The small church with a single steeple looked more like it belonged in a small country movie then sitting next to a paved parking lot. The white wooden siding of the building was well maintained despite its age. Lilly kept the long black coat wrapped tight as she pulled the backpack up on her shoulder. The small group moved into the building walking more like a tactical unit. The two brothers moved first with shot-guns pointed forward. Lilly moved behind the two with the pommel of her sword in her hand. Ellen and Bobby moved behind the two of them watching the rear. Castiel moved forward unafraid or phased by the caution the other's exuded.

"This place was consecrated years ago, but no sense being sloppy. Cover the entrances." Bobby barked an order and everyone fell into step lining the windows and doors with salt. Lilly stopped and looked around after the final grain of salt hit the floor. Dean walked into the small single room of the church. The white plaster walls with dark wooden exposed beams was a contrast to the small quaint look of the outside. The long wooden pews sat in a line. The pulpit sat nestled in the archway in front of an elevated stain glass window filled with bright blues and greens. Dean walked up the aisle and pulled off his buttoned up leather jacket. The pressed white button down shirt surprised Lilly. The black slacks were offset by the grey tie with red flecks. Dean pulled the matching jacket out of a bag and shrugged it on. Turning Dean smirked with his lips pulled up to one side. The sparkle returned to his eyes.

"What you thought you were the only one who got to play dress up in this shin-dig?" Dean nodded his head once and gestured to the suit that changed his look only slight. Dean's scruffy look offset the crisp clean lines of the suit making Lilly want to jump him on the spot.

"You clean up pretty." Lilly teased.

"Damn straight. I make this look good." Dean smiled.

"Alright love birds, are you walking down the aisle or standing pretty up here with us?" Bobby said standing where the pastor usually did.

"I think I can skip the parade of single." Lilly walked up to stand near the first pew. Unbuttoning the long black coat that hid her, Lilly shrugged it off revealing the white lace beneath. Lilly watched Dean's face as it ran through a torrent of emotions. His wide eyes and small smile made Lilly's heart swell up. Lilly walked calmly to stand in front of the man she would bind herself to her deep rose colored heels tapping on the hardwood floors. Sam shrugged off his coat and pulled out his own pressed coat. Castiel stood behind Lilly without preparation. Ellen sat in the first pew where Lilly imagined a mother should sit. As soon as everyone was settled into place and bands of gold were handed to people, Bobby began by opening a small worn black book.

"Dear family and friends, I call upon all of you gathered here to be witnesses with me in the marriage of Lilly Conrí and Dean Winchester. You were each invited to join us today so that you may share in the joy that Lilly and Dean are feeling as they pledge their love and commitment to each decision to marry is based in love and founded upon sincerity and understanding, which leads to a relationship that is rich in confidence and trust." Dean took Lilly's hands squeezing them lightly in his own. The small gestured calmed her nerves as she tried to pay as much attention to the words she knew to the color of his eyes. The hazel eyes she loved to much seemed brighter today the flecks of green standing out more. Lilly smiled as she was the same shade of green deeper in his brother's eyes. It was one of the many traits that declared them family. Bobby paused for a second and continued.

"A strong marriage is dependent upon many factors. Beyond the love, respect and trust that you share with one another, there must be a strong sense of commitment and loyalty that bonds you. And also important are a shared companionship and a willingness to communicate openly with one another. This respectful communication and the love that it displays, helps each partner to accept and understand the other's strengths and weaknesses and allow for the continued growth that is necessary in all good and lasting marriages." Dean smiled at her his white teeth barely visible beneath the full upper lip. Lilly blushed. The response was sudden and fierce. The heat of the blood tinting her skin pink near her cheekbones, down her throat, and into her exposed cleavage. Bobby didn't seem to notice the change in her appearance, even as Dean's eyes considered where the lace met flesh.

"Lilly and Dean, before you are joined together in matrimony here today, in my presence and in the presence of your family and friends, I am to remind you of the serious and binding nature of the relationship of marriage." Lilly shifted in her heels and Dean squeezed her had again. The man in front of her appeared calm, confident, and completely at ease. But the small twitch of his ear let her know that he was just as anxious as she was. The realization allowed her to relax the muscles in her back. The effect changed her posture. Her shoulders dropped and Dean seemed to ease into his posture too. The affect seemed to ripple outwards. Lilly saw the tension in Sam release, and Bobby's tone deepened slightly.

"The commitment of marriage is one of the most important commitments that two people will make in their lifetime. Marriage, as most of us understand it, is a voluntary and full commitment of a man to a woman and a woman to a man. For a marriage to remain strong, your faith in that vow must never waver. The words that you speak to each other today are to be the cornerstone for your life together from this day forward. Lilly and Dean have brought rings to present to one another as a symbol of their marriage vows today. Although there is no precise evidence to explain the origin of the tradition of exchanging wedding rings, an ancient and widely accepted explanation, refers to the early Egyptian's belief that a circle was the symbol of eternity--a sign that life, happiness, and love have no beginning and no end. A wedding ring, or circle, was placed on the ring finger, because it was traditionally believed that this finger was a direct connection to the heart. The vena amoris, that is, the vein of love, runs directly from the "ring finger" to the heart." The sensation began on the outside of her mind. The vague sense of light tickled her senses. Lilly's eyes darted to the side without moving her head. Dean noticed the shift in focus but didn't alert Bobby. Lilly listened to the presence. Castiel shifted behind her as he turned his head looking for the presence. Lilly brought her attention back to her lobe. Dean however kept going with the ritual of marriage. Taking her left hand he slid a thin band of gold down her ring finger and began.

"Lilly, I invite you to join your life with mine from today forward. I will respect you and cherish you always. I give myself to you, in kindness, unselfishness and trust, as we strive towards achieving a full and complete life together. Now I ask our guests to witness my vows to you. I Dean, take you Lilly, to be my lawful wedded wife and partner, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health as long as we both shall live." The ring slid in place next to the engagement ring already there. The light click of the metals hitting sealed the deal. Lilly lifted Dean's left hand and tried to ignore the growing sensation. The light in her mind began to burn.

"Dean, I invite you to join your life with mine from today forward. I will respect you and cherish you always. I give myself to you, in kindness, unselfishness and trust, as we strive towards achieving a full and complete life together. Now I ask our guests to witness my vows to you. I Lilly, take you Dean, to be my lawful wedded husband and partner, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health as long as we both shall live." The lights began to flicker as Lilly slid the band down on Dean's finger. The light fixtures in the back of the church burst. Dean threw his arms over Lilly's head and tried to pull her under his jacket for protection as the next set of lights burst. The chandelier over head exploded and Lilly body checked Dean out from under it. Their bodies collided as they smacked against the hard wood floor. The crystal shattered next to her feet.

"Oh brother, my brother it seems that you have been keeping family secrets. It would seem I didn't get my invitation, but no hard feelings I come baring gifts." A playful voice near the entrance of the church called out.

"Gabriel." Castiel's voice was steady, but worried.

"Hey bro and aren't you a pretty little thing. The precious little white dress, the whole Lauren Bacall vibe. I love it. The flair of style is just too… heavenly." Gabriel said as he walked over. Lilly looked up into the brown eyes of the angel in front of her with an out stretched hand. Lilly looked cautiously at the hand, but decided to take it anyway. The man pulled her up with little effort his hand barely moving. The man turned and took her hands and looked into her eyes. Then separated out her hands to look at her dress. The angel smiled looking down at her.

"My dear lovely Lilly, I am your uncle Gabriel." The angel said kissing her on the cheek.

"Gabriel. Your the guy who was playing Trickster through Dean and Sam's lives." Lilly pulled back worried.

"Guilty." The angel shrugged.

"Look Douche-wings, but after the tour-de-TV your not exactly on the RSVP list." Dean stepped closer to Lilly his motions showing how he would be just as willing to throw down and talk to the angel.

"I am not here for you Romeo. I am here for Juliet. It would seem that baby-boy Cas here has been holding out. Her Daddy is also running ram shot through heaven looking for her. So I came to see what the big deal was, and now I see. You are a special girl Ms. Lilly soon to be Mrs. Lilly." Gabriel said and moved closer to her. Sam circled around the event behind Dean and Sam. Castiel moved forward to stand between Lilly and her newest Uncle.

"Now now baby girl. We need to talk." Gabriel's voice shifted his irritation growing.

"Lilly leave." Castiel said suddenly.

Lilly placed her hands on Sam and Dean's backs then concentrated on the lines of the world around them. The world blurred and Gabriel shot forward through Castiel knocking him aside. Gabriel's hand gripped her wrist and the world faded away. The lines of the world blackened and the void seeped into every pore of the world.

Dean watched as the angel gripped Lilly's wrist. He had never gotten used to being moved around by Cas or Lilly, but the violent way the shifting ended left his head swimming. Dean gripped at the angel's wrist, but the man didn't seem to notice. Dean's knees went out from under him. The hunter watched as the curvy body of his love slumped to the ground. Castiel pulled himself out of the wall, then moved towards Gabriel trying to defend with all of his power. Gabriel merely waved a hand and Castiel was gone. Dean tried to pull Lilly close to him. Gabriel turned and pulled Lilly into his arms, cooing at her like most would an infant. Sam pulled his gun out and aimed at the angel. Gabriel turned taking the shot but guarding Lilly's limp body. Her arm hung over Gabriel's the glitter of the wedding set caught his attention. Dean pulled himself up off the floor and tried to straighten his body. Dean lunged at the angel, but only hit air. And with that the church was silent. Dean looked around at Ellen's body that lay sleeping on the pew unaware of the conflict. Bobby's body rested limply across the podium he had stood behind. Castiel flickered back in to the wake of damage with a sword in his hand. It was the first time Dean had noticed it. The angel seemed scared. Castiel's posture was poised for combat, but his face grew more grim as he looked around and couldn't find Lilly. Castiel rushed over to Dean and pulled him up. The swimming sensation in his mind cleared.

"He took her." Dean felt the pain and anxiety fill him. Dean could feel his features pull together. His eyes looked around at the destruction with disbelief. His lips pulled up and pierced together and he tried to push down the worst of the pain. Turning his head to the side then closed his eyes. The tears ran silently down his cheek tracing his nose. A hand gripped his shoulder from behind. Dean wiped the tears from his face with one hand then turned to look at his brother.

"We will find her." Sam said the anger in his eyes.

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