I laughed happily as I ran through the snow covered forest, my enhanced vision only catching green and brown blurs as we sped on through the thick grove. I glanced down at the forest floor, a clear sheet of white, reflecting the sun's rays in glittering sparkles, and shinning much like my own hardened skin.

I perked my ears a bit, trying to catch the sound of my chaser, only to slow, no longer hearing him behind me. The sounds of birds and small animals could be heard among the crowded trees, and I lightly caught the humming background of the small city a ways away. I sniffed, trying to find traces of him in the air, only finding the distinct scent of various animals. He was good.

I laughed again, knowing he hadn't given up yet though. Not that he would ever. That thought alone brought a smile to my face and much to my embarrassment, a spring to my step.

I felt whole and complete, running through the white painted forest, laughing all the while at our frequent game of pray and predator. It made me feel almost alive again and I knew nothing could compare to the heighted feeling of running like this with him. Even if it had seemed he had vanished.

I quickly halted to a complete stop, wasting my time running from nothing. I brought in the all too failure scenery of the forest as a lowered myself carefully onto the frozen ground soaking my pants bottom and wrapping my bare arms tightly around my jean glad knees. I sighed contently; enjoy the near silence that surrounded me. I would miss this place once we were gone, the cool temperature, the lack of people and most of all the memories that were created here.

Ten years. Ten years of bitter sweet memories that would be imprinted on this land for our eternity. But we would create new memories, moments in our life that we would hold dear to us, reminding us of the connection we shared and would never be broken.

Lifting my head slightly, I listened for him, nothing. Not even the peaceful sounds of the wildlife could be heard in the now silent forest.

It was quiet, too quiet, as one would say. He must be close.

I sat up, quickly climbing my way to the very top of the nearest tree for precaution. Slowly I breathed in unnecessary gusts of cool Alaskan air, taking in the breathtaking sight of the sun drenched tree tops and snow covered faraway roofs of the villages, puffs of smoke omitting from some. A happy thought crossed my mind as I thought of the cozy families in their homes, getting ready to settle for the long cold night ahead. This place would be hard to let go and I knew none of us were looking forward to the approaching move. Some of us more than others I thought sadly.

I perked up abruptly, smirking slightly as I silently heard him approaching in the tree tops behind me. I shook my head, jumping to the next tree and the next, our chase again started. There's no way he will catch up. I thought, vainly picking up my pace a bit, adding to the already chaotic haze I was speeding through between tree to tree. The frozen breeze ruffled my already disheveled auburn hair and I roughly shoved it back, not caring for it in my eyes as I jumped smugly away from the other vampire not far behind.

My jumps became longer and faster as I heard his quickening movements behind me, gaining on me. I may be faster, but my chaser was stronger, his muscled legs working with him rather than against him on his fast approach.

I decided to humor him, slowing my pace once again and allowing him to gain less distance between us. I heard his deep chuckle, his knowing that I was teasing him for a better game. Staying at a steady speed, I knew he was right behind me, ready to pounce at any moment. He was ready to claim his long sought after prize, but was his 'prize' ready? I chuckled, 'oh I would always be ready.'

I saw rather then heard his attacking pounce. Quickly without delay I sped faster, not ready for our teasing game to seize so abruptly. His frustrated growl was not missed as I once again left him far behind me in the swaying trees. We continued our chase for hours, both jumping from tree to tree him trying to catch me to end the silly game. However, every time he became too close, close enough to catch his prey, I would only jump faster, each time narrowly missing his attacks to claim.

I sprang towards the next tree, a larger gap between my own and my target than usual, taking my chances with my hunter behind me. Though a soon as I was soaring through the lazy snow falling sky, I was tackled from behind. Two large loving arms (never too strong) wrapped around me playfully, hugging me to him. And then we were falling, both too caught up in one another however to actually care as we clumsily soared to the white floor beneath us, laughing all the way.

He carefully turned our bodies around, positioning his own for the impact of our fall that soon came, shaking the ground and making a thunderous roar ego through the forest. He turned us over and leaned over me, beaming at his caught prey. I could only smile back, secretly happy that he had finally caught me.

He moved his head downwards, catching a quick peck from my awaiting lips.

"Caught you bumblebee," He mummers against my lips, trailing slowly down my neck, kissing every inch that his mouth can reach. I scowl faintly at his nickname for me, narrowing my eyes and shooting him a glare. He just smirks, his dimples making their appearance as he kisses his way back up to my angered lips.

"You know you like it," he says while stealing one last kiss from my now pouting lips, next moving down towards my exposed collarbone and nipping at the elevated bone.

I can't make myself retort back because no matter how degrading his courting name might be for me, it still sends shivers down my spine, as it was his name he gave to me. It claimed me as his, and just not in the state of predator and prey.

'It's been way to long.' he thought to himself as he marked my lips again, this time more slowly and loving, our longing passion finally finding a way to escape from our deprived mouths.

"Yes, way too long." I agree, kissing him back with equal love and tenderness our tongues touching, fighting for dominance. I feel so at peace in his arms in the middle of the forest like this, like nothing could destroy our perfect moment. A private moment for just the two of us. And as he continued his loving mannerisms, I knew he felt the same way.

"Mmhh" He nodded his response, the deep vibrations humming against my chest as he snuggled in to the crook of my neck, inhaling my scent. I smiled, something I seem to do a lot him, and stared stroking his short curly brown locks, massaging his scalp.

"I love you, "He whispered, looking back up at me, his face completely serious, lacking the playful mood he was in moments before and taking on a more serious approach. He then started back on my chest, kissing his way down until he found a hardening nipple. Taking it in his mouth he began to roll it around with his tongue, sending waves of warmth down to my groin and up my spine, making me arch my back slightly off the cold ground. I reached for his hair again, my hands resuming their previous movements. He then moaned around my now hard tight nub, grazing it gently with his teeth, sending me more waves of heat and causing me to pull more tightly at his hair. He grunted slightly over me, staring me down with his eyes.

"Careful bumblebee," he smirked, taking on his more playful mood from earlier and biting down hard on my perked skin. I sucked in a hiss, looking up to glare at him.

"You be careful yourself, teddy bear." I only half joked, his teeth were sure to have left some good marks. All to heal too quickly.

He wrinkled his nose, coming down hard on the other side with his teeth, keeping his mouth there to suck on the tightened nub. It caused me to arch my back again, biting back my own moan as I was lifted off the ground and into the strong arms of my lover. Quickly he brought his head down to my neck, nipping at my ear as he whispered into it.

"What was that?" He teased as he pulled away to look at my face. I just shook my head, lacing my fingers in his hair once more and pulling him down for a rough demanding kiss. Pushing us down, I crawled onto him, straddling his lap and placing heated kisses along his exposed face and chest. I couldn't seem to get enough of him, as I hungrily devoured his torso, making him arch himself desperately onto my own crotch, both of us moaning in pleasure from the sudden contact.

"God Edward," he panted, leaning back more onto the floor, closing his eyes in pleasure as I continued my descent downwards, finally meeting his throbbing erection restrained beneath his bothersome pants. Leaning down I rubbed it gently through the strained fabric, causing Emmett to moan deeply in the back of his thought and buck a bit more.

"Patience." I murmured, still slowly rubbing him constrained in his pants.

Squirming a bit he nodded, leaning up onto his elbows to watch me, which made me shiver a bit in anticipation. He laughed a deep laugh that shook his whole body.

"What was that about patience?"

I looked up at him through my lashes, deciding to ignore his comment and continue my teasing. Slowly I moved upwards slightly, bringing down his zipper with my teeth with what I assume was painful slowness. Pulling out his straining cock and taking it into my hands, I began slowly moving it up and down. I kept a steady rhythm and watch as Emmett quickly lost control, shamelessly thrusting into my willing palm.

"God, Eddy." He said as he fell back down on to the frozen ground, closing his eyes. He then hummed in pleasure, thrusting even harder into my hand.

I smiled down at him, happy I could give him so much pleasure. Soon however, his thrust became too needy and I retreated my hand, not yet ready for him to find his release.

He whimpered in protest, his hips searching out for me, only to find cool air.

"What have I told you about patience love?" I said, while moving to straddle him once more. "You really need to learn it."

I too quick to anger a hungry bear was roughly pushed onto the ground, Emmett now back in control. He swiftly moved his chilled hands down my chest, flicking each nibble on his way down, finally reaching my own bulging lap. I gasped loudly at the sudden contact, his cool hand pulling my erection from my heated pants causing me to arch, yet again off the ground.

Soon he was pumping my own shaft, bringing me almost to my peak before he retreated his hand, teasing me as I had him. Growling at my lost he only chuckled.

"Patience," He singsonged, throwing my words right back at me and causing yet an angered growl to escape my throat. He smirked, turning us over once more.

"God I love you bumblebee," he said as he playfully tweaked me lightly on the nose. I growled again back, though it was lacking its usual menacing tone, "you're so feisty." He then moved his hand around to my back, trailing it up and down my spine and sending shivers through my body making me shudder.

"I love you too." I managed out as he was now lightly teasing my entrance, making me moan and bite down hard onto his shoulder. He cringed a bit, but still continued his loving preparation, stretching me for was sure to come.

I cried out softly with pleasure, meeting his intruding fingers with my own thrust upwards, pushing him in even deeper then before. Soon his pace quickened, pushing in harder and deeper each time, keeping his steady pace.

He bent down, kissing my temple with a light peck.

"Are you ready?" He asked, always the kind gentleman to me.

I nodded, always ready for our love making, ready to feel the completeness I felt with being connected with the one I love, and have loved for many years, and will love for the rest of my forever eternal life.

He smiled in return, kissing my forehead once more before positioning himself at my entrance.

"Edward, Emmett?"

We both jumped at his quite calling of our names, called from not far in the forest.

"Shit." Emmett whispered under his breath, quickly pulling us up and gathering our clothes littered about at the same. Hurriedly we pulled ourselves together, carefully hiding our apparent arousal, before our less then unwelcome guess showed himself.

All but to soon our father appeared from the tress, happily fed and ready to depart from our family hunting trip.

"Oh, there you gentlemen are," Carlisle said while lightly brushing off dust from his tailored pants, hiding his amused smile, " I was begging to become worried, are we all set?" He looked back up, all traces of a smile gone.

I chanced a glance at my lover beside me, still looking quit flustered from earlier. He gave a quick nod and we began our travel back to our home, our love kept secret in the Alaskan trees we were leaving behind.

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