Lilly stared out into the darkness at her inevitable death. Crouching behind the broken down partial wall, the young brunette tried desperately to still her breathing down to nothing. The soft crackling of leaves shuffling back and forth seemed more violent then soothing. The heavy breathing of the monster drew closer as it stalked the next meal. A sudden sharp clap of thunder split the silence as a section of the wall exploded back in answer. The animal snarled then cried out in outrage of the interruption. A second bark of thunder made its opinion known to the beast. And, as if to flee from the argument the creature sprang back into the darkness it came from.

The sobs caught in her throat as Lilly prayed. It was a conversation is rarely had with the Big Him, let alone with herself. But, in this moment she didn't believe that even He would be upset at an atheist for bugging him. As she looked back on the list of should haves and would haves, leaves rustled on the other side of the half destroyed wooden wall.

"Sammy, I am telling you it came this way." A scruffy voice insisted.

"It doesn't make sense. This is outside of the range. It doesn't fit the pattern." A softer voice answered.

Lilly strained her hearing against the sounds the two men made. It had been hunting her for well over a day. Each time she thought she found somewhere to hide it would drive her further off the path. It was after the first few times that Lilly realized that the monster was herding her to a location. Because of that, it had to be close. It was still working towards a goal. So Lilly had to get them out of here, and find a way out too. The wall in front of her broke away. The wood splintered into thousand of pieces.

"Sammy!" A rough male voice screamed from behind her at the other man.

The monsters jaws spread wide in a sick mutilated smile as it tried to reach out and take her. The bullets slammed into its mouth knocking it back as another piercing cry of a gun cried out. The monster bucked at the pain then shot forward standing up on its hind-legs. As it reached forward the jagged mouth spread wide then sank its teeth into the flesh of one of the men.

"The sword. Dean, go for the heart." The man tried to get out as he tried to contain the scream and failed.

The quick sound of metal scraping metal sent shivers through her, as the sound of a body slammed against a wall. A bright silver glint sprang into view. A short sword slid from the other side of the wall. With it a set of bright gleaming red eyes watching her every move. Her heartbeat pounded in her ears drowning out the noises of the men's struggle. It seemed to dare her to make any sound or motion. But, thankfully another shot caught what could be roughly called a front flank knocking it off course.

In that second, Lilly lunged forward grabbing the handle of the short sword. The beast lunged forward trying to lock the mutilated mouth around her. Rocking backward the beast's slimy fur collided with her body checking her into the ground. The sword slipped up and into the body cavity. The muscled creator caught her leg against the wall and with a sudden thick wet snap the blinding white light Lilly seemed to drown in the pain.

"Sammy, did you get it?" Lily could hear a voice.

"No." Another voice seemed to rise out of the pain.

"So why isn't it moving?" The husky voice asked.

"I don't know." The softer voice said as it tried to roll the body over.

A moan escaped her. The weight of the body shifting and the motion sent pain rippling through her leg. Then the mass collided with her again. Another shot cried out, but seemed distant filtered through the mass above her. It rocked violently on her slamming her broken leg into the ground. The pain wrenched a scream from her throat.

"That was human. Sammy, help me." The throaty voice seemed urgent.

And in a time that seemed both longer and shorter then it should have been the monster rolled off of her. Lilly's eyes rolled around in her head as she tried to focus on a face. His scruffy face looked down at her checking vitals. Breathing. Eyes open. Making noise. Lilly could imagine the checklist. Then another bright white flash of pain broke her concentration. Firm hand pushed her back down onto the floor. Hazel eyes locked on hers and waited for the scream to end.

"It's broken. Hand me those boards. She is going to need a hospital." A voice around her leg said.

"We are taking you to a hospital. I need you to try to stay with me." The hazel eyes said to her.

"Get her talking. We need her to not go into shock." The voice at her feet said.

"Alright honey, I need you to talk to me. Can you do that?" The hazel eyes said to her.

"I … uh…" Lily's mouth didn't seem to want to work.

"What's your name?" The man holding her asked.

"Lil … Lilly." Her voice came out scratchy and broken.

"Dean it is done, but she won't be able to walk back." The voices began to slip away from her.
"No, no doll face … you can't sleep yet. You have to stay awake. Sammy, grab the sword. I have her." The man said as he shook her.

Muscular arms slid under her trying to barely move the splint until necessary. In a single motion, Lilly felt the ground fall away. Shifting her once, the man began to move her out of the house and away from the frightening darkness that had been her death. His face seemed focused on the task at hand, and with each step he seemed to become more comfortable. The man who walked beside him caught her eyes. Looking up at him Lilly tried to reassure the wounded man. She tried to speak but all that seemed to come out were mumbles and noises.

"Lilly, we are going to take you to a hospital. You're safe now." The green eyes one seemed to want to comfort her. Reaching out Lilly tried to pat the man.

"Dean, her wrist. It was trying to protect her." The green eyes widened as he stared at the birthmark on the inside of her left wrist. The silly interlocking wave shape had always just been a conversation starter. The simple wave shapes that formed a perfect circle looked to most people like a strange scar rather then a natural formation.

"Shit. That means we can't take her to the hospital." The hazel eyes looked back down at her.

"Don't… leave… me… please" Lilly tried to say something above a whisper.

"It is not like kidnapping." Dean's voice broke through the sweat soaked sleep.

"Dean, if she isn't aware of what she is saying it can be." Sam tried to insist.

"Look Sammy. She didn't want to be left. We can't take her to a hospital. What else should we do with her?" Dean asked as he slammed the steering wheel in front of him.

The soft rocking of the car mixed with the thrumming of a band, Lilly had once known the name of created a haze in her mind. Stretched out in the back seat of foreign car, Lilly tried to remain quiet and still. The two men seemed to agree on the stale mate and just stare out of the windows around them. Lilly tried to inspect the make shift splint around her lower leg. Immobilized the pain in her leg seemed distant and removed.

"Dean…" The man in the passenger seat tried to start again.

"Sammy, I am not leaving her behind." The driver said flatly.

"Do I get a vote?" Lilly asked quietly.

The passenger turned in his seat. His green eyes a bit startled. The man reached around the seat and pressed the back of his hand to her forehead. He seemed to approve of what he found. The driver turned to glance then resumed looking forward.

"You do? I am actually surprised you are awake. We had to pump you full of some pretty strong painkillers to get you in the backseat. We will take you where ever you want." Sam tried to keep his voice calm as if trying to soothe a wild animal.

"If I scream and freak out will you promise to relax?" Lilly asked a little confused at his reaction to her.

A throaty laugh erupted from the driver. The man staring back at her seemed confused, but forced himself to let go of the tension. Lilly thought the whole situation seemed surreal. It was the first time in her life she had ever had a broken bone. But it was a story she would never be able to explain. How do you explain to a normal person that you were tracked in the woods for several days trying to escape? Then how do you explain that an animal that was so deformed that it could only be listed as a monster then tried to combat cuddle with your insides only to be saved by two men?

"I'm Sam. Dean is my brother. How much do you remember?" The green-eyed man in front of her asked.

"Nothing that would let me seem sane." Lilly tried to pull away from the conversation.

"Look, you don't need to worry about sane. You have seen something scary, bump in the night hides under your bed scary. You did see it. It was real. You aren't crazy." Dean said as he looked forward.
"Now it is up to you with what you want to do." Sam added.

"I want to know why you thought my wrist was so interesting." Lilly questioned the front seat.

"Let's get to that when you are better. You need a cast and somewhere to hide. We're taking you somewhere to do that." The driver said.

"So I don't get a vote?" Lilly asked.

"You do. I am just going to reserve the right to ignore you." The driver said.

"You must be the reasonable one." Lilly said looking directly into Sam's eyes.

"Usually. You are hurt and in danger. We just want to make sure that you aren't in further danger." Sam tried to comfort her.

"Since I can't really run away, I guess I have no choice." Lilly glared at the back of Dean's head. "Can we at least get food and a shower? I have been imitating any given character on Lost."

Dean riffled through paper in the seat next to him, then tossed a wrapped package back onto her chest. The smell of thick grease stuck in her noose, right before the scent of beef. It was the most amazing smell in her entire life. Unwrapping the all American beef flavored heart attack was perfect. A loud rumble erupted from her stomach as she took in her first bite.

"Get some sleep. It'll be another two hours before we get to the Roadhouse." Dean said looking back in the rearview mirror.

His hazel eyes were perfectly framed. Driving away the illusion that they could be concerned for her, Lilly devoured the rest of the burger. A light shiver of the cool breeze from the window caused her to shudder. It tugged on the splint then caused her to see a new flash of blinding pain. A hand reached back over the seat in front of her and held her hand. Lilly squeezed it firmly, but tried not to wound the lifeline. After a few moments, it pulled away from her and searched out for something on the floor. A soft leather coat landed on her as the pain subsided and the colors of the world returned. Dean's hand returned to the front seat. The soft leather smell mixed with cheeseburgers and comforted her. Exhausted Lilly retreated back into the seat to sleep.