expected to be white, were a cool blue, various painted pictures adorned every wall. Large plush couches which were currently being used by patients of the hospital they all seemed very happy and content.

"So!" Jou said suddenly, snapping Ryou out of his trance. "Every nurse here is assigned to three patients based on their skills, how well they scored on their tests, and etc. So I will introduce you to them now. You can read their files later but, I will brief you on them while we meet them. Nothing much, but I will tell you why they are here." Jou turned to Ryou.


Ryou nodded, taking in everything his mentor had said. "Yes, I am ready."

Jou smiled and slapped the smaller, young boy on the back, not hearing him cry out in surprise.

"Let's go on now shall we?"

Ryou only nodded.

Jou smiled again and walked towards the patients of the institute smiling at the ones who ran to him, smiling and asking him about his day. Ryou stood from afar and watched. It seemed like Jou was really well liked here that made him feel real good. He didn't want a prick of a doctor as his mentor. After a moment or so, Jou smiled and excused himself and looked to him before walking to a lone figure sitting beside a window.

Ryou studied the patient as he and Jou got closer and could quickly tell that his first patient was a female. Her hair was long and white with bluish tints, blue eyes were focused on the falling leafs outside and she was pale as Ryou and what interested Ryou was the small white board and black marker that sat in her lap.

"Hello Kisara! How are you today?" Jou said while smiling making the girl look at him. She smiled before uncapping the maker in her hands and quickly wrote something on the board and held it out for the doctor to see. Ryou peeped over his mentors shoulder to see what she had written.

I am fine Jou-kun, who is that behind you? Was what it said on the board.

Jou smiled and moved aside and pushed Ryou forward.

"This is Bakura Ryou; he will be your new care nurse. Ryou, this is the lovely Miss. Shinohara Kisara."

Ryou smiled and bowed to a blushing Kisara. "I am pleased to meet you, Kisara."

Kisara returned the gesture and erased the board, quickly writing something before holding it up again.

Pleased to meet you too Bakura-san. Jou what happened to that other one? Heta-chan?

What Kisara had written had seemed to irritate Jou.

"For the last time Kisara, stop calling Anzu that. She worked really hard to please you all and you know that!"

Jou answer was the roll of her eyes. She waved him away and turned back to the window.

Jou sighed and turned to Ryou and walked past him, his mentor quickly following behind him.

"I tell you. That girl is something else." He said while running his fingers through his hair.

Ryou bit his lip. "But sir? Is she mute? Why doesn't she talk?"

Jou sighed again, but slowly this time. "Well, from what I heard, Kisara was dating this guy at the time and his father became a bit obsessed with her and began to think that she was a higher being trapped in a human body. Need less to say, he waited until she was alone and raped her and then tried to sacrifice her in the name of some god…. If it wasn't for her cousin, she would be dead."

Ryou eyes widened. He would've expected to see her muttering or sitting in a corner, she seemed….so easy and calm.

A muttered curse broke Ryou from his thoughts, looking up at his mentor only to have him smile in apology.

"I totally forgot about the time….it's visiting hour and I really doubt that the other two would want us in their faces while their friends and families were here….so, can you wait two hours for me to finish showing you around?"

Ryou nodded. "I don't mind, not at all."

Jou sighed in relief. "Good, I swear I like you already! You might be better than Anzu-kun after all!"

With that, Jou walked off, leaving Ryou there wondering if he should take the comment or find it offensive.

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Oh Heta means someone who does thier job poorly.