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(Chapter Seven: Of Englishmen and Drowning)

At the Ports with Inuyasha and Company

"So which boat is the one we're supposed to be looking for?" Sango asked.

"That one," Tsuru said, pointing.

"The big one with all the people wearing funky clothes?" Miroku asked.

"Aa," Tsuru sighed. The group walked up to the boat. A small plump man met the group half way there. Even though he was dressed up in Western style clothing, the man was obviously Japanese. As the group approached him, Tsuru stopped and bowed to him politely.

"Greetings, Koryu-sensei," Tsuru said with great respect. The little man frowned at Tsuru.

"Were have you been? Everyone has been worried about you," Koryu-sensei huffed, "I expected such irresponsibility from Karasu, but not you Tsuru. I am very disappointed." Tsuru hung his head in shame.

"I'm sorry, sensei," Tsuru murmured.

"Please don't be angry at Tsuru, sir," Kagome began, "It's our fault that he and Karasu were gone for so long."

"'Our fault'?!" Inuyasha yelled, stepping in, "What's the matter with you, wench? Have you been asleep all this time? Or did you forget that those two baka samurai almost killed us?!!!"

"Shut up, Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled.

"Why don't you, wench?" Inuyasha snarled back.

"No, you!" Kagome cried.







"This might go on for awhile, Koryu-sensei, so don't pay attention to them," Karasu said, snickering. Koryu-sensei blinked at the bickering couple.

"May I introduce you to our new found companions?" Tsuru began, "The Buddhist monk to my right is Miroku. Next to him is the Lady Sango. And those two behind me are Inuyasha and Lady Kagome. Everyone, this is Koryu-sensei."

"'Inuyasha'?" Koryu blinked at the name, "Doesn't that mean 'dog demon'?"

"Hai," Tsuru nodded.

"And isn't there a legend in you home town about a dog demon called Inuyasha?" Koryu asked.

"Hai," Tsuru nodded again.

"Hmm. Quite an unusual name for someone to give their child," the short man mused.

"Well, Inuyasha is very unusual," Miroku commented.

"I'd say," Karasu nodded, "What kind of slave argues with his mistress?"

"I am NOT a slave!!!" Inuyasha yelled, turning away from his fight with Kagome.

"Of course not!" Tsuru chirped, "You're a ninja!"

"Erg!!! Baka samurai!!!!" Inuyasha yelled, "Can't you get it through your thick skulls that I'm not a slave or a ninja?!!!"

"No," Karasu and Tsuru said at the same time. Inuyasha snarled at them. Koryu-sensei laughed.

"You certainly live up to your name, Inuyasha-san," Koryu-sensei remarked, "You sounded so much like a inu-youkai, I was half expecting you to sprout claws through those bandaged hands of yours!"

"You have no idea, Koryu-sensei," Sango chuckled, "You have no idea."


A few minutes later

"Koryu-sensei?" Kagome began, tilting her head to one side, "Why are you called Koryu-sensei? What do you teach?"

"I was hired to teach these two young samurai how to speak English, so that they would be able to talk to the English people when they arrive in England," Koryu-sensei replied simply.

"That reminds me," Tsuru said, "Koryu-sensei, our four friends here would like to journey with us to England."

"Absolutely not!" Koryu cried, "They would only be more mouths to feed. We don't have an unending food supply, you know."

"Our food supply could still handle four more mouths!" Tsuru protested, "Besides, Karasu and I owe these people."

"We do?" Karasu asked.

"Yes," Tsuru said, giving Karasu a little glare, "Without them we would have never convinced the Water Lily shrine to let us go. We would have been stuck there forever! Or worse!"

"Still, I don't think Lord Samuel would agree to take them," Koryu sighed.

"Who is Lord Samuel?" Kagome asked.

"Lord Samuel is the leader of the Englishmen," Koryu explained, "He is very influential back in his homeland. Lord Samuel is also a very good fighter. He could probably beat both Tsuru and Karasu here with one hand tied behind his back."

"Feh!" Inuyasha snorted, "That's not much. A toddler could defeat those two baka samurai."

"Hey!!!" the "baka samurai" cried out indignantly.

"Are you positive there is nothing we can do to make Lord Samuel allow us to come with you?" Sango asked.

"Well, there is one thing that might change his mind," Koryu mused.

"What?!" the group asked as one.

"Lord Samuel might take you if you offered him something very valuable in exchange for passage," Koryu said. Inuyasha groaned.

"Great. Where are we going to find something valuable before the sun sets?" Inuyasha muttered.

"Actually, you have less than that," Koryu said, "The ship will be sailing a few hours." Inuyasha cursed.

"We can always find another way to get to England, guys. Don't worry," Kagome said, trying to cheer everyone up.

"But how long will that take?" Sango asked, "Days? Weeks? Months? Years?"

"Have no fear, lovely ladies, Miroku is here," the hentai monk gave them a heroic pose.

"Oh, joy. We're saved," Sango said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Yes we are, Sango-san, and you have me to thank for it," Miroku grinned as he whipped out the two fancy kimonos he picked up earlier (AN: Refer to Chapter 3), "I believe these are valuable enough to pay for our passage, don't you agree Koryu-sensei?"

"I believe you're correct, Miroku-san," Koryu agreed, after he examined the two kimonos.

"Told you so," Miroku said smugly. Sango glared at him. She was so angry with him, she didn't notice that the monk's hand began wandering until it was too late.

"HENTAI!!!!!!!!!" Sango yelled, as soon as she felt his hands approach an off-limits area. She slapped the monk so hard that he fell off the pier and into the water. Unfortunately for Miroku, since he was carrying Sango's Hiraikotsu, he was weighed down and began to sink. It also didn't help that his robes where also absorbing water, making him heavier. Not to mention, the poor monk had no idea how to swim.

"H-help! *glub* I'm *glub* s-sinking!!! *glub glub glub*," Miroku's head then disappeared under the water.

"Fetch, boy!" Kagome cried to Inuyasha. Inuyasha raised an eyebrow.

"Do I look like a dog to you?" Inuyasha did a quick double take, "Never mind. Don't answer that." Kagome suppressed a giggle, while the hanyou dove into the water to save the drowning monk.

Inuyasha resurfaced a minute later, holding a half-drowned Miroku. Sango almost laughed at the sight. Miroku looked like a drowned rat! Tsuru, Kagome, and Koryu-sensei helped Inuyasha to haul Miroku to shore.

"I had no idea how much of you was actually robes, Miroku," Sango laughed. Miroku looked at the female demon exterminator.

"You're very cruel, Sango-san," Miroku muttered from the ground.

"Well, this wouldn't have happened if you didn't try to grope me," Sango retorted.

"You have a beautiful body, Sango-san," Miroku said, with a mischievous grin, "And beauty should be appreciated."

"Not like that!!!" Sango cried.

"Feh! You're such a baka sometimes, Miroku," Inuyasha snorted. Inuyasha's hat had fallen off when he went diving after Miroku so now the only thing that was hiding his white hair and dog ears was the large bandana that he used to bundle up his hair.

"What's with the cloth, slave?" Karasu asked with a sneer, "You look like a woman ready to do her laundry!" Inuyasha growled at the samurai, and turned to glare at him. Karasu gulped. It was the first time that he had seen Inuyasha without the straw hat. Since the hat was no longer shading half of Inuyasha's face, it was also the first time that Karasu had experienced Inuyasha's glare at full force. Needless to say, Inuyasha's golden stare freaked the poor samurai out of his wits.

"Baka samurai," Inuyasha muttered. Then he put his hat back on, stood up, and turned away from Karasu.

"So let's meet up with this Lord Samuel now, shall we?" Kagome piped up. The others nodded, and followed the girl from the future. Karasu lagged a little bit behind, lost in thought.

"Could I have been imagining things?" the samurai wondered, "No human being could have golden eyes like that! And even if humans did, they wouldn't have pupils like a cat's! It must have been a trick of the light. It must have. Right?"


A few minutes later

"So, Koryu, why did you bring these young people here? Not to mention two of them who are soaking wet," Lord Samuel asked in English. The group was aboard The Windwave, the English ship. Koryu had brought them to Lord Samuel's cabin to talk to him. Lord Samuel was a man in his forties. He was tall, lean, and he moved with a cat-like grace. His short dark brown hair, and neatly trimmed beard were very neat and well groomed. His dark brown eyes had a serious quality to them, and Kagome could tell from his eyes that this man was probably a cunning general.

"These four want to come with us to England," Koryu replied in English, "They are willing to pay for their passage."

"Well, children, show me what you have to pay with," Lord Samuel said in English, turning to the group. Everyone except for Kagome blinked in confusion, because they didn't understand English.

"He said he want's to see what we're going to pay him with," Kagome told the group. Koryu raised an eyebrow.

"You understand English, Kagome-san?" Koryu asked. Kagome nodded.

"My father went there once, and ever since he told me all the stories about it, I just had to learn the language," Kagome explained.

"Ah," Koryu nodded.

"Here are the kimonos," Miroku said, pulling them out. Luckily, when Sango pushed him in the water, Miroku had dropped the kimonos on the ground, so they were not wet, unlike him. Samuel ran a hand over the fabric.

"These are beautiful!" he exclaimed, "I believe I saw two nobles here wear two robes that look just like these ones!" Kagome sweat dropped.

"Does that mean you'll let us travel with you?" Kagome asked in English, startling Samuel.

"Yes," the lord said, "Thank you for the gift, Lady?"

"Kagome," the girl supplied, "My name is Kagome. And these are Miroku, Sango, and Inuyasha. You already know Tsuru and Karasu I assume."

"Yes," Samuel nodded, "Their master was very kind have his two best samurai escort me home." Kagome sweat dropped again. She could imagine what Inuyasha would say if he understood what Samuel was saying.

"Please forgive me, Lady Kagome, but your friend Inuyasha has an unusual name," Samuel remarked, "Koryu has been teaching me a little bit of your language, and I'm pretty sure that Inuyasha's name means 'dog demon'."

"Everyone seems to say that he's got a strange name," Kagome laughed, "But Inuyasha's name suits him."

"Oi, wench!" Inuyasha hissed in Kagome's ear, "Quit talking about me!"

"What makes you think that we're talking about you?" Kagome asked in Japanese.

"I heard my name," Inuyasha growled, "I'm not stupid."

"Don't worry, we're not exchanging dark secrets," Kagome sighed.

"Good," Inuyasha muttered.

"We are going to set sail very soon, Lady Kagome," Samuel said in English, "I suspect that you and your friends would like to go on deck."

"Thank you, Lord Samuel," Kagome said politely with a bow. She and the others turned to leave.

"Kon'nichi wa!" Samuel said, waving good-bye.

"Why is that guy saying 'hello' when we're leaving?" Karasu asked Miroku quietly in Japanese.

"I have no idea," Miroku shrugged, "Must be some sort of foreign custom."


In the cargo hold of The Windwave

Yuri sat quietly among the large crates of cargo. She had sneaked on board, using the Water Lily shrine's technique of being able to move without being seen, smelled, or heard. All she had to do was wait. After all, she had brought enough food to last the trip, and if she ever ran out, then she could always steal from the ship's food supply. They wound never miss a loaf of bread or two. And if they did, they probably would think it was rats. The Elder's had told her to keep an eye on that group. But she couldn't get caught. She would just wait until they docked, and then she could track them from there. After all, not a lot of interesting things happen in a boat, right?

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