A/N: This was Chapter 3 of 'Time, Space, and Everything in Between' but it's going to become the prologue to the next instalment of the series I was writing about Vala (from SG1) being a Time Lord (or is that Lady? I'm never too sure). Some of you may have read it before but I've gone over it and made a few changes and so on so I hope you don't mind reading it again. If you haven't read that fic you might want to although I'll provide info in the ANs for those that haven't if people get confused.

This story is my version of how Rose makes it back to the Doctor.

This is AU for both DW (The last three eps of season 4 didn't happen) and SG1.

Torchwood (with Tosh and Owen) will show up as well, mainly because I think a bigger deal should have been made when Jack and Rose saw each other again for the first time.

Hope you all enjoy, please let me know what you think.


In the back of Rose Tyler's mind something stirred.


"Tony! Adam!" the exasperation was clear in Jackie Tyler's voice as she called on her two sons. "If you two don't hurry up you're going to be late for school, again!"

At 13 Tony seemed to be entering his moody teen-age phase a little early and so was not too excited about school, or anything else for that matter. However Jackie could handle this, she had already raised one daughter and knew how to deal with moody teenagers.

Adam, while being 3 years younger, always had to copy his big brother. If Tony wanted something then Adam just had to have it too. If Tony decided he didn't want to do something anymore then Adam didn't want to do it either.

This new aversion to school was proving to be no different.

"TONY, ADAM! If I have to come up there and get you there will be trouble" At this new call there was a bang as doors where shut and no more than 30 seconds later the boys were standing in front of her. Jackie Tyler was definitely the disciplinarian in the house. The phrase 'Wait till your father gets home' held no weight in the Tyler residence. Pete was putty in the hands of his children.

"Right, that's better. Now here's your lunch. Go get your blazers then we can go."

There was an unintelligible grumble from Tony and a "yes mum" from Adam as the boys went to fetch their school blazers.

Jackie stuck her head round the kitchen door to see her husband reading the paper and finishing his coffee. "We're off now darlin', I'll see you when you get back tonight. Don't be late and mind Rose is coming back tonight" Pete nodded but didn't look up from his paper.

"Gotcha Jacks, Rose back, don't be late"

Jackie huffed and left to get the boys into the car. She didn't take it personally after 14 years of marriage in this world and 3 years in the other, to a different Pete, Jackie knew that her husband was not one for conversation in the mornings.


Rose sighed as she got off the zeppelin. It was good to be back in England.

Even after 14 years in this parallel world she still didn't think of it as home, home wasn't even her original Earth.

Home was the TARDIS.

It had been nearly six months since she had left. She had been in America. The rift was acting up and she was the only one qualified to know how to even attempt to fix it. Instead of running through Cardiff, like it did on her original Earth, the one on this world ran through New York City. While it was normally dormant around six months ago the station set up to monitor it, hidden under the Statue of Liberty, had reported intermittent power spikes.

As the Torchwood 'Go To' woman Rose had been sent to investigate.

She was always sent when something more unusual than what Torchwood normally dealt with came up. While it might have been Torchwoods job to manage the Cardiff rift, the rift in this universe had never so much as made a peep so no one here knew how to deal with it.

She picked up her black hold all as she spotted the car that had been sent for her.

The rest of her luggage would be collected and delivered straight to her flat. Getting into the car she greeted the driver, Freddie, and told him she'd like to stop for some chips on the way to the Tyler mansion.


When they pulled up in the drive way Rose sat in the car until she had finished the bag of chips, delighting in the fact that they were wrapped in proper newspaper, and knowing that at some point she would have to get out and go into the house.

She was just about finished when the door flew open and a mass of brown hair launched itself at her. She caught the grinning Adam up into a huge hug.

"Rose! You're back!" the boy yelled in delight hugging his big sister.

Rose laughed and let him go as he reached for the chips on the seat beside her. "Had enough of mums cooking then have you?"

It was a point of some debate in the Tyler household that Jackie still did the cooking. She said it was something to keep her down to earth when everything else in the house was done by a staff. Pete, Rose and the boys had tried for years to get her to hire a cook, carefully explaining to her that she didn't have to do it but knowing the real reason they wanted a propper cook was that Jackie was terrible.

The boy nodded as he ate the last few chips from the bag.

"Right then, lets get inside. Thanks for the ride Freddy" Rose thanked the driver.

"No problem Miss Rose. It's my job after all." he said with a smile and a nod.

Inside the house Rose was greeted by hugs from her mother and Pete.

"Where's Tony?" Rose asked, noticing her other brothers' absence.

"He's in his room sulking" Jackie responded with a shake of her head "I'll go get him"

"Nah, let me, you guys go get ready for tea yeah?" her mother nodded and Rose set off up the stairs to find her missing brother.

When she got to his room the door was slightly ajar and she could see him lying on his bed listening to music. Rose considered her options then barged right in ignoring his cry of "Hey! Get out!"

Plopping down on the bed beside him Rose considered Tony while he glared at her.

When he was younger he had idolised Rose as his big sister. She would tell him stories of her travels with the Doctor and of all the places she had been. When Adam was old enough she had told them to him too, both of them sitting snuggled up next to her listening in amazement. What had happened while she had been away? When she had talked to him last week he had been fine, telling her about how he hated school and that he fancied a girl in his year called Abby.

Rose prodded him in the side, "Is that any way to great your wonderful big sister?" No response "What's got your knickers in a twist then?" Still nothing. "Fine be that way, hurry up mums nearly got tea on the table. Move it and get washed up"

She walked out of the room only pausing slightly at the door to make sure he actually did what he was told.

Dinner was filled with catching up on the last six months as everyone tried to look like they were eating, but not actually eat, Jackie's shepherds' pie. The only person who was quiet was Tony. Adam couldn't get enough of his big sister; to him she was still the coolest person on the planet.

It was just as desert was being served that everything hit the fan.

Rose was laughing at the gossip that Jackie was retelling "Mum! I can't believe you!"

Tony mumbled something under his breath, only not so quietly that no one hared.

"What was that love?" Rose asked.

"Don't call her that" he repeated, a bit louder this time. "Don't call her mum!"

Pete looked over at his eldest son in concern while Rose and Jackie shared a look. Adam stared at them all in turn, completely bewildered by the sudden turn of events.

"What you on about Tony? Why shouldn't Rose call her mum?" Pete tried to work out what was going on in his sons mind.

"Shut up dad, you're just as bad. You lied to us! She's not our sister!" Tony's face was getting red with anger.

Jackie tried to calm him down "What do you mean sweetheart, of course Rose is your sister"

"No she isn't!" Tony was shouting in earnest now "I found the picture in the study when I was looking for my English homework. She's adopted! She's not our sister!"

"Tony, we explained this to you, remember about Rose and your mum being from a parallel world? I had to adopt Rose to make her my legal daughter but that doesn't mean she's not your sister." Pete explained. Wondering why this was being brought up now and what picture Tony was talking about.

"NO! Even back there she was! Look" Tony got up from his seat and ran out of the room.

"Jacks what's he on about?" Pete questioned his wife, seeing the look that was passed between her and Rose.

Jackie didn't get a chance to reply though as Tony came storming back into the room with a small photo; it was crinkled round the edges from age.

"See! Look, that's the other you and mum with Rose." He handed the picture to his father. "Look on the back" Pete turned it over.

On the back in Jackie's curvy hand writing was 'Rose, finally ours" and underneath it the date. In the photo Rose had to be around three months old.

"Jacks?" Pete was more than confused.

Jackie shook her head "Rose why don't you take the boys through to the front room, me and your dad need to speak in privet" Rose, knowing that Adam at least shouldn't hear what was going to be said, nodded and motioned of him to follow her.

"Tony you go to, up to your room, me and your mum need to talk" when Tony didn't look like he was going to move Pete snapped at him "Now Tony!"

The boy looked like he was about to argue about wanting to know the truth but stopped when he saw the look on his fathers face, it was the one he rarely used at home, it was his Torchwood face. He left the room without another word.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Rose." Jackie started after a few tense minuets of silence. "It was stupid I know but… I thought if you knew you wouldn't want her and no matter how much I wanted you if you didn't want Rose then I couldn't have stayed. I lost you once, I didn't want to do it again but I would have for her."

Pete considered what his wife had said.

Back in the beginning his and Roses relationship wasn't the best, it still wasn't if he was honest. She was a young woman when she came into his life, she didn't need a father. If he had known would it have changed his mind about legally adopting her?

"It wouldn't have changed anything Jacks, even if she wasn't your biological daughter she was still your daughter."

She looked over at him apprehensively, biting down on her thumb nail.

"I'm not mad about this Jacks" he continued "About the fact you lied to me? Yeah. But not about what you lied about"

He walked over and gathered her in his arms, stroking her hair as she cried tears of relief.


In the living room Rose was having a similar conversation with Adam.

"Are you really not my sister?" he was sitting on her lap looking up at her with large brown eyes.

"Yes I am Ads, no matter what I'll always be your big sister, nothings ever going to change that, ok?"

He nodded slightly, his eyes still unsure "But if you're adopted that means mum and dad aren't your mum and dad"

"They are Ads, just because I'm adopted doesn't change that" She wasn't going to get into her issues with Pete. "Families too important to be left up to biology, it's the family that we make for ourselves that matters. Do you understand?"

Another nod "I think so" he wrapped his arms around her just like he had in the car and hugged her. "Love you Rose" he whispered in her ear.

"Love you too Ads" she replied. It was when she looked up that she noticed Tony standing by the door. "Do you understand?" she asked him.

He didn't reply but came into the room and sat down beside them, all three of them squashed into a large arm chair.

"Tell us about the time you went to ancient Rome" Adam asked.

So she did. Then she told them another story, and another.

She loved her little brothers so much.

It was going to hurt when she told them she had to go.


In the back of Rose Tyler's mind something stirred and woke up.