Exclusive Interview!

Ten Years Strong!

Who can believe that they are still going strong? Today will make it ten years since Bakura Sato; editor now producer and screenwriter married Ryou Bakura-Sato now book writer.

In a exclusive sit down interview with the couple; I asked what's their secret to their seemingly happy and long relationship.

"I would have to say it's because of our way of living." Ryou answered while holding Bakura's hand and smiled. "Bakura and I didn't like the idea of living an extravagant lifestyle just because we can afford it. We also want our children to learn that less can be more sometimes."

As many fans and readers know; after three years of being married, the couple announced that they were heavily considering adopting a child. But before they went through the adoption process, Bakura's late cousin Kisara Shinohara had volunteered to be the surrogate mom to the couple.

"It's a way to give back to them and it doubles as their anniversary gift." Kisara joked when she tweeted from her twitter account. "I just want to see them happy."

Tragically, Kisara had died while giving birth to the couple's child. The autopsy declared she died due to blood loss. It was what claimed the life of the late actresses Masika Sakmet; mother of Bakura's now teenage daughter Asa Sato.

"It was a tragic loss for everyone in my family." Bakura said during the interview. "She wasn't my cousin. Shr was another sister to me and Ryou."

Even though the lost of Kisara was tragic, there was a silver lining. Through surrogacy, Mashiro Sato was born at an healthy six pounds and four ounces. Few have seen pictures of the small child but inside individuals claimed that Mashiro looks just like Bakura.

As for personality, the couple swears that Mashiro acts like each other.

"He clearly has no sense of humor like Bakura." Ryou said jokingly.

"And I think he's overly emotional like Ryou." Bakura countered.

Jokes aside, the success of the couple only seems to grow as each day continues. It seems like Bakura and Ryou might have another ten years under their belt.

Who knows?

This reporter and I am sure the fans and supporters of this couple sure hopes so.

Okay. This is the end of Mentality is Overrated! I posted this because I won't be near a computer or my phone for the next couple of weeks due to a job offer. Expect the first chapter of the Sequel: MENTALITY: IT'S STILL OVERRATED within a few days.

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