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(Chapter One: Just Another Day in the Feudal Times…)

Somewhere in Inuyasha's Forest (Feudal Era)

"I'm bored," Shippo muttered.

"We know, you said that two seconds ago," Miroku muttered back.

"I'm bored," Shippo muttered again.

"WE KNOW THAT ALREADY, FOX!!!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Who asked you, dog-boy?" Shippo asked.

"Shut up, you baka kitsune!" Inuyasha snarled.

"Make me, Jerk-boy!" Shippo taunted.

"You bet I will!" Inuyasha snarled, jumping to his feet.

"SIT, DOG-BOY!" Kagome yelled as she walked over to the group.

*THUD!!!* Inuyasha crashed into the ground.

"What was that for, wretch?!" Inuyasha yelled as he pulled himself up.

"You know perfectly well why I did that, Inuyasha," Kagome said calmly.

"Actually, I don't think he does," Miroku said, "After all, Inuyasha is a bit of a baka."

"SAY WHAT, MONK?!" Inuyasha yelled glaring at Miroku.

"Nothing! Nothing at all!" Miroku said, holding his hands up in defense.

"Hoshi-san no baka," Sango snickered.

"Coming from such a beautiful mouth as yours, an insult turns into a love confession," Miroku said leaning towards Sango.

"KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF, HENTAI!!!!" Sango yelled as the monk's hand strayed towards forbidden territory.

"I have no idea what you mean Sango-san," Miroku said innocently. Sango snorted.

"I'm bored," Shippo muttered again.

"THAT'S IT, KITSUNE!!! IF YOU SAY THAT ONE MORE TIME, I'LL RIP YOUR HEAD OFF!!!!" Inuyasha yelled. Shippo cowered in fear.

"Sit!" Kagome said.

*THUD!!!* Inuyasha kissed dirt yet again. He got up cussing so bad I can't write it down without changing the rating to R.

"SitSitSitSitSitSitSitSitSitSitSitSitSitSitSitSitSitSitSitSitSitSitSitSit!!!" Kagome cried, clutching her ears. Soon a giant crater, as deep as the Grand Canyon, appeared before Kagome with Inuyasha in the middle.

"Ow!" Miroku winced at the sight.

"He's gonna feel that one tomorrow," Shippo said, peering into the crater.

"I think he's feeling it now," Sango muttered.

"Uh..." Inuyasha moaned from inside the crater.


Kaede's hut (later that day)

"Is he dead?" Shippo asked, peering at the unconscious form of our favorite hanyou.

"I do not know," Kaede said.

"Maybe I shouldn't have said so many 'sits'..." Kagome began, but...

*WHUMP!!!* Inuyasha's still form crashed into the floor again.

"Opps! I better not say 'sit'..." Kagome's eyes widened at her mistake.

*THUMP!!!* Everyone winced as Inuyasha slammed into the ground.

"One might think your trying to kill him, Kagome-sama," Miroku said, politely turning his gaze away from the poor hanyou's body.

"Oh dear," Kagome sighed.

"Uh..." Inuyasha muttered.

"He's alive!!!" Kagome cried happily. She quickly hugged Inuyasha's slightly crumpled form.

"It's a miracle!" Sango cried.

"Praise Buddha!" Miroku said, while his hand moved towards Sango.

"HOSHI-SAN NO HENTAI!!!!!!!!!!!" Sango yelled. Then, with surprising speed, Sango slammed her fist into Miroku's face.

"Wow!" Shippo cried.

"Great left hook!" Kagome added.

"Uh...Where am I?" Inuyasha asked, finally waking up.

"You're in Kaede's hut," Kagome answered.

"How did I get here?" Inuyasha asked.

"We carried you here," Kagome answered.


"Um, because I kinda said 'sit' too much," Kagome said sheepishly.

*THUD!!!* Inuyasha had created a brand new crater in the middle of Kagome's speech.

"Opps!" Kagome blushed.



"Um, can you all stop yelling? You're hurting my ears," Miroku said.

"TOO BAD, MONK!!!" Kagome and Inuyasha yelled.

"I'm bored," Shippo said.

"How can you be bored at a fight like this?" Sango asked the kitsune.

"Because Inuyasha and Kagome always fight like this," Shippo answered.

"True," Sango nodded in agreement. Yep, like Shippo had observed, today was very boring. They hadn't heard any rumors about the Shikon shards, and Kagome hadn't felt any shards nearby either. So instead everyone was fighting.






"SHUT UP!!!"

"Can't we get along?" Miroku asked.


"Just asking," Miroku muttered.

"BAKA MONK!!!" Inuyasha and Kagome yelled at the same time.

"HEY!" Miroku protested.

"If I were you (and I'm glad I'm not) I would keep out of their conversation," Sango suggested.

"I'm so glad you care for me, Sango-san," Miroku said, reach over.

"HANDS OFF, HENTAI!!!" Sango yelled, throwing another left hook at Miroku's face.

"AHHHH! I think you almost broke my face!!!" Miroku cried.

"'Almost'? Touch me again and I'll not only break you face, I'll break your ribs too!" Sago threatened.

"I'm bored," Shippo muttered again.

"DIE, YOU BAKA MONK!!!" Sango yelled.


"WRETCH!!!" Inuyasha yelled.

"SIT!!!" Kagome replied.

*THUD!!!* Down Inuyasha went.

"(*BEEP!!!*)" Inuyasha hissed.

"STOP SWEARING!!!" Kagome shouted.

"Me thinks it is a miracle that my house is still standing," Kaede murmured.

"Why is that?" Shippo asked.

Suddenly the Hiraikotsu (you know, the giant boomerang that Sango has) flew in the air, scarcely missing Miroku's head.

"With all this fighting, me would have thought my hut would have destroyed by now," Kaede answered.

"You have a point," Shippo agreed glancing at the Hiraikotsu.

"So how do we stop them from fighting?" Shippo asked Kaede.

"Simple, just watch," Kaede said in reply.






"Excuse me, but I have some good news," Kaede began. Everyone just continued fighting.

"It concerns a Shikon shard," Kaede added. Suddenly everyone was quiet and was staring at her.

"A Shikon shard? Where?!" Inuyasha pressed, "Tell me, you old woman!!!"

"Calm down, Inuyasha," Kagome said soothingly.

"I am calm," Inuyasha muttered.

"Whatever you say, Inuyasha," Kagome said, shaking her head at the now hyper hanyou.

"An old friend of mine, the miko in the next village, said she knew where a Shikon shard was," Kaede began.

"So? Where is the shard?" Inuyasha pressed, looking very excited.

"Patience, Inuyasha, I'm getting to that part," Kaede scolded, "My friend said she found a shard a few months back, around the time when the Jewel was first broken."

"Did your friend give you the shard?" Kagome asked.

"No. Before she even knew what it was, a group of samurai came and traded her the shard for some food," Kaede said.

"WHAT?! Are you telling me that a piece of the Shikon no Tama is in the hands of some weak human samurai?!!!" Inuyasha cried.

"Why, yes," Kaede nodded.

"ACK!!! That shard is as good as in the hands of demons right now!!! Any demon who feels that shard is gonna go after it, and those stupid human samurai won't be able to defend themselves from one demon, let alone a whole army of them!!!" Inuyasha cried.

"Give those 'stupid human samurai' some credit, Inuyasha," Miroku said, "After all, we humans can defend ourselves."

"Maybe you, Sango, and Kagome can, but those idiotic samurai can't! All of us are trained to fight demons and we've fought demons before, but those samurai only know how to fight humans! We all know that Sesshoumaru can kill an entire army of samurai with only one blow, and he only has one arm!!!" Inuyasha yelled.

"He has a point," Sango agreed, "I've fought a samurai before, and believe me, any demon can defeat one. Even Shippo!"

"That's right!" Shippo agreed, then he paused and thought Sango's words over, "Hey! That's not right! Are you saying that I'm weak?"

"Yes she is, you baka kitsune," Inuyasha answered.

"I wasn't asking you, Jerk-boy!" Shippo yelled.

"Well it's true," Inuyasha said, "You are a pathetic demon."

"Well at least I'm cuter than you! HAHA!" Shippo cried. Inuyasha hit him on the head.

"OW!" Shippo cried.

"Feh!" Inuyasha grunted.

"Quiet! Both of you! Let Kaede finish her story," Kagome glared at the two demons.

"Hai," they both muttered.

"So Kaede what are we going to do? Search for these samurai? They could be anywhere right now," Kagome said.

"Actually after my friend found out what the shard was, she attempted to track the samurai down," Kaede said, "When she finally found them, they no longer had the shard."

"Feh! Stupid samurai! A demon probably stole it from them," Inuyasha muttered.

"Quiet, Inuyasha!" Kagome ordered, "Let Kaede finish! Give some respect to your elders." Everyone blinked at Kagome's last statement.

"Um, Kagome-sama? Isn't Inuyasha older than Kaede?" Miroku pointed out, "After all, Kaede was only a child when Inuyasha was pinned to the God-Tree, and he was already in his teens."

"Actually I was in my sixties, monk. Demons age slower than humans," Inuyasha corrected.

"So that would make you over a hundred already?!" Kagome cried, her eyes wide. Inuyasha just shrugged.

"Um, may I finish my tale?" Kaede asked.

"Whatever, old woman," Inuyasha snorted.

"That makes no sense, Inuyasha," Miroku said suddenly, "Since you're older than Kaede, then shouldn't you be calling her 'young woman' not 'old woman'?"

"SHUT UP, MIROKU!!!!" several voices shrieked.

"Alright," Miroku muttered sullenly.

"So do you know what happened to the shard, Kaede?" Kagome asked politely.

"The samurai told my friend that they had traded the shard to another group of samurai that they met on the road," Kaede said.

"Great," Inuyasha muttered sarcastically, "Now the shard is in the hands of even more stupid samurai."

"Do you have something against samurai or something?" Sango asked. Inuyasha just glared. "Forget I asked," Sango muttered.

"This still doesn't help us, Kaede," Kagome sighed, "Like I said before, those samurai could be anywhere right now."

"That's where you are wrong," Kaede said, "My friend was able to find out that the samurai were heading to a foreign country."

"Which country?!" Inuyasha asked, his eyes ablaze with determination.

"Me thinks it is called England," Kaede said.

"What?! Really?!" Kagome asked, her eyes shining with delight, "I've always wanted to go to England! This is so great!!! Yay!!!"

"Feh! Stupid girl," Inuyasha muttered.

"Oh wait! I wonder who the King or Queen is!" Kagome said, her eyes still shining. She obviously didn't hear Inuyasha.

"King? Queen?" Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, Kaede, and Shippo blinked.

"Yeah. England (or rather Great Britain as it is called in my time) has been ruled by a king or a queen for hundreds of years," Kagome explained. Then she pulled a book out of her backpack.

"What's that?" Sango asked.

"Oh, it's a book about the royalty of Great Britain," Kagome said, as she began to flip through the pages, "Hmm, let me see, this is the 16th century, ne? Do any one of you know the exact year?"


"Nevermind,' Kagome muttered, "I've narrowed it down to five monarchs: Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I. According to the book, all of them were part of the Tudor dynasty. I hope Queen Elizabeth is on the throne right now. All the other Tudors don't seem as nice."

"What is she talking about?" Shippo asked in a hushed tone.

"I have no clue," Sango shrugged.

"I wonder if we're going to meet them. The monarchs I mean," Kagome mused.

"You're not thinking about going to this place, are you Kagome?!" Shippo asked.

"Well this is the first lead to a Shikon shard we've had in a while," Kagome pointed out, "And if we don't do anything right now some other demon might get the shard."

"That is if no one else has gotten it already," Kaede said, "All this happened months ago."

"You mean that this shard has been in a foreign country for months, unprotected, and you didn't tell us about it?!!!!" Inuyasha yelled.

"I only found out about the shard yesterday," Kaede said calmly.

"WELL ISN'T THAT HELPFUL!!!!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Um, Kaede, how are we going to find this shard anyway?" Sango asked.

"Well we already know it's in England. I've seen maps of England before; it's not a big country really. And I can sense the shard once I'm close enough to it," Kagome said.

"True, but how are we going to England in the first place?" Miroku asked. The room became very silent all of a sudden. How were they going to get to England?

"Maybe we should go by boat to China, then go over land to get to France, and then take a boat again to get to England," Kagome suggested.

"But won't that take awhile?" Shippo asked.

"You're right, Shippo-chan," Kagome said, "My school attendance record already sucks. With this new mission, I might be gone from home for an entire month!"

"Maybe we can have Shippo go to school in your place," Miroku suggested.

"Yeah! We can't have you missing for an entire mission, Kagome!" Inuyasha agreed.

"Are you worried about me, Inuyasha?" Kagome asked sweetly. Inuyasha began to turn slightly pink. The truth was, he was worried about her. But that's not what he actually said...

"Feh! Why should I be worried about a wretch like you?" Inuyasha spat turning away from her.

"Inuyasha no baka," Sango muttered.

"I perfectly agree with you, Sango-san," Miroku nodded, "He is an idiot."

"Shut up!" Inuyasha snarled.

"So it's all settled then?" Kaede asked, "Shippo will impersonate Kagome while she and everyone else is on the mission?"

"I want to go on the mission too!" Shippo whined.

"TOO BAD, FOX!!!" Inuyasha snarled. Shippo pouted.

"So where can we find a ship heading for China?" Sango asked.

"The only place I know about that has ships heading to China is in the South-western area," Kaede said as she pulled out a map. She pointed to a small port city. Miroku glanced at the map.

"Are you sure that's the only place with ships heading to China?" Miroku asked.

"It's the only place I know of," Kaede shrugged.

"But that's not exactly the best place to be heading," Miroku said, "Especially for Inuyasha."

"What do you mean, monk?" Inuyasha snapped.

"You'll find out when we get there," Miroku said quietly.

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